More trips to the scrap dealer

William loaded up two more loads of scrap metal today and off to the junk dealer we went. The first load was really heavy but we didn’t have any issues loading it on the wagon. Now the second wagon that we loaded, we both acted like it wasn’t a big deal – but I wouldn’t have minded if Daryl was home to help us. Since he couldn’t get off work, William and I tackled it. The difference on the second wagon was that we were putting the bean head from the combine on top of the hog crates. But both of us were surprised that it went really well. I think even Daryl would have been proud of how good we got it on the wagon. We weren’t sure that the scrap dealer was going to be open because it looked like it was raining south of us and that is where he lives. But he was open and said that he was busier than ever! We ended up putting the small scrap metal pieces on the new small wagon that William built and we didn’t bring it to him yet.  We don’t have the wagon weighed but we can always do that after it’s unloaded. Throughout this whole process, I did learn another new tool. The tool is called a come-along. Daryl helped us with the first load and both him and William put one of these things on to hold everything and boy does it really work. I’m not sure what genius thought up the name, but I guess it’s one that you won’t forget. Our come-along really helped us with all this scrap metal and I was glad we had one.

A come-along tool

William and I laughed when we were bringing the loads to the dealer because we would see our neighbors outside just kind of looking at us when we would drive by. Then when they knew that we saw them staring they would have way wave.  We thought they might have been thinking – ‘ I wonder if Daryl knows what is headed today to the scrap dealer’.

First load for today

Second load for today

Nice sunset tonight

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2 Responses to More trips to the scrap dealer

  1. tammy k. says:

    it must be the season for junking…my son and hubby are going to be taking a load of scrap to the junkyard soon. in the meantime i’m glad we have a privacy fence in the back because right outside of my back door is a washing machine waiting to be loaded up and taken away!

    • farm2011 says:

      It a good thing done – but what a mess until it gets loaded up! Our son is trying to get some extra cash for a school trip next summer – he’s getting closer to his goal.

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