Where do I begin?

Whew what a whirlwind we’ve been on. I know that I haven’t shared the pictures from our trip to Nashville yet or you haven’t seen any pictures from our towns celebration, but I think I’m going to share tonight my 5k pictures.

See every year we have a 5k in our town and I so want to run it under 30 minutes, and this year’s goal was the same. Before the race started I was doing some volunteer work for the celebration and then soon we found ourselves having to make our way down to the starting point. I noticed that everyone had sunglasses on and thought that I really should have some too! But as I looked around to see if I could find someone’s glasses to borrow, I came to realize that asking someone for their glasses is well… kinda creepy. So I beat it back to where my purse was stashed and grabbed my sunglasses. OK, now I’m good. 

Well as we were waiting I had my little iPod with Johny Cash all ready to go. Yup, I’m ready. Then all of a sudden I lost my music and when I looked down I could hardly see the screen. (remember sunglasses :) ) So finally I got the music back on and was just waiting for the National Anthem. I kept one of the ear buds in my ear to make sure that I was going to mess it up again. Then as I looked who was going to sing the National Anthem, I saw it was Daryl and our two sons. OK, pretty cool right? 

Now I had to find someone who would take a picture of them. I tried to scope out someone who I wasn’t checking out earlier who had sunglasses on and finally found one our friends kids who had her phone close by. Yup, that’ll work. She was able to get a good picture of them and now it was show time. 13445644_10157029864335357_4333018726511781138_n

I had my iPod, my sunglasses, and I was working on a sassy attitude. I was ready. I was going to beat this 30 minute goal once and for all! I was even going to sacrifice if I had to throw up after it, I was going to do this.  And just to let you know – I DO NOT like to throw up! Now we were off and within the first 50 feet after I put my iPod in my pocket my music stopped. WHAT? Here with all my bouncing around (aka running) I tripped the music and it thought I wanted it to shut off. Sooooo, I slowed down, made an educated guess where ole Johnny was on the screen and hit start again. 

OK, now I’m off. But to be honest the run wasn’t so good and when I couldn’t even see the end in sight, my little iPod said “congratulations you’ve reached the 30 minute mark’. I wasn’t too fond of that device at that point and  I never did get to my goal of under 30 minutes for the 5k. But I know they’ll have another one next year so I guess it’ll stay my goal until I can beat it. 

And you know what?  I’m thinking that this running for fun stuff is kinda stressful! 

Here’s a fun picture of our family.Resized_20160617_200447

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From Nashville, to deer AND skunks, to Irish Fest, to rain and more rain, some mulching, and finally rainbows!

I know that I haven’t been keeping up with this blog  .. again, but I promise that I’ll try to catch you up as the rest of the week goes on with all the happenings from a long fun weekend in Nashville to trying to outsmart a skunk!  

But for now Daryl and I are working on getting the Roadhouse ready because it’s got a pretty full venue these next two weeks. 

Tomorrow (Wednesday) the music group that Daryl sings with will be using it for practice, then Friday William and his friends will be using it for the weekend for a main hangout for the Irish Fest, after that on the following week it’ll be used for the Kuehner Fun Day! 

Whew! Right? What a great place to be able to use for our family. 

Well it’s not so bad and I just want to get the floor scrubbed yet tonight and then after a good shower, and then head to bed. I’ve got an early morning tomorrow because Kyle is all packed and heading home for about a week. So everyone will be home both this weekend and next. Life is good! 

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Making hay

You know isn’t that kind of a weird saying? Making hay? I mean you really aren’t making any hay now are you – but that’s what you say when you’re really baling hay. 

So now with saying that, Daryl had a chance to make some hay these past few days and even though it did get some rain on it, he was really happy with how it turned out. Because of all the rain and heat that we’ve been getting, the hay (and our grass!) has been growing like crazy. He said that he thinks that this is the most amount of hay that we’ve gotten off of this one field for as long as he can remember. 

Score right? So if he’s making hay or baling hay, who cares. The cows are really going to be excited! 

Below is one of the many trips Daryl made with the round bales to store in our farm sheds. DSC_0522DSC_0521

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Spring is here

Spring is here and Summer is coming up fast and I’m finally getting around to getting the flowers planted that are needed for the flower pots and planters on our farm.

Because of life commitments these past few months, I haven’t had much time to worry about the flowers. BUT on my handy dandy monthly calendar, today is the day scheduled to not only buy the flowers, but also to get them planted. I guess I’ll have to see just how well I am able to pull this off. 

You know what? I’ve just come to realize almost everything that I do lately I say to myself ‘if I can just pull this off’ Huh… This isn’t necessarily a good thing I think. 

So after work I put gas in the truck, turned the tunes on, watched for cops (I was in a hurry) and headed to a greenhouse that is owned by a a local family. 

And did I have luck? You bet! I wasn’t sure just how many that I would need, but I knew that I needed a bunch so I just grabbed whatever looked good. Now is this the right way to do this? Probably not. But is this the way that I do it? Absolutely. And guess what –  It works just perfect for me! 

With the truck loaded down and a 50 lb. bag of mulch in the back, I headed home to get them planted. 

When I got home and the flowers unpacked I thought to myself that I just might have bought too many. Oh well, too late now right? DSC_0524

But as I was working on the planter boxes on the barn and milk house, the two water tanks that get flowers, the new flower stand I got from Mom this ChristmasDSC_0526and with a couple of plants leftover I went down to my ‘junk’ stash and found an old mop bucket to fill up and put on the outside of our front door. DSC_0525

And I had only a couple left over that I’ll bring to work with me to fill in our flower platers outside our facility. 

OK, I’m done for now planting any flowers. The only thing is to keep them all watered. It’s supposed to be really hot this weekend and I sure don’t want them to die now. I mean with it being late in the season, I took all the good ones that were left.

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Trying to catch up

Because our life these last 2 months have been soap, we’ve been putting off a lot of different jobs that really needed to get done. And guess what? Today was the day to start them. 

So even though it’s Sunday, we spent the whole day working really hard. And I almost hate to admit it … but it felt really good just to get some things checked off our lists. 

I started out the day with doing laundry and hanging it out on the clothes line. We had typhoon winds again today, but that just made the laundry dry even faster. I did see a couple of times my shirts that have been ripped off the clothes line and then landing on the lawn, but I caught them before the dogs saw them. In the past they’ve added a couple of holes to my shirts if they’ve gotten to the ones that have fallen before I have.

We also wanted to get to the market location that I was at yesterday and pick up my stuff that I left. See it was pouring rain yesterday and so much easier to pick it up today instead.

So now that all the soap is home along with my display things, I had to figure out how to get our laundry room back to being a laundry room again. The only option is to move it somewhere and that would have to be in the basement (aka cellar) And if you have a farm cellar you know that it’s not a like any town basement by any means!

Well, at this point I had two options, find another spot or clean up the cellar. OK, I guess I will clean up the cellar. Yuck. But I guess it has to be done,  so I dug in and started at it. It was one of those projects when you really wish that you hadn’t started but now that you have, you just can’t turn back.

Now I can’t complain about most of the stuff that is being stored down there because it’s is kind of mine. Treasures man, treasures :)

With a good wall and floor washing with bleach to kill anything that might be growing down there, I moved some shelving down the steps to store my soap stuff. And I’m just saying that our basement hasn’t smelled so good in over 30 years!

And our laundry room looks just huge now! I took out a 4 shelving unit, a metro cart, another cart, and then all my soap. Yup, it was a good move after all.

While I was busy in the house and running some errands, Daryl was busy trying to keep in front of the every growing lawn by mowing once again this weekend. I guess we really shouldn’t complain that the lawn is growing because that also means that the hay is growing too. 

Finally after a quick meeting in town about our AWESOME town book that we’ve been working on now for 6 months, I was upstairs when something caught my eye. And guess what it was? It was Daryl on the roof. He was literally outside the window just kinda hanging out. With all the pine trees that we have in our yard, that also means tons of pine needles in our eaves troughs. So he was up there cleaning them out. Check him out. I’m just glad that he didn’t fall! 20160531_200632_resized

The night ended up a quick run around the block. We’ve got a 5k coming up in our town and to say that I’m not ready is such an understatement. To give you an idea on how bad it is, Daryl asked me when I got home if I was OK. Yea, I must have looked really bad! 

So even though we didn’t get to do anything fun today, it did feel good to get some things done around the farm. I was hoping that if we got done early enough that I would try my luck at making some bath fizzies. Oh well, maybe next week. 


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Just what have I been doing this week?

I thought long and hard about what I should name this post. At first I thought I should say something like ‘The weather in Hawai is great!’  because you would think that I’ve been on some wonderful exotic vacation the past days wouldn’t you? Well if that’s what you were thinking, it was wrong!

So I decided to title it ‘Just what have I been doing this week?’ OK, maybe not the most original, but it’s pretty appropriate.

OK, so what have I been doing? Well I was in a TWO day vendor show this past Friday and Saturday and even though I had all the soap made and was ready to be packaged up  – it was the packaging that took me forever to do.

Have you ever looked at a pretty big task and thought to yourself, well this is going to take a long time. And then to find out that is really did take a long time?20160531_200235_resized_1


20160531_200205_resizedWell I wanted the soap to all cure before I wrapped it, and since I had absolutely no idea on how much to bring, I ended up spending many, many, hours both in the daylight and through the night this week working on getting ready for this show. For me it was one of those times when you truly believe that you could take on any task if you pulled this off.  I mean go big or go home right? So like I said I spent a couple of literally sleepless nights hanging out in our kitchen wrapping, stamping, & putting on a decorative tape to each of these bars. And was it worth it? You bet! First of all just to prove to myself that I could actually get this all done was a personal accomplishment in itself! But as the weekend unfolded it was also good decision financially. 

Well once I had all the soap wrapped, I literally had about an hour before I had to leave for the first day of the show. I jumped into the shower and told myself a couple of times, and maybe even out loud come to think of it, that I wasn’t tired and it’ll be fun. Since I’m pretty much a Newbie in these shows, my plan was to fake that I knew what I was doing. 

So I packed the truck with all my soap and some other things that were needed, and Daryl came with me to help set up an area rug that I wanted to place in my booth. Now I don’t know why I thought a rug would look good, but it was coming with me anyway. I think it was one of those times when no one is allowed to ask questions. But Daryl was such a good guy, he helped me get the rug in place and then off he went. I had about 2 hours before the show to get everything ready so I was sure hoping that I could get it done. 

For my main soap display I used a chicken coop. Yup a chicken coop!  And even though I knew it was a little unconventional, I guess I didn’t care. If this was truly my gig, well then this is how I wanted to roll with it.

Well I had everything done way before the customers were let in (they had to stand in line} so I just kinda hung out. 20160603_090309_resizedSo I tried to look busy and waited nervously. Then it was almost time and I thought to myself, Holy Smokes I better hit the bathroom. I was alone for the day and I wouldn’t be able to leave my booth now for 7 hours. Well since I gave up Diet Coke (found out that this might have be a mistake for the long hours of wrapping soap this past week) I drink a lot of water! So I quickly went and got back just in time for the gate to open. 

Wow! It was crazy. There were tons of people all smiling and looking pretty serious at the same time. As the day went on, I had a lot of compliments on my old chicken coop and my display. Well I thought, even if I don’t sell much today I knew that I probably had a pretty cleaver idea after all. It turned out that I didn’t have to worry if I was going to sell anything because I had two great days of sales. Who would have thought? With the weather perfect and the rain held out until after the show both day, and with a couple of different bands playing in the hog lot during the day (just too funny!) it was a perfect couple of days to have this on their farm. 20160604_135556_resized20160604_105955_resized

Now my original thought was that once I got home on Friday night I was going to make some bath fizzies to sell on Saturday. I had all the materials shipped to me and I was prepared. The only problem was that my body wasn’t.  My hand were cramped up from wrapping so much soap the night before and honestly I was tired. So needless to say no bath fizzies got make that night. 

Well when I got home Friday night and I decided to just take a quick nap on the couch. My nap ended up with me sleeping all through the night. But when the alarm went off I was ready for the second day of my adventure. 

The second day I had my niece helping me and I don’t know how she felt, but I had a great time with her being there. I was able to step away from the table to tell some potential customers about the soap while she did the money transactions and packaged the soap up for the buying Customers. She was a Rock Star! 

There was some of the vendors talking that there might be another show this fall and that made me think to myself if I would do this again. I came up to the conclusion that if I got asked I would say that I really had to think about it and I would let them know. Now if I wasn’t working full time or on so many different committees it would be different. But I’m sure you know everything takes so much time and that you have to be a little greedy to pick what your’e going to support and not support. 

So all of a sudden here came the organizer. We were making small talk and then she asked if I would want to do it again in the fall. Well I had practicing my speech and it was just starting to come out of my mouth. And guess what I said? I said something like this instead: ‘sure I would love to come back for two days in the fall’. OK, I  may be getting at making soap but I sure stink at staying with the original plan. But honestly it’ll be fun and now that I’m not such a Rookie at this I think I’ll do just fine. 

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What Mondays are meant to be

OK I know that there is about a million things that we could be doing on a Monday afternoon, but the sun is shining and the weather is warm so guess what we did? We went kayaking. Whooohoooo!!!!

We hurried up this morning and worked really hard on getting a bunch of things done that needed to be finished and then around dinner time we were off.

With all the rain that was happening lately, I must admit I was a little nervous if the water was going to be up, and with the look on Daryl’s face I knew that he also was a little apprehensive also when he saw the river. See Daryl never really grew up around the water. And even though our farm wasn’t close to a river either, we still spent a lot of the summer down in the local swimming hole that wasn’t too far away. This was a ploy from our folks (mostly Ma) to get us to unload the hay after milking chores. She would say something like ‘kids let’s just unload these two loads of hay up in the barn and then we’ll go swimming.’ Well when your’e a kid you definitely hear the ‘unload the two loads of hay’ part first. But then you would hear the ‘then we’ll go swimming part’ and you would do it. It was a pretty good trick if you ask me!

But like I said, we spent a lot of time in the local river swimming on summer nights and weekends as kids so I really enjoy being on the water any time that I can be.

With the weather so nice this afternoon, we loaded up the kayaks and had a fantastic time. We took a less traveled route on the river and we didn’t see another soul. Awesome! riverThe river was up but we didn’t have any trouble so that was good too.  

One of the best parts of the day was that the cotton wood trees that lined the river were all loosing their seeds and it literally looked like it was snowing on us on a couple parts of the river. And the water in those spots was at least 1/3 covered with white fluffy seeds. It was really pretty cool! 

We made it home before the rain came, and boy did it come! There wasn’t too much severe weather in our area, but we did get some pea sized hail. I think we got around 1 1/2 inches of rain all together tonight. Good thing the storm front didn’t come when we were on the river! I don’t think I’d ever get Daryl out again if that happened. 

Now here is our selfie that we took after we got off of the river. For some reason I look like I’ve got a flying nun hat on. Too funny! photo kayaking



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Update on the Cat Hostal

My brother said he would help with the metal panels in the small chicken coop and he picked up the one piece that he would use it for an example in the afternoon and just like that he was back with all 15 brand new pieces. BAM! 

So my nephew helped me replace them and man they are looking really good! DSC_0513

Tomorrow I definitely need to see how this whole thing is going to look. I mean I don’t want to put anymore time into it if it’s going to be something that I can’t use. The first thing is to see if putting soap into will look good or not. I know this answer is probably going to be yes, but I better double check to make sure.  

Then I need to find a table to set it on. The Vendor show doesn’t have tables available so that’s OK. I’ll see what I can find. 

Next I want to see if I can get some magnets made for the soap examples in the coop. Now I think this would work out really well, but not sure if I can get them done. I want to print copies of the pictures of the soap and then glue them on magnets for people to know what’s inside the coop. Pretty good idea right? 

After that I need to steam the soap and get it all wrapped and boxed up. 

Make a few signs and get some things organized for my display. 

Holy Smokes do I have a lot to do in 4 days!! 

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Cat Hostal

I was able to pick up an old chicken feeder at an auction that I went to last year and had it stored since then. And guess where it was stored – where else? In the brooder house. 

It was one of those times when you are at an auction and mistakenly say out loud that you are going to bid on that one item. Yea, not the smartest move. I’m sure you know why is because then everyone is supporting you no matter how much you’re going to pay for that piece. See if you don’t know by now, I don’t mind paying for something that I really like, but I’m also pretty frugal. And then to top it off when I was bidding there was a lady there that seemed that she really had to have it. OK, now it was game time. 

But I finally did get the winning bid and into the back of the truck it went and ever since then it’s been stored at the farm. 

The reason that I wanted to buy it was because I wanted to see if it would work for a soap display. It was a little bigger than I wanted, so that’s my project for this weekend. Thank goodness it’s a long weekend. 

With the upcoming Vendor show next weekend, it was time to dig it out to see just how this whole thing is going to look. DSC_0459One thing for sure is that I’m going to need a new floor in each compartment. DSC_0460 So today we went to a local town to see what is available. In the meantime, I talked to my brother and I think he’ll be able to help us get this part of the project done. Yea! 

The other part that we have to do is to put the chicken stands still on the outside. So part of our trip to town was for to look for some new wood that looks old. Which is kinda hard in a lumber yard. But luck was on our side and did you know that the cheaper the wood is the worst it looks :) 

With a bunch of storms rolling through, I realized that I had left the portable little coop out in the rain. Now I’m not saying that it’s not a bad thing to get it’s first bath of probably many, but it’s made of galvanized metal and will rust even worse if I’m not careful. So up on the porch it goes to dry off. 

And here is where the Kitty Hostal comes in. Our cats have quickly made it their home. Just too funny! Check it out. DSC_0476

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Outside work

It’s a holiday weekend!! WhooooHoooo! 

I’ve got a lot to do this weekend but I sure hope that we also fit in some fun things. So tonight I go the rest of the flowers thinned out by the old milk house. Seriously, how big do iris’s grow? I’ve given a bunch to Daryl’s niece and now I’ve got this huge tub full again. I’m trying to see if my niece will take the rest of them. I’m not sure she will, but I’m going to give it a shot at least. 

With getting quite a bit of rain these past few days it made digging them up not a problem at all. I kind of made a mess with it using my sand shovel, but if they are as hardy as they seem to be  – well shoot I won’t have a problem at all bringing them back to a nice border soon. 

After that, a pan of lasagna in the oven and because we’ve been taken over by eggs from our chickens, I put a pan of experimental breakfast bake into the oven after the lasagna was done. It was a recipe that uses a dozen eggs at a time, and honestly it wasn’t too bad.

Now it’s getting late and I want to work a little bit more in the scrap book room. But before I leave you for the night – check out this frog. Have you ever in your life seen such a black frog? And even though he seems like he might be a happy little thing, well I’ve never had a frog pee on me so much in my life! I brought him in to show Daryl and I’m guessing that this frog doesn’t like to be in our house at all.DSC_0443


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