Going West

I bet you were thinking that you were going to read something about going to Arizona or another state that is out west didn’t you? Well, sorry not today. But what I am going to write about is literally heading out of our driveway and going west. OK, I agree with you that this is not as exciting I’m sure as a nice warm vacation. But to the person who lives on a highway, going west usually isn’t such a big deal. But for us on the gravel roads? Well going west can be a challenge! 

So this morning I knew the road grader went through not only once but Twice before I left and when I was just leaving I literally stopped at the end of our driveway and looked both ways. Was I feeling lucky today or should I play it safe? Because I was cutting my time pretty close I chose to go East and played it safe. Yeah I know.. chicken right? Well I made it to work on time with no issues. Now tonight I had to decide if I was going to take the gravel road to our house that I didn’t drive on or take the road that I knew that was good which meant that I would be coming in from the East. Well the good road meant that I had to drive all around the section to get to our farm and to be honest I just wanted to get home. So I took the less traveled road. So I started down the road and it didn’t seem too bad… well until I got to this one part of the road and then as I hit the brakes. The car kinda swerved and I eventually came to a stop. I was looking down the road in front of me at a snow bank that was pretty big and it was smack on top of the hill. So you’re probably thinking to yourself – who cares if it’s on the top of the hill? Well with that snowbank you will have to be pretty heavy on the foot to make sure that you don’t get stuck and that could mean that you will be driving up the middle of the road to stay away from the ditches. But the problem is that you just never know if there is someone coming at you doing the same thing from the other side. OK, now what? I thought maybe I should just turn around and go the safe way home but then I thought you big baby and hit the gas. Well you would have sworn that I was trying out for one of the races at the dragstrip! The back of the car swerved to the right and then to the left and I’m sure I had this kinda crazy look to my face. (it was pretty fun to be honest) I made it over the hill and soon I could see our farm. I parked the car just before our farm and jumped out to take a picture of the snow that’s piled up on the side of our road already. And the bad thing is that this isn’t even the worst spot on the road.

Our snow drifts heading West from the farm

Our snow drifts heading West from the farm

Yup there’s a lot of snow out there and it seems to be between us and the highway. Oh well, I guess it makes you a good driver. Or maybe I should say a good dragster :)

The picture of the day is that of Waffles and Smoochie. I had good intentions of giving the cats and dogs their treats outside but the cats snuck in the door before I could catch them and found the treats first! I’m thinking Waffles is glad that his head is not any bigger or it wouldn’t fit in the bag! I was just glad that it didn’t get stuck. Smoochie patiently waited his turn for the ‘buffet in a bag’ . 20160206_095540

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Where are the summer clothes?

Have you ever gotten so tired of winter clothes that you just want to buy something that has a little bit more summer look to it? Well with with the wind blowing and the state actually closed off the Interstate Highway 35 today because there was 50 to 60 cars in the ditch and blizzard conditions, it was time to see if there was a glimpse of summer in the future even if it was only in a shirt or top.

I laughed when I was reading the local report tonight from the weather news page on the internet because the very last line of the article was this :

“Travel is not advised in that area.”

You think?

Now I know that I can be stubborn as the next person,  but after hearing that there is around 60 cars in the ditch and they shut the ramp gates and closed off the Interstate, I’m thinking that I’d be staying home watching reruns of the Superbowl commercials or something.

So  back to my shopping story. I went to a local store tonight after work just to hope that I could find something that I might like. And even though it’s not a perfect top, it’ll do. You know the type, it’s the one that ‘I’m not leaving until I can find something kind of a shirt’. It’s the one that’s ‘on sale’, and well ‘it’s really not that bad kind of a shirt’. So I bought it and brought it home with me. It’s like a little bit of sunshine in my bedroom that’s currently filled with long underwear and heavy sweaters. So now all I have to do it to just figure out how many days until it’s Summer so I can wear it!

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Just what is that smell?

I was driving the small car the other day when all of a sudden I noticed a smell in the car that really wasn’t very good. And to be honest it was pretty much an awful smell! So I did what everyone does when they’re in this situation (OK, maybe just me).  I scrunched up my nose and squinted my eyes and while I was driving I was peering out the window to see if I could understand just where this odor was coming from. I’m not sure why I thought it was coming from the outside when I knew in my heart and nose that it was coming from inside the car. And do you know what it smells like? Well it smelt like really wet dirty feet. OK, now here’s the clue. So when I looked down I realized that I have the heater going full blast and it’s blowing on the floor mat which was pretty wet from my shoes today and also the whole last week. It must not have ever dried off at all and was just sitting there wet and kind grimy. Well at least I found the culprit of the car odor. I mean I like our car to have a smell to it. I don’t know.. something like leather or a new car, not necessarily like some old stinky socks or rotten shoes!

So even though the weather is calling for another blizzard to come through the area tonight and I’m sure the mats will become really wet again this week and probably stinky, I’m going to give them a good bath this afternoon. I found the Dawn dish soap and into the shower they go.DSCN8605 I have this one brush that is good for about 20 different things, and now I’m thinking it’s really good for 21 things. With a good scrub down from my brush and dish soap they went from yuck to not so bad and now all I have to do is to wait for them to dry. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow if it really was the mats!DSCN8606


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Fuzzy Pictures

On my quest to find some nice winter pictures, I grabbed my camera after a pretty foggy morning and snapped a few pictures that I thought were interesting. When the fog lifts, a lot of the moisture just seems to be sucked onto whatever it can find. Now granted driving in the fog? Not so much fun. But once it lifts it can creates some pretty cool masterpieces!

So here my winter pictures that I snapped this week and I hope you like them

Oak Branch in our backyard. Notice the new red growth!DSCN8596

Our Apple TreeDSCN8597

Laundry LineDSCN8598

Clothes PinDSCN8600

See I told you it was foggy!DSCN8602


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Day 2 of the storm

Have you ever spent a night tossing and turning and wondering what the weather is doing outside? Now honestly isn’t this just a huge waste of time? Well even though I know that it is, it still didn’t stop me from the restless sleep last night. I knew that we were supposed to get a couple of more inches of snow during the night hours and it was still supposed to be windy. Now those two things are a perfect situation for another snow day. NO WAY! So when I got up it didn’t look too bad out and our trusty road grader man went by not once – but twice! So I was sitting pretty. But as I left with the little car I knew that it really wasn’t that pretty outside. And it was much worse than the day before. Even though our road was cleared only about an hour before I left, it was already almost drifted half way across the roads and I had a couple of complete white outs before I got to work. So not fun! But I knew that I was going to get to work, just not sure if I was going to get back home. So Daryl surprised me later in the afternoon and came and switched vehicles. I now had the farm truck and was hoping to get through everything! I had a massage at 5:00 so I really needed to be able to get around. Honestly the weather wasn’t as bad in the afternoon and I didn’t have any troubles. So I made it to work, made it to my massage, and made it back home again. Yup, life is good.

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They, and when I say ‘they’ I mean absolutely everyone who is in the weather forecasting field, has said that we will have this terrible blizzard today. So schools were called off yesterday already and everyone was expecting the worst. Now naturally when people at work were saying that it was snowing outside this morning, no big deal right? I mean we’ve gotten snow before and let’s not panic here folks. But then the wind picked up and you literally couldn’t see a block in town. A comment was made that this was just the beginning of the storm and the worst was yet to come. Well with getting a couple of inches of snow an hour and if it got worse I was going to be in a jam, so I left. And guess what? I left when it was the worst out and within about an hour or so it got much better and stayed somewhat clear out. Just so not cool! Have you ever had this happen to you? It sure makes me one crabby girl, that’s all I’m saying! It was still windy though, but with the rain that we got over the snow it kinda kept the snow in it’s place. So I did some stuff around the house, took a nap, worked in the scrap book room making cards, ordered a couple of summer dresses that were on sale, made a large batch of chili, organized my soap, and that’s about it.

Now the good news is that I’ll be able to get out tomorrow to work because the road grader guy went past so I’m happy about that. Oh yeah, I’ve also got a massage appointment tomorrow that I will be able to make. OK, the day is looking up a little bit.

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What I’ve learned

Today is my birthday and it was such a great day! Now normally I’m a scheduler and when I take a vacation day to be at home, the first thing that I do is to make a daily schedule so I can get everything done that needs to be done and in the most efficient way.

But today? I did take a vacation day and nope, there was no schedule. Now granted I might have had a list made in my head on what I wanted to get done, but I didn’t write it down with a timeline so that really doesn’t count.

So this is how my day went. I didn’t get out of bed until 8:00. I have to confess I was awake a lot earlier but it was one of those times when you are able to stay in bed and come hell or high water I was staying in bed! Then I picked up the house a little bit, did some dishes and laundry, did my first PayPal payment for my craft show in April (and it worked!),  and then headed to town for some errands. I spent some time in the tanning bed while I was in town and then dropped off some clothes at our local Treasure Chest. Next thing I wanted to do was to do a little shopping. Now I must not have been shopping for a very long time because some of the stores had completely remodeled since I was in them. Well I wanted to see what they had out for summer clothes and if you are also wondering what they had – the answer is not much! I did find some good buys on a couple of things and then started to head home. Because it was so foggy today, when it started to get a little colder out the fog started to stick to the trees and the tall grass in the ditches. It was really pretty and looked like a whole different world. So I was in this kinda fog thing (literally :) ) when I was driving home and remembering what one of my friends told me today that I am now a Senior Citizen (!!!!) it made me think about what or if I have learned anything these past 55 years. Because it’s about an hour drive home from the mall, I came up with 5 things on my list.  So here are my lessons learned at 55 years old:

1. DON’T EVER EXPECT THINGS TO STAY THE SAME. Now I don’t want to sound like a training class that you might have been to, but the old cliche that the only thing that is constant is change is really true. We’ve had many things come up since we’ve been married from health issues to job changes and I’m betting that there will be a lot more that we’ll see before the next 55 years. So if you want things to always be the same you are so out of luck. Now I’m not saying that this is a bad thing and honestly it can be a good thing if you would want. They usually say that changes make you stronger. But for me? Changes make me much more appreciative of the people that I know and the things that I have.

2. DONT’ CHICKEN OUT. What I mean by that is there is a lot of things that can be scary and take courage to do. And if you chicken out on them, well you will never know what the outcome could have been. Now I’m not really a scaredy cat but one time when we were on vacation I decided that I was going to jump into a cenote. If you’ve never heard of a cenote before, they are usually a cavern inside that has water and an open ceiling with vines hanging down in the opening. So my adventure was to climb the staircase along the outside wall to get to the jumping platform. When I was on my way to the platform I was pretty excited and ready to do this. But when I go to the top and looked down at the people that were pretty small and pretty far away, I realized that maybe this wasn’t the best idea. I mean the water that I was jumping into was around 200 ft deep and so I thought just take a deep breath and jump. And so I did and it was AWESOME! Well it was awesome after I finally came to the surface, until then it was pretty black and scary. But then you floated on your back and when you looked up you saw a hole in the cave above you with the sun shining in and vines all hanging down from the ceiling. Now if I wouldn’t have jumped I would probably never had experienced this in my life and for me? Well I want to get the most out of every day that I can. We only get once chance to do what we want to and I for sure don’t want to be one of those people who say that they regret not doing somethings in life when they had the chance.

3. DO YOUR BEST. Now I know that I am not good at a lot of things and guess what? I’m OK with that. But if I at least try and give it my best than I think that it’s OK to fail once in awhile. Take my soap adventure for example. Will I make a go at it? No idea. But if it doesn’t seem like it’s something that I should keep doing next year or the year after that, well that’s OK. Who cares? I mean why not try it? Life’s too short to worry about what others are thinking that you should or shouldn’t be doing. I think try as many things as you can.

4. TREAT YOUR FAMILY WELL. Now when I say family I don’t necessarily think your kids or your siblings. When I say family I also mean your neighborhood family, your card club family, or your community family. These people are also your family and are just as important.

5. TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF. This one is probably the hardest one to do and could be one that hardly anyone does well. My example is that today I took the day off as a vacation day from work and was thinking about what I would write for the post tonight. (yup on the way home from the mall – I told you it was a long drive!) At first I was going to write about what I did today and the title of the post was going to be called ‘Selfish’  Then I started to think about the whole senior citizen comment and decided to have this topic of taking time for yourself  not as a selfish comment but as one of my top 5 life lessons. I mean if we don’t take some time for ourselves,  how can we enjoy everything else?  So why is it so hard to take some time without thinking of it being selfish? I have no idea but I think it’s something that I’ll be working on the next 55 years.

So that’s my list. Well anyway for today. I’m sure it’s going to change as the years change but like I said, I had about an hour to think about it on the way home tonight and it was kinda interesting to see what actually made it to the top 5.

So Happy Birthday to me and here’s to many more adventures in the next 55 years!!


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What’s wrong Sam?

I was standing in the kitchen today when I could hear something kinda funny outside so I decided to take a look. And what I saw when I opened the door was Sam the peacock standing in the middle of the yard just screaming. Why? Who knows. But was he loud? you bet! DSCN8584

So of course I figured that he just wanted some attention so I checked out what we had in the house for treats. Now the choice of treats for the peacocks are sugar cookies but bread also works in a pinch. And today even though I had cookies, they were chocolate chip ones and I didn’t think that was so good for them. So they were happy to get sandwich bread. Once Sam found that there was some fresh bread to eat, the others came running. The only problem is now we are close to being out of bread. DSCN8589

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Saying ‘Yes’ to the dress and celebrating my Birthday!

What a fun day today was!

It started out with an invitation from our future daughter in law to come and see the dress she had picked out for their wedding. She went one day with her mom just to look and as fate would have it she found the absolute perfect dress. So today she wanted everyone to see what she had picked out and it was absolutely beautiful! I LOVE it! It was so fun to have also my Mom invited because the last time she thought that she was in a bridal shop looking at wedding dresses was with me 30+ years ago. I sure wish I would have been on the opposite side of the room and saw all our faces when Jude came out with her dress on though. I think we would have fit just perfect on the show ‘Say Yes to the dress’ because the whole room was smiles! 20160130_125348

Next on the agenda was to hang out with Mom after we came from the bridal shop to install her new satellite TV box. It was supposed to be an unplug the old one and plug in the new one. Yea, not so much! After about two hours I gave up! And come to find out that it might just be as simple that she might need a new dish outside. So on Monday we have someone coming in to see just what in the heck is the problem. Until then? Well I know that she has her cell phone all charged up for the night to pass some of the time.

Then it was time to get home and see what the guys had planned for the night. When I walked into our kitchen at our farm I saw that William had made a red velvet birthday cake! Yum!! So we decided to all head out for a fun restaurant 20160130_194150and then eat the cake later for dessert once we got home. DSCN8581

I had to laugh because they only put one 5 on the cake instead of two. Well we reuse all our candles from year to year and we must have improvised when Daryl turned 55 with only having one to use. But who cares because the cake was smelling awesome and I was ready for a piece with some gold vanilla ice cream on it.

What a fun day and my birthday isn’t even until next week :)


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Taking the plunge

I’ve been talking big about participating at a craft show and well it is one of my 2016 goals and everything. So guess what? I’m actually signed up for one the beginning of April. OMG! Seriously, I am just a little bit nervous about the whole thing and I have really no clue what to expect once I’m there or what to do. It looks like it’s only one day so that won’t be so bad. But now I have to figure out what I want the display table to look like and then I will need to get some business cards and maybe some posters and then some soap descriptions. Holy Cow I have a lot to do, breath.. breath…  I’ve been working these past couple of weeks on doubling my soap supply and have been somewhat successful. I’m not sure just how much soap I will actually need but I’m hoping that I can sell at least 10 that day so I would have enough sales to cover my entry cost. Daryl asked if I wanted him to go along with me for the show and I said that I wasn’t just sure yet. I don’t know if he would want to sit there for the day if no one stopped at my booth and then I would have to spend the whole afternoon convincing him that I really was OK with how it turned out. So I’m going to put my positive face on and remember the saying –  Nothing gained nothing ventured! You just never know right?

My Stash!

My Stash!

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