Awesome night outside

I was out watering the flowers around 10:00 tonight and a couple of things came to mind.

The first one was why in the world am I watering the flowers when I can hardly even see them? Seriously!!

And the second one was how awesome the night was. Now even though it was pretty stinking dark outside, the kitties were playing and running around just having the best of time in the lawn. The dogs were camped out in the yard chewing on who knows what, and there was about a billion gazillion stars out! You could hear the crickets in the fields and honestly it was one of those moments when everything seemed right in the world. Do you know what I mean? As I was walking to the chicken coop I could literally hear myself take a deep breath. Yup, I was in the zone man.

Now what was I doing tonight when I wasn’t walking around outside? I didn’t know if William was coming home this weekend or not, so of course I’m sure he doesn’t have any food where he lives so I made a double batch of a cream cheese pumpkin roll that he likes so much just in case he gets hungry. After that I decided to make a batch of Barefoot in the Grass soap.  I think it turned out pretty good and I guess I’ll just have to wait and see tomorrow when I unmold it how it looks. Until then the kitchen smells good. DSCN8227

As for the rest of the night I did a couple loads of laundry, got groceries, watered the garden, did dishes, and now to take a hot bath and call it a night.

I really stink at taking the night sky pictures which is honestly too bad because the sky has been really cool this summer. What I mean is that tonight again you can see the Milky Way along with all the rest of the stars and the dipper is so low in the sky that it reminds you that it’s going to be cold weather soon. So my photo of the day is that of our windmill. Now granted I LOVE our windmill but when the sky is full of stars it looks pretty cool if I say so myself! I just wish I was better at capturing it on a picture. DSCN8232

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Mystery Photo 9-2-15

Now this one you’ll have to put on your thinking caps. It’s something to do with farming….DSCN8224

Can you guess what it is?

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Rock Stars!!

Well there you have it. My friend and I are officially Rock Stars! OK, there might only be two people thinking that we are and I guess it’s only official because I’m posting it, but Whooo Hooo!!

I’m sure about now you’re wondering just what the heck I’m talking about right? Well let me give you some background before you hear how awesome we are. It all started a long time ago and honestly we’re really not sure how long ago. But we know that it was about 10 to 12 years ago that we started golfing.

Now for these past 10 years or so of golfing we really never got all 9 holes in until maybe a couple of years ago and since then we’ve only done that about 2 or 3 times. So by now you’re probably seeing that we’re really not taking this golfing thing too serious.

BUT tonight – well tonight was another story! Not only did we golf all nine holes (that should make us Rock Stars in itself!) but we parred a hole. I know, pretty exciting don’t you think?

Let me tell you how this all went down. We play best ball and after we both shot we took the ball closest to the green. It got chipped onto the green and now with this hole being a par 3 – it was time to put our game faces on. My friend dropped her ball and just missed the hole. And we jokingly said that it was time to put the ball in so we can finally get a par on one of these holes. I held my breath…. eye spied the hole… and then off the ball went. It was like in slow motion and then as it got closer to the cup my friend and I took a quick glance at each other and you knew we both were thinking is this actually going to happen? Well the ball started to pick up speed and as it got to the cup it actually went it!! Yup, Rock Stars! And the best part of it is that we didn’t even cheat. Well on that hole anyway :)20150901_184749_resized

So now next week golfing we’re going to try to be serious on at least this same hole and see how good we can be. I mean after 10 or 12 years of golfing, maybe it’s just our time. With a ton of confidence and walking just a little bit taller tonight, we’ve even talked about doing a golf tournament maybe next year. We would have to study the rules though before we actually would sign up. Okay, maybe we should wait and see next week how we actually do, don’t you think?

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Mowing Lawn

Our lawnmower got sick the other day and it wasn’t good. When I say that it got sick I mean that we knew that there was something wrong and then it was starting to leak something out of the back. Yea, that’s never good right? Not for anyone :) So Daryl loaded it up a couple of days ago and brought it in to be looked it.

Well the prognosis wasn’t good. Where it had the leak, it was also cracked.  OK, decision time. Do we trade her in for a new one and call it a day? Or do we have her fixed? After we found out what a leaking riding lawn mower was worth – we had no choice and had it fixed.

So with it being the end of August you would think that our lawn mowing days are over and that we could just schedule it sometime this late fall or winter. But the grass has done very well this year and needs to be mowed,  so we bit the bullet and had to get the lawnmower fixed this month.

Now fast forward and our lawnmower was done and Daryl had a chance to get it picked up and he said it worked really well. Who would have thought that we are still mowing the lawn though? Well one thing for sure, we’re sure hoping for a fourth crop of hay with all this good weather and rain that we’ve been having. And if that means that we need to keep mowing the lawn, I guess so be it!

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It seems like I haven’t made any cards lately and honestly that’s because I just haven’t taken the time to do it. So with this weekend coming up and needing a couple of cards, I sure remembered how much I like making them. Now granted it’s also one of those things that in order to be successful I also need to be in the right mood and maybe that was also part of my good luck. I don’t know if you are also like that, but for me it’s really true.  So check out the two cards I just madeDSCN8208DSCN8210

And the birthday card went with a birthday box for one of my friends. It’s the first time that I’ve given a box of soap as a gift and wasn’t just sure that I should be doing it,  but I thought what the heck! I kinda think that it turned out pretty good and hopefully she won’t think it’s a dumb gift. I mean maybe a soap box isn’t a normal thing that people give now is it?

My first assorted box of soap for my friends birthday gift.

My first assorted box of soap for my friends birthday gift.

And are you wondering how those little kitties are doing? Well even though having them hiding out on the furniture on the porch is pretty cute – it’s also not going to work so good with the dogs. When I first let our dogs out this morning I put the house broom over the chair thinking that it would scare the dogs and at first it kinda worked. Then I just got so nervous that I ended up putting them in an egg crate and into the old milk house they went. I tied the front door just large enough so Checkers the mom can get in and out and it’s been working pretty good for now. It’s a good thing these cats are so cute and worth the bother! I’m just saying.20150829_110447

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It’s started to rain last night and has been raining most of the day today. And even though it makes things pretty soggy, the crops are welcoming the good soaking. Version 2

Since it rained most of the night last night the first thing we were thinking about this morning when we got up was how cold and wet are the little kitties? I mean a potato fork doesn’t give you much protection now does it? Well the answer is not really. Except from big dogs that is!

So Daryl looked for them this morning with no luck before work and when I got home tonight from work I saw Checkers on the porch and she looked pretty dry. Yup, I knew just exactly where the little kitties were. They were hiding under the seat cushions on the lawn furniture. 20150828_154955

Now we just have to make sure that we watch when the dogs get out because this is Reno’s favorite spot and he’ll sit on them. Seriously how much more work can two little kitties be?



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LOVE talking to the kids!

We had a chance for everyone to get together tonight to wish Kyle a Happy Birthday and it was great! It’s always fantastic when we can see each other and just like a broken record I’m going to say it again that I absolutely love that the technology allows us to do it!20150827_195944

And when I was thinking about what to write for our skyping adventure and Kyle’s birthday I had to laugh because if you have kids there is a time in your life when you think to yourself ‘Honestly do we have to keep talking about all the questions like why the sky is blue and how come the grass is green” And then there is the “Why” questions that seem like they will never end and you were always stuck in the car where you couldn’t get away!

But somewhere along the journey they did end and now that the kids are all grown up and you have a chance to talk to them you literally listen to every word that’s said and honestly kind of hope that they ask you a question or two along the way. Kinda funny how that changes isn’t it?

And now it seems like we’re asking them questions like “How do we add music to the Spotify listings again?”  :)

Well here’s to a very Happy Birthday wish to Kyle and I hope your birthday weekend is a fun one!

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National Dog Day

Today is National Dog Day and even though our dogs get into way more trouble than they probably should we sure would miss them if they weren’t around. 

So here’s a post only for our dogs. Since both our families are full blooded German I guess the best thing to say is  : Viel Spaß/Vergnügen!


Translated : Have fun!

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Results from Mystery Photo 8-19-15

Kim you nailed it!

Here was the clueDSCN8192

And here is the answer – it was a clothes pin!DSCN8192

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Guess what’s next?

Can you guess what I’ve been thinking about? Well if you guessed having bees – well you would have guessed right!

Now I’m for sure not thinking of having them anytime soon, but I’ve been talking about it for a couple of years now and well it’s one of those things that I don’t think you should rush into :)

So while we were down at the State Fair this past weekend we just happened to end up by the Honey people (not sure what their real name was) anyway they really knew their stuff. I’ve never had a chance to talk for sometime with someone about just what all goes into having honey bees. So this really nice lady gave me information and told me about a couple of workshops that are coming up in Iowa that would be good for someone thinking about getting bees.

Now granted I am really not ready to get bees just yet (I think I’ve said this now a couple of times) , but man wouldn’t that be kinda cool? There’s such a science to it and for me I would need tons of good luck and not so much science! But there is a girl who I know who’s father in law has bees and she said that I could hang out with him for an afternoon. Pretty cool huh?

Here’s a picture of the bee hive that was at the fair last weekend. Amazing isn’t it?



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