Good intentions

Well we made it back from our week bike ride and I had good intentions to post the pictures from it tonight. As I was going through the pictures up in the scrap book room I kept hearing the cows outside. Now for some reason after 9:00 pm in our house I swear everyone goes deaf. No idea why, but they do. So after going down stairs and talking to Daryl that there’s something wrong with the cows – here in the yard was Tango and Earl standing. They were both looking pretty scared and knew that they shouldn’t be out on that side of the fence.  And who do you think was making all the noise at 10:30 tonight? No Ears! She was just freaking out trying to figure out where Earl went. Daryl got the pickup started and shined the light into the cow yard and I grabbed a pail of corn and it didn’t take long until everyone was back where they were supposed to be. I’m not sure how they got out and I hope Daryl was able to figure out where because if Ed get’s out it’s not going to be as easy.

Since I don’t have our bicycle post done, my photo of the day is what we came home on the weekend. It’s a skill that Kaiser has and it’s not a good one if you ask me! He sure is digging for something though. We keep adding rocks to try to stop his digging and pretty soon it’ll only be a patch of rocks if he keeps this up! IMG_1938

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Will catch up later..

I’ll be gone for a couple of days and will have only limited access to any internet. So I’ll catch up later with you in about my week.

Have a good one…

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New babies and more worrying

Well you know that we have this new little baby calf at our farm – Earl, and he is doing really well. But you also know how I can worry just about everything, so I started to worry if Earl was nursing off of No Ears. You could see his little ribs and I thought ‘Oh no’ he’s not drinking. Even though he runs around the cow yard like a dang Jack Rabbit, we finally caught him and got him coaxed into the pen in the barn. No Ears was close behind and it wasn’t too long the door was shut behind them. So Daryl went in to kind of coax him to nurse and that really wasn’t necessary. Earl knew just what to do! Whew!!IMG_1833

So while Daryl was working on putting the bale mover on the tractorIMG_1835I just hung out in the cow yard. Yea… I do know how that sounds. :) But I was sitting on the ledge of the fence and Scarlet came over and just stood in front of me. Now Scarlet is tame, but this wasn’t something that she normally does. As I started to pet her, she came and put her head by my lap and just stood there. OH NO!! What was wrong? Geez, just when you think your’e done worrying about kids, now I’m worrying about calves. But I gave her a look over and didn’t see much that could be wrong. She was walking kind of funny but her ears were up which is a good sign. IMG_1837The only other thing I could see was that she looked a little fat. I was still outside when William came home and I told him that I was worried about Scarlet. He looked at her and thought that she was bloated. AAAHHH !!!  But I do know what qualifies being bloated from experience from Rion, so I don’t think it was that. Then I thought to myself if maybe… just maybe .. Scarlet was nursing off of No Ears. No Ears is such a good Mom that she would take care of two babies like nothing. After a quick nap in the grass, I noticed that Scarlet was doing much better. I think she drank so much milk that her belly was too full to walk!IMG_1840

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Earl – our newest member to our farm family

Tonight after work I got a bunch of errands done and was busy in the house getting some laundry done and starting to make supper. Daryl was out in the field raking the hay and it was a really nice night outside. We might actually get the hay baled this time without it getting rained on. I hate to jinks it, but it’s looking promising!

Daryl raking up the hay tonight

Daryl raking up the hay tonight

Then when Daryl got done in the field and was feeding cattle all of a sudden he was in the kitchen asking for help. And the first thing you think of is ‘Now what happened’ right? Well this was both a good thing and a bad thing. Today No Ears had her babies. Yup, you heard right. She had twin calves – a heifer and a bull calf. But the bad part of this is that the heifer was dead by the time we found her with them. I don’t know what happened, if she was born dead or had a hard birth or what, but she was dead. This calf was an all black calf and it was really a pretty calf. But the other twin did live and it was a bull calf. He is so cute and his name is Earl. He’s pretty spunky already and tonight both No Ears and Earl are safe in the barn. No Ears has a pail of water and some corn and hopefully everything will go well for them tonight.

No Ears and her new little calf Earl

No Ears and her new little calf Earl

So after everyone was settled in the barn, Daryl and William took the little dead calf out in the back and buried it. Daryl said that Tango came over to see what they were doing and when he looked in the hole where the calf was he jumped up in the air and ran away as fast as he could. I don’t know if he got scared or what – but Daryl said that he reacted pretty funny. Now there wasn’t anything  funny going on with Ed the bull though. Ed was MAD that No Ears and the calf were locked up in the barn. He was so mad that it even made William a little nervous and stayed on the outside of the pen tonight. And even as I’m writing this post I can hear him in the cow yard just making a lot of noise. Yea, he’s not happy about this one bit. But all in all it was an exciting night for us and I had to laugh when I saw Scarlet in the cow yard. She looked so grown up.

The night ended with my Mom calling and saying that my sister was going to stop over with the quilt that she just got done and if I had a chance to swing by to see it. She’s giving this quilt as a gift and if you ask me, that’s a pretty nice gift isn’t it? It looked awesome!!

Mom and my sister

Mom and my sister checking out the quilt

I have another sister that also quilts and somehow this talent missed me when I was born.  I just don’t have the patience for that at all! I laugh when I think of how I made some of the Halloween costumes for the boys. Instead of getting a lot of sewing done for the costumes, it was the time of the year that my glue gun got used the most. And one year I made William into a mummy with gluing the pieces onto his sweat pants and sweat shirt. I didn’t give it much thought while I was doing it and the poor kid had to be a mummy for 7 hours without being able to go to the bathroom. The reason was because his clothes were all glued together. You have to admit that it’s kind of funny. Now to my defense I really rocked the costume that year!

And to finish out the night is a picture of one of my flowers blooming out front. I don’t know what kind they are, but they’re doing pretty good and are just starting to blossom. Check it out DSC_0095

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Mowing Lawn

Mowing the lawn.

I think I dislike it more every year . Now maybe if I had a gazillion hours in the day that I didn’t know what to do with I might like it better – but honestly .. who has that right? Well you probably guessed by now that I mowed the lawn tonight and after 4 1/2 hours, I quit for the night. Daryl helped out by doing some of the trimming but I couldn’t help to think to myself just what in the world are we going to do when we get old and try to get this mowed? I guess we’ll have a lot more time right? But we might just have to let the ditches go into some wild prairie reserve or something. Maybe I am just thinking that I don’t like it so much tonight because I really have a lot to do and sitting for hours on end on my end wasn’t helping the cause. But I did get done with what I was going to do for awhile now and it’s time to get my real work done!

I was able to get Kyle’s gift box packed and mailed yesterday and he has a Holiday coming up at the end of the month so I sure hope that it gets to South Korea before then. Sometimes it takes 5 days and sometimes it takes 15 to get there. So if it takes 10 days.. I’m good with that and so would Kyle. One time Kyle told me that getting a gift box is almost better than Christmas. I sure hope that he’ll always feel that way with the boxes that I send because it’s kind of a cool thing to hear someone say to you.

No surprises here on how much it weighed!

No surprises here on how much it weighed!

I also found out that I’m way behind on my card making. I mean how could I miss my niece and nephews Birthday?!!  That is sooooo not cool. So I have my niece’s gifts already and I just have to pick up my nephews tomorrow in town and then get their cards done. I also need to get a Graduation card done for my other nephew. Yea, he graduated in May so it’s like way overdue! But I did get a Graduation card done this weekend and sent out. It’s probably the pinkest card that I ever made and so I sure hope she likes pink! I was going to work on cards tonight but didn’t quite get to that. I’m hoping that I’ll get a chance tomorrow night because they need to get mailed this week!IMG_1829


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The weekend!

The weekend is finally here! I don’t know if you feel the same way, but when there is a Holiday the  work week after it seems to last forever!

Since it was the weekend I had some big plans to be on the water kayaking Saturday. Well, that dream was pretty short lived. At our farm the rain started early in the morning and we didn’t want to be on the water if it was going to rain. So instead I did a bunch of errands and Daryl and I ended going out for the night. It was still a pretty good day – but I think going kayaking would have made it even better :)

Now Sunday’s weather was really nice. And honestly it was almost perfect! Low 80′s and a slight breeze. Yup, pretty much perfect. We knew that we were going to head out early to get some bike riding in and once the bikes were loaded into the truck, we were off. We started to ride on this one highway that’s not so traveled and we came across a sign that said in so many miles the bridge was out. Well, you usually can get around those type of situations with a bicycle so we kept riding. Pretty soon it said that the bridge is out in 500 feet. Yea, whatever right? Well, when we got to the spot guess what? The bridge was out. Now who would have thought they were actually telling the truth. Because it rained Saturday night, there was no way that we were going to get across or around it. So we turned around and headed back to town to find another road to ride on. We ended up riding on this one highway that I think honestly I’ve never been on it before even in a car. It was kind of fun just checking not only the farms but also the area out. We had a really nice ride and was home in time to make a Birthday card for my Aunt and then off to her party that was being held today for her 90th birthday. IMG_1827We took the Chevelle to the party because it hasn’t been driven much this year and it was a good afternoon just to drive around for awhile. Once we got home, we checked in with Kyle on skype and then I ended up doing some housework and Daryl went to cut the hay. He thought he’d be out in the field for about 2 hours, so I was kind of confused why he was home after about an hour. Here it turned out that he hit a rock and needed to work on the haybine. I just laughed when I saw that Sam the peacock was watching him pretty close from the barn window and every time he started the tractor, Sam would just scream.

Sam the peacock is in the barn window watching Daryl

Sam the peacock is in the barn window watching Daryl

Now don’t you wonder just why he had to scream? I mean was it because the tractor was loud or what? Who knows, but it didn’t really take Daryl too long to fix the haybine and off he went again to get the field cut tonight. DSC_0088

The night ended up with a campfire that William lit. The moon Saturday night was called the Supermoon because they say that it’s the closest to the earth and it also appears 30 % brighter  than normal. Now I know that the moon was the brightest last night – but holy smokes it was huge tonight and just beautiful. Sitting by the campfire with the huge moon in the background was a great way to end the weekend.

The photo of the day is Sam in the barn window watching Daryl. Sam has gotten pretty tame these past few weeks and also kind of funny too. Check him out

Just watching what all was going on in the farm yard

Just watching what all was going on in the farm yard

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I was at work today and I couldn’t figure out for the best of me why my hips hurt so bad. Seriously feeling some aches and pains going on. I thought that it was probably just because I’ve been spending about all 8 hours behind my desk lately at work and maybe I needed to move around more. I wasn’t sure, but I was pretty much feeling like I just had hip replacement or something. Yea, it wasn’t a good look at all for me.

Tonight we had a chance to go on a quick bike ride and we figured even if we only went about 10 miles it was better than nothing right? I wanted to have a chance to try out my new sandals and helmet and I’ll be needing them soon so I needed to find out if they’ll work. I usually have TONS of trouble with my feet and guess what? My bike sandals felt pretty good. Score! But when we were riding bikes I had time to think what in the world did I do to make my hips so sore? Then I think I figured it out. I spent about 1 & 1/2 hours last night with the rotor tiller in the garden and I think that did it. If it’s still somewhat light outside when we get back from the ride, I was going to work in the garden again and then I’ll know if that is what caused this.

We got back around 8:00 and I spent the next hour in the garden with the tiller. Yup, it was the garden stuff that gave me trouble.  Oh well, I’m almost done cleaning it up and I even planted 2 more rows of peas tonight!  Now I know that it’s July, but the garden is pretty bare and if they grow at all, they’ll look better than the weeds that I’ve got going on right now.

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Decision Time

Have you ever looked at a project and then had to make a decision if you were going to do something about it or just leave it to .. well .. die? That’s what I did tonight. I’ve been looking at my garden and even though the weeds weren’t the worst that I’ve ever seen, the garden also wasn’t the best either. So now comes the decision. Do I just call it and go to our local farmer’s markets and get my stuff? Or do I take the plunge and get the garden cleaned up? Well, I decided to clean it up. Yup, this was going to take some work. So normally I put my flip flops on right after work when I’m outside,  but they really make my feet pretty dirty and bad looking. Well I figured I better get some shoes on and try to keep my feet somewhat presentable. The next thing is to get out the weed eater and to find some electric cords to plug it in. It didn’t take long and now I’m up and running. Wow, this was going to take more than one day I can tell!

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Hanging out in the yard

I was just walking into house tonight after work and I could hear a plane that wasn’t too far away from our farm. Now about this time of the year, people might start spraying their crops with planes and the reason for this is because the corn is too tall for the sprayer to be in the fields. So after the second time I heard the plane go over our house I thought I better go out and check it out. Now I don’t know about you, but really why do you go and check out a plane flying around? It’s not like they can see you and it’s not like they’re going to do some fantastic stunts or anything. I’m not really sure why people go and watch a plane – but guess what I did? I went outside into the yard to watch the plane. Too funny right? Well, the airplane wasn’t spraying any crops that I could see and I’m not sure just exactly what he was doing. I thought at first it might be my brothers checking out their crops and tile lines from the air, but they said it wasn’t them. So the only thing that I can think of is that maybe he was taking farm pictures to sell door to door later. If that’s what he was doing, I’m pretty sure that I’ll be in the picture in the middle of our farm just watching him fly around.DSCN8724

The picture of the day is my petunias by our front door. This was the first year that I’ve tried to grow them from seed and I had kind of a hard time getting them to start. But I’m really thinking that they are doing much better than the ones that I bought later this spring to fill in. I’m kind of digging how they’ve turned out.  Check them outDSCN8727

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Slowed down some

It has slowed down some these past few days and I’ve really taken advantage of that! I’ve been getting some errands done that need to be done and also have been catching up on paperwork. I’m also working on sending a box to Kyle in South Korea. The last time we Skyped he said that I didn’t need to send so much food – well I was checking out the stuff in the box that I’ve got ready so far and I think there is a lot of food in there. Well to my defense – if I’m sending a box I might as well have it a full box right?

One of the things that I haven’t done since the weather has been holding out, is to weed my garden. Man oh man she’s looking kind of rough. Well, maybe I’ll get that done on Thursday if it doesn’t rain.



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