Guess what I did tonight?

OK, let’s see what the possibilities are that I could have done tonight.

Clean house? Nope that wasn’t it. Put away the laundry? That wasn’t it either. Make a batch of soap? ding ding ding.. you’re a winner!!

I suppose that  I could have been doing something better with my time, but I really wanted to try to make a two different colored soap. And with Daryl gone to a meeting – it was a perfect night to try it out.

Well first things first. I had found a new recipe and I actually had all the oils to do it. SCORE! Now to figure out what color to make it. The recipe called out for the end soap to add two colors to the base color, but I was just hoping to get one additional color. The real trick was to match the fragrances that I have to the two colors that I also have. Yea.. it wasn’t going so well. So finally I looked in my cupboard and found some turmeric and poppy seeds. OK, now I have a plan. The base color would be plain and then I’ll color the top color with the turmeric to give it the orange color and add poppy seeds and orange fragrance. Man I’m thinking that I’m pretty smart. So I mix in the spice to a small amount of oil and set it aside while the other oils and lye mixture is cooling. Now I’m just checking out other soap blogs on the web when I see that you can add your spices that you want to add to your soap straight to your lye mixture. Hey, that sounds good doesn’t it? It’s supposed to really enhance your color. So I grab the bottle and pour a gob of it into the cooling lye mixture. Then I stand back and was thinking man it’s sure orange. Crap! I just made the whole batch orange!!! Well it was too late and now to come up with the next plan. So the final soap is one that is all orange and the bottom half has poppy seeds in it and the top has orange fragrance and doesn’t have any poppy seeds.

Oh well, there’s always next time to do a better job!

The photo of the day is one that I took when I was just heading to town after work tonight. I could hear this really loud noise when I was outside and couldn’t for the life of me figure just what it was. Finally it dawned on me that it was a helicopter getting closer and closer to our farm. So I grabbed a camera to snap a picture to show just how low these helicopters were flying. The picture really doesn’t do it justice – but believe me they were low!

Can you see the two helicopters?

Can you see the two helicopters?


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In Memory of Rocky

I did chores tonight and when I went into the chicken coop I saw a chicken kinda laying funny against the corner. Well, of course I went over to see just what was going on and saw that it was Rocky the Rooster.

Now I thought to myself that either Rocky has been going to yoga classes to get into the position or something was terribly wrong. And you guessed it – it was something terribly wrong. He was dead.

At first I thought that maybe he was just faking it, but when he was looking at me with one eye fully open and his body not moving – I knew that this was the end of the road for our old friend. I think he was probably between 5 and 10 years old. I did a quick check on the internet to see how long chickens live and they said that ‘urban chickens’ can live up to 20 years. Now what is an urban chicken? Anyway, with our chickens getting chased by the dogs when the dogs don’t think we’re looking, I’m thinking 5 to 10 years is a good number.

But since he was the only Rooster that we had left, and because we all really did like him (well OK, maybe not the other Rooster that we had to relocate to my sisters farm) we sure are going to miss him in the chicken coop.

So here is the best picture of Rocky and you might recognize it. He was part of the inspiration for this blog.


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Fun Day to celebrate Mom’s Birthday

Even though Mom’s birthday was back in January and we all wished her a Happy Birthday a couple of months ago, we spent today also celebrating with her. You see our Mom turned 85 this year and I think the rule should be that if you have an 85th birthday – well your family can continue to celebrate it all year long!

We were a little worried because living in Iowa in the winter, you’re just not quite sure what the weather would be like and with the forecast to be snow and then blowing snow… it didn’t look too promising at the beginning of the week that too many of us would be able to get together for the afternoon. But the forecast was wrong – YEA! And all of us kids and some of the grand kids were able to get together.

And that’s just what our plan was for today. We had plans to go to a local Community Theater to enjoy a play that they were putting on and to spend it together as a family with Mom. IMG_2693The play was really a funny play and I know that everyone had a good time.IMG_2685 After the play was over, some of us were able to head downtown to a local restaurant and have a quick supper before we all went on our own ways again. Now I was ready to get home and put my feet up for the night. But for Ma? She got dropped off where her friends were and played a couple of hands of cards before she went home. Too funny!

I was glad that William was also able to make it today because we haven’t seen him since he had his birthday in February! His present from us came in a form of a card with some birthday money in it.  Here’s the birthday card that I made for him. IMG_2679

But now the day is over and we’re all in our homes getting ready for the upcoming week – I was thinking about this weekend and have come to the conclusion that celebrating Ma’s birthday all year IS a really great idea!



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To give away or not to give away

I don’t know about you, but have you ever seen something in your kitchen cupboard, or in fact in any other place in your house that is tucked away and you just push it from one side of the closet (or in my case - cupboard) and then you move it to the other side the next day? Only to get it out of your way so you can actually find the thing that you’re really looking for?

Well I have. And I have done this more than I want to claim. So when I came across something that I bought at a fund raiser this past weekend and realized that I bought it about 1 1/2 years ago – well that’s a lot of pushing back in forth in the cupboard don’t you think? I mean it still had the paper inside with how to wash the thing!

So I made a bold decision. I took it and gave it a good stare down (not sure why? it just seemed appropriate at the time) and then down to the basement we went. I thought it’s time to leave the comfort of my cupboard and go to someone else’s. Yup, I put my ‘I’m getting rid of clutter’ hat on and into my Good Will box it went.

But as the day went on, I just couldn’t help to think about this little mixer that was destined for someone else’s house. I mean – did I really give it a chance? It kind of cost me more money that I wanted to spend and there must be something good about it.

Now down to the basement I go and grab it out of the box and up to the kitchen I went. I take the paper out of it and think to myself that maybe this could come in handy. Yup, I’m going to give it a try. What it was is a small mixer for salad dressings with recipes on the side of the container. 

OK, I’m going to try the French Dressing one. Now most of the recipe had what I considered normal stuff in it with the exception of White Wine Vinegar. I had no clue what that was or where I could even find it. Luckily I was headed to a larger town on Saturday morning and was able to find some with the rest of the vinegar selection in the grocery store. Who would have known? Back home I go and it didn’t take long for me to mix the concoction together. Here is the recipe: 

French Dressing

1 tsp. Worcester sauce
2 Tbsp. sugar
1 garlic clove pressed
¼ cup white wine vinegar
¼ cup ketchup
¾ cup vegetable oil

Mix together and I think it tastes better the next day after it sits overnight.

Holy Smokes it is good! I never realized how much syrup the store bought kind actually has in it until I made this one. Now I don’t know if I was especially hungry the other day – but after I ate the salad with the dressing on it, I started to dip some crackers in the leftover dressing.  OK, maybe I was just hungry. But next time you’ve got some white wine vinegar in the house you should give this recipe a try.

Good thing I didn’t give away my handy dandy mixer the other day! IMG_2688

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Cleanest people around…

The first step to understanding a ‘situation’ is to acknowledge that there is a situation. And for me? Well it’s my obsession for making hand soap lately.

To go back into time, I had talked about making soap about 20 years ago and with both the boys being little and all the stuff that goes on not only when your kids are little, but the risk of having lye in the house – I decided not to talk about it anymore back then and gave all my books to Good Will.

Now that we’re empty nesters and I started to read up on this again, well the rest is history in the making.

So what did I make this last week? Well it’s a mango butter with shea butter, coconut & olive oil base and finished off with an Almond Biscotti fragrance. And how does our house smell? AWESOME!! There’s a Rosemary coconut soap in the basement drying, the Almond Biscotti is in the kitchen, Lemon Sunshine soap upstairs, and a couple of other stragglers from some other soaps that I made. I’m going to work on a new one this weekend that you do a completely different process to mix the oils. You know… just to see how it works :)

But the biggest trouble that I have is to use up what I’ve got. When I’m in the shower you’d swear that I’ve dumped a bottle of soap in there with all the bubbles that I’ve got going. I do have a couple of my friends that are sampler’s and that’s been working out pretty good for me to give them soap so they can let me know what they do or don’t like about them. Oh well, making soap isn’t the worst habit now is it?

As for now – here are some pictures of the Almond Mango soap that I made this week. I’ll add the recipe later this weekend when I get a few minutes.This is how the soap looks after it’s taken out of the mold IMG_2672And this is why my kitchen smells so goodIMG_2674

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Winter – what good is it anyway?

So I’m feeling kinda sad that it’s been so cold outside, but then I thought just ‘get over it’. Seriously, there is nothing that I can do about it and with the temperature this morning at -31 degrees F and that was just the air temperature … yup I’m thinking that this is just how it’s going to be for awhile. So I was looking at some pictures tonight that I took the other day of the dogs and thought to myself – it’s all about adapting the your environment.

This is the picture of the dogs that I took.

Kaiser just chillin' in the yard

Kaiser just chillin’ in the yard

As you can see Kaiser took the rug off our front porch and brought it out to the yard to lay on. Now I’m hoping that no one will ever say our dogs are dumb because I’m thinking that I’ll argue that statement! And it’s not that uncommon for the dogs to take our porch rugs or take something off the clothes line and then lay on it on the cold or wet ground in the yard. I’m guessing they like to lay in the middle of the yard so they can get a 360 view of everything going on around them. It’s all about adapting.

And since it’s so stinkin’ cold outside, what better time to clean out the freezer right? We’ve been working on getting some of the ‘older’ stuff used up in the freezer so I could get it all unpacked and start over with a little bit more organization. And how do you clean out your freezer when you live in Iowa?

Looks like it's time to thaw out and get a good wiping down!

Looks like it’s time to thaw out and get a good wiping down!

Well you wait until some really cold days come through and then you simply get some bags and load up your car in the garage. Yup, that’s right! Now if you just set the bags on the porch or beside the house – it’s like a buffet for any animal just walking by. They seriously would think they died and went to heaven if you did that! Instead you take bag by bag and put them in your car and then just unplug your freezer.

Just starting to clean out the freezer

Just starting to clean out the freezer

I also put a fan facing our freezer so help the thaw and by the end of the day I was able to wipe it all down and reload our stuff back into it. I was pretty happy that there wasn’t too much junk that I’ve bought that we wouldn’t use. Yup, adapting.

And finally,  I knew it was snowing today but when I went outside and was ready to head home for the day the car looked like this -carAdapting? Yea.. I don’t think so.  Now where did we put that hotel number for Jamaica again?


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Mystery Photo 2/25/15

Can you guess what this was used for?


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Jamaica – the last days

On our vacation we’ve done quite a few different things these last couple of days and with only a couple of days more left, we sure was hoping that they’d be good ones! So here’s how we spent our time


Guess what? I finally got the sunrise that I was hoping to capture. I spent about an hour just hanging out on the beach one morning and taking pictures from all the angles. This one was the best of the bunch. And if you notice, the coconut guy was no where to be found. To be honest, I’m not sure where exactly he was this morning ?IMG_2458b


Even though we had a couple of gift shops in our hotel, it still wasn’t the same as going to town to see how the local shops were. We were told it was safe for tourists to go to Ochos Rios,  so we made arrangements to be picked up by a bus and off we went. It was only a couple minute drive to get to town and soon we were getting off the bus for a few hours to check out the town and to do some shopping. The first shops were the ones that the bus driver said that the businesses will take care of us because we came to town with him. Now I’m not sure that anyone ever believes this when your told that they’ll take special care of us, but we were polite and smiled and did take a look around for awhile. Then we headed downtown to see what else we could find. We heard that there was some open markets that the locals supported, so we wanted to find those shops. It didn’t take long and soon we were in the thick of it. The stereotype of this type of a market is that people will hassle you to come and take a quick look – and this market met all those stereotypes. But we knew it going in and we actually did buy a couple of things. The local economy isn’t very good, so for me I wish that we could buy something from everyone! There were two markets that we went to and they both looked pretty much the same. Here is a couple of pictures that I took while in them.

Kind of cool setting

Looking down the rows in the market

Looking down the rows in the market

Daryl chilling at one of the market venders

Daryl chilling at one of the market vendors


Photo Op:

Have you ever tried to look like ‘I’m so cool’ and the photo turned out like ‘what in the world are you doing’? Well that’s what happened to us. We took a walk to a small part of the beach that overlooked the ocean. Yup, pretty picturesque. So Daryl and I went over to the railing and with the waves roaring behind us, it was the perfect lovey dovey picture. I can just see it now – an 8 x 10 over the fireplace. OK.. so what happened is this is the first picture and we look a little apprehensive. Then the really big waves came!IMG_2557IMG_2559And now this is the picture that is supposed to be on our mantel. IMG_2560We laughed and laughed when we saw how this picture turned out. Even though it’s probably not going to be turned into a saved treasure photo, it made our belly hurt so much from laughing that maybe we should just get it made into a larger picture for our living room.


Every night there was entertainment at the hotel and it went from a Newlywed Game to fun couple’s games. We even had a night when we had a beach party. I was glad that we had these shows to go to every night because each night was something different and was fun to go to. Here’s a picture of the beach party just getting startedIMG_2506

One more time – Paddle boat:

If you remember the first time that we took out the paddle boat, I kinda freaked out and gave my bag with our cameras in it to the beach guy so they wouldn’t get wet. Well we’ve been trying ever since to get back on the ocean with the paddle boats, but the water has been too rough for them. We could take the kayaks out, but I’m thinking that it wasn’t the best idea for us. So we finally got a chance to take them out. We were leaving to head back to the airport to go home at 10:30 in the morning on the final day, and the weather was perfect! There was a really good chance that the paddle boats would go out, but the real question was if we could paddle them out in the ocean, take a picture of the hotel, paddle back to the beach, get to our room, take a shower, and then still make the bus. The shop opened up at 9:00 and Daryl said with a LOT of hesitation, ‘I’ll go with you if you really want to’ OK. Sounds good and let’s get our suits on! I think he was really hoping that I changed my mind. But I knew (well honestly I was hoping) that we could do this. So at 8:45 we went to the shack to see about getting a paddle boat. Nope, they open at 9:00. Humm. So I hovered and after about the 3rd time they asked if they could help me, and I said that I was waiting to take a paddle boat out, they finally gave in and let us get one around 8:55. OK, we smiled and then let it rip! And I mean we were moving!! We were pumping those old pedals so hard until my legs were just burning. I’m guessing it almost looked like we had some type of motor on the boat or something because the water was just a flying behind us. I had to be careful so we didn’t get the cameras wet with the spraying water! With our hotel being so big, and the sun shining so bright, I wasn’t sure just exactly what I was taking a picture of. But I took about 10 pictures and from all different parts of the ocean as we were going from one place and then moving to another. Then we sped back to the beach again with the water just a flying! The whole time of the trip? Maybe 10 minutes. Now this trip really probably should have taken us around 30 minutes :) When we got back to the shore, the guy was even trying to stall us. He said, let me take your picture. IMG_2621So after he took a couple, he then said, ‘now let’s take one kissing’.  Daryl said “what did he say?” I told him just hurry up and kiss me and then let’s go. Now I think the guy helping us must have thought that we had probably the weirdest way of being on vacation ever! Later when we looked at the pictures, I realized that I didn’t get the whole hotel all in one picture - shoot! So I messed around with a couple of them for awhile once we got home and thought that I really should be able to combine the two and I was right!

Our hotel from the ocean

Our hotel from the ocean

Now even though it’s not perfect, it still works for me. The hotel was really two different sections. One side was family side, the middle was the restaurants, and the other side was the adult side. And tons of swimming pools and stuff in between. After a  quick shower from our paddle boat ride, we even had time to spare before we had to head back home.IMG_2632

Now our winter vacation is over for another year and it was definitely a good one! Good bye warm weather – hello snow! 1

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Jamaica – our vacation continues

These next couple of days of our vacation was just as fun as the first couple of days or maybe even better. Remember the group of people from Iowa that we met as we were checking into the hotel? Well we ran into them quite a bit as the week went on and found out that we had a lot in common. We even got invited to a weekend party that they have every year and I’m thinking that it’ll be a whoot! It’s planned for July and I sure hope that it will work in our schedule.

So the beginning of the week we spent time on the beach and pool. We also went snorkeling, Dunn’s River Falls, and a party catamaran out on the ocean. Our hotel package also included water sports so we all went out on paddle boats to see what we can see. Daryl doesn’t really like the water as much as I do, so I was glad that he was ready to go out into the ocean on a very small boat. They said the ‘rules’ were not to go into the swimming area (duh!) and also don’t get too close to the reef. Now this one I can believe. We wanted to get a picture of the hotel and with it being so big (around 850 rooms) it was a feat in itself! So what better way than to take it from the ocean right? Yea, well I had the bag that held our cameras and when we were just getting into the paddle boat we had what seemed to be a big wave hit us and I panicked. I’m kinda weird about cameras getting wet and I for sure didn’t want to get other people’s cameras wet that I had also in the bag. So I gave them to the guide on the beach. Now if I knew that it would take us 3 days to get back on the paddle boats because of rough water – well I would have re-thought that whole idea of giving away the bag. But once we were out in the water it was much calmer and so bizarre! We were a long way from the beach and you could literally see the bottom of the ocean floor! I was talking to someone else who visited Jamaica and she said that she asked the guide how deep was the water because they could also see the bottom and they were told around 30 feet. Now isn’t that just crazy? But like I said I didn’t take our camera out and later in the week we’ll have to try it again to see about getting a hotel picture.

I’ve also been working on trying to catch a good sunrise on the beach. Now even though I do kind of like this picture below, it’s still not what I was hoping to capture. I’ve gotten up the last couple of mornings early to try to snap a picture and the only thing that I’ve accomplished is that I think that the old man picking up coconuts off the beach is thinking that I’m hitting on him .

Morning sunrise on our beach

Morning sunrise on our beach

Each morning starts the same way and that’s eating breakfast. And for me that means an omelet. Even though there was always tons to eat IMG_2462IMG_2608I seemed to always pick the omelet guy. I was lucky that when I took this picture he was able to catch my breakfast in his pan and in one piece. Some people weren’t so lucky that morning.

Literally flipping my breakfast

Literally flipping my breakfast

After spending a nice time hanging out on the beach and the pool

Our beach

Our beach

IMG_2359and having the best jerk chicken around

This guy just hacked and cut off a piece for you to eat. Crazy!

This guy just hacked and cut off a piece for you to eat. Crazy!

we found out where they were getting all the coconuts from that they were serving on the beach. Yea, just above everyone’s heads is where they were coming from! The hotel guys would take a machete and hack off some of the coconut so you can have a drink while lounging around. Now even though this sounds tempting – a cold drink from the bar with ice in it sounded much better :) IMG_2491 copy

Now to do get ready for the night excursion.

A view of our room

A view of our room

I’m so excited to go on it tonight and could hardly wait! It was a Luminous Lagoon. Now are you saying to yourself.. ‘what in the heck it that’? Well let me tell you.

We were heading to a lagoon where the Martha Brae River meets the Caribbean Sea. This lagoon in the old days housed a wharf where large vessels from England unloaded goods onto smaller ships to be delivered inland up the river. Exciting right? Yea, not so much. But what is exciting about this lagoon is that are four of these in the world and the one in Jamaica is said to be the largest and most brilliant of all those 4 locations ! OK, now that IS COOL right! The water has a microscopic organism in it that’s called a Dinoflagellate and it works kind of like a firefly. When it gets agitated it glows. So off we go onto our next adventure. We wanted to bring not only our swimsuits, but also an empty bottle of water. You dip the water bottle into the water and it’s supposed to glow for about 5 days after. Yup… I was excited. I had my swimming suit on already and not just one camera in my bag this time – but two! When the bus pulled up to the lagoon, it wasn’t quite dark yet so they offered us a social hour to hang out until it was time. Finally it was dark and there was a bunch of us that climbed into this little boat. And if you ever had watched the Swamp People on the History Channel, our guide both looked and talked exactly like Troy Landry. Weird. As our guide – who I’m going to call Troy, was taking our small boat out to the middle of the lagoon the water behind us just billowed up with a bright blue glow. Now this is an awesome sight! You can hardly believe that this water does this. As we get to the middle of the lagoon, the boat stops and Troy asks if anyone wants to go swimming. He hardly got the whole sentence out and I was stripped down to my swimsuit and making my way to the front of the boat. Heck yea I’m going! After we got into the water I noticed that not too many people did actually go, but as in Rome do like the Romans right? I figured I’ll never get another chance to do this again. There was a bunch of pictures that we took  but nothing turned out so well, so we ended up buying the pictures that they were offering. Now don’t get me wrong, I was glad that we had the chance to buy them, but only about 4 of the ones that they took actually turned out and man they were an expensive 4 pictures!

When you move your arms and legs it makes the water glow. Very Cool!

When you move your arms and legs it makes the water glow. Very Cool!

We ended up taking the water bottle back with us to the hotel rooms that we filled with the water and it did actually glow. I tried to take a picture of it under the bed covers,  but after a bunch of tries I think Daryl was right – the pictures were just not going to turn out and please give up!

Part of the entertainment of the night was a guy who could do all these amazing things with his body. He could literally turn inside out and it almost made you hurt watching him. IMG_2392At the end of the night when it was time to get some sleep, I couldn’t shut off my brain just wondering what we’ll be able to see and do tomorrow. What a good time we were having!




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Jamaica – the first days

So we were finally heading down south for some warmer weather, whoo whooo!! You just know that it’s going to be a good vacation when they’re de-icing the planes in the airport that your trying to leave and the weather that you’re heading to is between 80 and 90 degrees. Am I right? Now sitting on the plane watching them take the ice off the wings can be a little nerve wracking, but for me? Well I’m OK with it! IMG_2294

Good Bye cold weather!

Good Bye cold weather!

Like I said, as long as were heading to someplace that you wear shorts and swim suits, they can pretty much do whatever to get us there.images

We had a short layover in the airport on our first stop and we were kinda hungry because of the schedule that we had in the morning. So when we saw a Retirement Party – and with cake, well I must admit I did kind of walk by to see what was going on and take a gander at the cake. It turned out that they were celebrating the retirement of the 767 plane and now it was heading to the desert to be abandoned.IMG_2299 I felt kind of bad for it, but when I was offered some cake, I didn’t feel that bad anymore. The sugar fix was just the right ticket! IMG_2300The plane ride to Jamaica was pretty much uneventful (which is good!) and it didn’t take long and we were changing into summer clothes at our final destination – Jamaica. Since we booked our trip on line, we all weren’t just sure what we needed to do to get from the airport to our hotel, but the people at the airport were nice and we were hoping that we’d fine the correct bus to get us to our hotel.

We were on the right one and once in the lobby – it was warm and it felt good. Yea, really good!IMG_2629 It was funny because our group usually either wears something from Iowa or carry’s Iowa mugs, and just as we were checking in we met up with others from Iowa also just checking in. And throughout the course of the week, we all became pretty good friends.

Our rooms were really nice and clean, and of course came with a welcome towel design on our bed to let us know who our housekeeper was for the week. For me to it’s a true sign that we’re really on vacation. towelsNow I’m not saying that I don’t fix our bed at home – but I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen any fancy towel designs on any of our beds!

After unpacking we needed to get a lay of the land and to see what fun excursions were available. We signed up for a couple and we all were hoping that we picked the ‘good ones’.

Daryl checking out the hotel from the balcony

Daryl checking out the hotel from the balcony

First one was going to be on a Party Catamaran where we were going to do some snorkeling, Dunn’s River Falls, and then lunch and hang out in the Caribbean Sea for awhile.  First things first. We knew that it didn’t make sense to risk getting our good cameras wet so we checked out the cameras that you could buy. OK, now we all decided that the $5 disposable camera that was selling for $27 just wasn’t worth it. I mean seriously, $27?? So we decided that we’ll just buy a picture from the local guys that they took if we got a chance.  We had to take a bus from our hotel to the boat and it was literally a 15 minute ride. We laughed when we saw this little building and was sure hoping that we wouldn’t need the fire station to help us today. It looked pretty small. It’s the building on the right (red one)

This has got to be the smallest fire station around!

This has got to be the smallest fire station around!

Here’s a picture of the boat that we spent the day on and other picture of the bay where the boats are all held. Check out how clear the water is even here.

Our boat for the day

Our boat for the day

The bay where the boats were kept. See how clear the water is!

The bay where the boats were kept. See how clear the water is!

We got to the spot that we were going to snorkel and into the water we go. Now it’s not like we’re expert snorkelers or anything – but I’m telling you that I’ve never seen such a perfect spot ever to check out the underwater wildlife! Usually when we’ve snorkeled in the past you’d see one or maybe two cool fishes, but this time there were tons of all different types of fish just swimming around by you. It literally was like you were in someones aquarium or something. My brother had a couple of fish so close to him that he was trying to catch them. So cool! Too bad I didn’t have that $17 camera with me to take that picture :(  We were swimming by a reef and it was so alive with color and different types of coral. I read reviews that said it was the best that you’ll find for not only the water but also the fish and scenery and I’m thinking that review was spot on! I tried to dive under deeper to get a better look, but after getting a couple of mouthfuls of water, I decided that maybe I didn’t need to get any closer after all. snorkeling two

After snorkeling we were off to Dunn’s River Falls. Now this falls is spring fed and is about 180 feet high and 600 feet long. And rocks.. lots of rocks and water! It’s one of the very few waterfalls in the world that empties into the sea. When you stand on the bottom of the falls and look up – well it doesn’t look possible that you would be able to climb them. Everyone tells you that you need water shoes to do it, but I’m thinking that I’ll need spiked boots or something! But with a lot of hand holding (literally) you do eventually make it up the falls. I found a picture off the web that gives a better visual of what we climbed. It’s just a picture of a small part of the climb.

Just part of the falls that we climbed

Just part of the falls that we climbed

Thank goodness the guides every morning brush the rocks so there isn’t anything on them to start the day out that will make the climb too slippery. They tell you to hold hands and at first I thought this holding hand thing was… well kinda dumb. Yea, that thought was short lived! Poor Daryl’s hand! I think I cut off his circulation a couple of times.

After the falls, we got back on the boat, cranked up the music, found some food, and headed out to the waters for a good time and some good food. Even though the weather was overcast today, we all sure had a good time!

When we were getting ready to go out for the night, I quick checked the internet on how cold it actually was there. Yea, too cold! temperature

At the end of the night we had a good meal and headed down to the nightly entertainment. Tonight’s show was a tribute to Michael Jackson.michael jackson show

What a couple of busy days we’ve had - I wonder what adventures we’ll have tomorrow?

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