I’m going to take the plunge!

Today I had pretty big plans. I have been thinking about getting a new laptop now for .. well maybe about a year now. So with money for the purchase in my purse – I was ready to get to town and just do it. 

I’ve been really struggling with trying to decide if I should get a new laptop or just fix mine. In order to fix the one that I have, it’ll be over $100. Now that’s not the end of the world, but I don’t think that I want to put more money into it. I know that it’s pretty dumb not to just make up my mind – but getting a new laptop is kinda like getting a new phone. It takes a lot to get it set up just right! 

So in the mean time with my laptop I have to be so careful. Without the screen I have to hook it up to a monitor and if I move my hands just wrong, well I mess up pretty much everything that I was working on. My screen will go blank and I usually just end up erasing everything. yea.. not cool! 

Like I said -this was my goal today. Not to come home without a new laptop. 

Wow. That’s all I can say. By the time I got to the store  I sure had great ideas to purchase one and once I was in the store for only about 10 minutes I knew that I was in trouble. I had no clue which one that I wanted and finally gave up and walked back out again. 

So for now – this is what my laptop looks like and maybe I’ll figure out just which one that I’ll get by this weekend . Oh yea, it also looks like maybe I should dust my keyboard to this week :) DSCN9700


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Roamin’ Catholics

It’s just crazy that Lent is almost over! Wow!! I hardly made up my mind what I’m going to give up and just like that – Bam! it’s going to be over. 

And like in the previous years – we do fish fry tours throughout the Lent Season. Now come to think of it – maybe that’s why it goes by so fast? We have just the best time every week trying to come up with a place that were going to visit that is serving fish and it’s always a great time. We’ve gotten some pretty good suggestions from others that have been out and about and found some out of the way places to visit. We take turns driving every other week with my brother and his wife and it’s safe to say that we just never know where we’ll end up! 

This weeks fish fry on our Roamin’ Catholic tour was to head south east to a school in Strawberry Point Iowa. The school puts on a fish fry every year and it’s to raise money for things that they need. This years funds from the fish fry are going to new wresting mats and by the look of the crowd when we got there, I’m thinking that they were pretty successful in their fundraising. I had to laugh because one of the guys at our table where we were eating at asked us - where are you from? and then the next question was how did you end up here? I think they knew we weren’t part of the local crowd. 

So now with only one more week left for Lent, it’ll soon be time for us to think about what we should be making ourselves on Friday nights. Humm.. I think they serve fish all year round in our town. Now that’s a great idea too! 


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My next adventure

I had this great idea today and guess what it is?

I decided that I like making soap so much, that I’m seriously thinking about doing a Craft Show this year. Yea.. who would have thought? Well, not me that’s for sure. I’m not really a craft show person, but I thought today that this is a great way to have someone buy my soap and me to get at least my cost out of it.

OK, I would like maybe to make some $$ with it, but honestly – I think it’s a fantastic idea.

So the next thing is to decide what should I name my Soap Company. Now here is where the second great idea comes in – the name of the soap Company is ‘ Life on the Farm’. Yup, I must have been eating my Wheaties this morning because I really like the whole way this is going.

Now to just figure out what soaps to make. So here is goes – I’m going to make soap that is named after stuff on our farm. An example is Squeaky Windmill (white fresh smelling soap) and Dirty Paws (a garden soap), one more… Barefoot in the grass (green soap with lemon grass)

So I’ve got what I’m thinking is a really good idea! Next thing now is to perfect my soaps. And no better way to do that then to start making them!

And first on the agenda is a milk, oatmeal, and honey soap.. the name of it  is Moooving Along. Get it? Moooo for the milk in it. Too funny!!

Check it out

A little soft when I unmolded it tonight

A little soft when I unmolded it tonight

Moooving Along just drying in the kitchen.

Moooving Along just drying in the kitchen.

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Mystery Photo 3-25-15

For this weeks Mystery Photo I’m going to give a clue: The item is made of metal

And here is the Photo Clue. Can you guess what it is? DSC_0436b

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Mystery Photo 3-18-15 Results

Once again, a lot of good guesses for the Mystery Photo from last week

So here is the clueDSC_0411a

And the answer was ……… DSC_0411

SMOOCHIE the cat!!!!

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Snow of the Robins’ tail

I can’t believe how many people haven’t heard of this old saying.

The saying goes : Spring will come when it snows on the Robins’ tail 3 times. So what that means is that once the Robin comes back, it will snow three times and then the winter will be all over.

So it’s snowed twice so far since the Robins been back and all we have to wait for is one more time. I decided after work to grab my camera and try to take a picture of one of these Robins. Yea.. no luck with me trying to find one.

But since I was outside just kinda hanging out, I decided to look for my Wednesday’s Mystery photo. I thought I had the perfect picture. I was hoovering down by the cow yard and just feeding apples to the cows and was ready to shoot the picture. I wanted to get a picture of the cows teeth. Now about now I’m guessing you’re thinking to yourself – WOW that is a great idea!! Well, not so great. This was my first picture.. no teeth – but not a bad picture anyway of No Ears. DSC_0427Then all of a sudden I wasn’t sure what was going on and then saw this coming at me!! Yea.. so this is my next picture.

No Ears licking my camera and caught me off guard!

Sassy licking my camera and she really caught me off guard!

It’s a picture of Sassy getting wayyyyyy  too close to my camera. Seriously who has cows lick their cameras? Well other than me of course!! And to top it off, I looked at my lens after it was invaded and had a lot of chewed hay to go with the friendly lick. Too funny!!

Since my picture taking tonight doesn’t include any Robins, I quick snapped this picture from our living room. DSC_0438It’s a picture to show that snow is on the horizon for tonight. Well at least it’ll be the 3rd snow for the Spring.  Now where is a Robin so he get’s his tail out here !

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Yesterday I wore flip flops…

Remember when I said something like ‘ bring on the snow’? Yea.. maybe I shouldn’t have said that.

Yesterday I wore flip flops home from the concert and seriously how much snow could we get. I mean they were talking 2 to 3 inches and that’s hardly nothing.

Well, this time they were wrong. Yup, really wrong! We must have got around 8 inches and a co-worker that lives North of us got 14 inches of snow. Now that’s a lot of snow!

They said that we need the moisture and that this will help out the soil. OK, I’ll give them that. But when I was laying in bed last night and hearing the snow/sleet hit the East window in our bedroom literally ALL night.. well I wasn’t thinking about the soil moisture so much! It turned out that we still have William’s Jeep and today was the day to put it to the test.

On my list of things to do this week, the one thing that I was going to do was to wash the house. But I’m thinking that it’s just going to have to wait. Don’t you think so too?

The cow yard was cleaned out just in time!

The cow yard was cleaned out just in time!

Spring was last Friday right?

Spring was last Friday right?

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Heart Concert with Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

What a fun weekend we had!

We had tickets to go see Heart in concert along with Joan Jett and the Blackhearts this weekend in Cedar Rapids Iowa and it was a fantastic concert!

We went with my brother and sister in law and headed out early on Saturday to not only pick up our tickets for the show, but to also possibly check into the hotel that we were staying at.

Well we didn’t have any trouble with getting the tickets but it would have cut it too short to get back and forth to our hotel and find something to eat. We had a late check in, so we opted for eating instead.

And the funniest thing happened. You know when you’re sitting somewhere and you see someone that looks like you know them, but you’re just not quite sure? Well, we were all sitting just visiting in this one bar/restaurant and here walks by one of Daryl’s best friends from high school. Both him and his wife were also going to the concert and they stopped in at the same place to grab something to eat before the concert. How fun is that!

So we spent some time talking not only to him but also his wife and said that maybe we’d see them at the concert. Seriously, that’s probably not going to happen right? The venue that we were going to holds up to 8600 people for concerts and the likely hood that we’ll see them is slim to none.

After we killed sometime downtown, we were off to the concert. Our seats were in the 5th row from the stage and we were ready to do some jammin’. Then my brothers phone goes off and it’s from the one guy that we were talking to downtown and he sent a picture of us four. What? Here they were in the bleachers right beside us and up some levels. Too funny! I guess I have to take it back that we wouldn’t see them again tonight :)

It didn’t take long and Joan Jett came out on stage and put on an awesome opening act! I’m telling you, she might have been doing this for awhile, but she is really good!!

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

Then Ann Wilson walks up on stage and the crowd goes crazy! I am a terrible singer and I know it, but I also know a really good singer too. And she is definitely someone who can sing! She rocked the house and if you left the concert and didn’t have a good time – well I think that’s your fault. But I just can’t believe that anyone didn’t have a great time!

Ann Wilson from Heart

Ann Wilson from Heart


We got home Sunday afternoon and was able to skype with Kyle one last time while he’s in Korea. He’s heading back to the states this weekend and will be staying on the East Coast for a couple of weeks before he makes it back to Iowa. It’ll be great to see him again in person!

Well the weekend is over and now it’s time to get ready for the upcoming week and possibly snow. Yea.. not so cool! But heading out for the weekend with great company and a fun time is just what makes the winter go by so much faster! Snow? Whatever.. bring it on! We’ll be singing Barracuda!

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Pulling the trigger

I decided that I either had to make this decision or stop talking about it. And since I think it’s something that I really want to do … and it’s the first day of Spring and all.. well I just signed up for my first half marathon this fall.

Yup, I don’t know if I should be happy or puke :)

I’ve got about a million excuses on why lately I haven’t been running and now that it’s official, well I think it’s time to get down to business.

I obviously never filled out a registration for something like this before and when I got to the question on estimated finished time I thought what? I just wanted to finish without dyeing or something. So then I had to go to find out who long it takes for a 54 year old women who’s out of shape and packing on a few extra pounds to run 13.1 miles. And guess what? They don’t have a Google search for that. So I guessed. Holy Smokes.. the pressure is on already. Now that I had to put down my time, I went back to change my emergency contact number. I originally just put my home phone number so I wouldn’t get any junk calls in the future. But now? Yea now I’m thinking that Daryl will need to have his cell phone pretty close to him just in case there is a man down. Or in this case, a women down.

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Cleaning up stuff & lessons learned

The weather has been awesome for this time of the year and who would believe that it’s March in Iowa? Well not me for sure! We’ve been in the 50′s, 60′s, and even hit 70 the other day. SCORE! It just makes you feel better doesn’t it?

Well with the nice weather, it’s also time to burn our Christmas tree. We usually just leave it outside behind the garage after Christmas in case the little birds or critters need it, and then in the Spring – Light her up!  The scary part of all of this is that it takes just one little spark and then the whole thing goes. But we put it in the garden to try to burn off some of the other weeds and that usually works pretty good. Soon it’ll be time to plant the garden again and the less weeds that I have the better. I’m seriously thinking of putting a good dose of Round Up on the whole thing and killing the weeds before I even start. I’m sure I’ve said this before that I’m not one for chemicals – but in this case .. I say go for it!

Christmas tree ritual

Christmas tree ritual

Daryl has been busy with getting machinery out of the shed, checking them out, and then cleaned up for the spring. And just like any routine, this all happens down by the new milk house.

Working on the skid loader

Working on the skid loader

Next comes the manure spreader and tractor with the bucket and into the cow yard they go. Now there’s a party going on in the cow yard and I’m not sure how many loads Daryl hauled out of the pen, but I’m sure that it looks tons better!

Daryl had lots of help from the dogs tonight just checking the spreader out

Daryl had lots of help from the dogs tonight just checking the spreader out

As for me? Well I wanted to make a baby basket for some babies that are coming up in our family and what better way than to make soap to put in the basket. OK, yea… I know that this sounds more like an excuse to make some more soap, but the soap that I made is literally called ‘Baby Soap’ because it only has 3 oils in it and some baby powder fragrance so I just had to try it out. And I’m telling you that it smells Awesome! But I did learn something new with this batch. I knew that it was going to be a smaller batch when I got done so I used a smaller mold to put it in. But of course, I had too much for that mold and I quick grabbed a plastic container and filled her up. No big deal and I was even thinking that I was pretty smart about the whole thing. Well tonight when I unmolded it, it wasn’t the prettiest and kind of stuck in the container.

One good mold and one not so good

One good mold and one not so good

At first I was kind of bummed, but then I thought just to trim off the bad stuff. duhh! With a little fixing up, the soap was all good as can be. I made some small sampler sizes for my friends who I’m asking to be my critics. DSCN9683So our kitchen smell this week is baby powder. Could be worse right? DSCN9684

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