Looks like trouble

I put the cushions on the patio furniture yesterday and I think they’re going to work. Yea! But I did have some trouble. I tied them all on and took a step back and thought that they looked nice and I’m planning on keeping them. Then I went into the house to get some water for the flowers (maybe gone 1 minute?) and came back out to find this. Reno

I’m not sure how I’m going to keep the dogs off the furniture so I tried a couple of different things yesterday. The one method that worked the best involves the kitchen broom. They are afraid of it because when they bark at night and I get to the point that I can’t stand it anymore, I chase them around the yard with the broom in the middle of the night yelling at them. I’m not sure if it’s the broom or just the vision of me that scares them, but when I put the broom up in the air now they put their head down and won’t even look at me. So when Reno was on the couch I got out the broom and spanked her. She wouldn’t come by me all day after that. We were gone last night and when we got home Apollo was on the couch, my flower stand tipped over and the flower pots broke.  Looks like it might be a long summer. If I would have to bet who wins- my money would be on the dogs!

I did clean the front basement yesterday. The weather is supposed to turn around today and I sure hope they are right. It’s cloudy now and looks like rain. If it does clear up, my goal is to mow lawn. Some of the places are really wet with water still standing, but at least I can get the majority of it mowed. Until then, I’m going to paint the entryway to the basement and get that done.

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  1. Bruce Mcgrath says:

    Wow the old farm is looking great I bet Uncle Carl and Aunt Theresa are proud of what You have done. I remember picking rocks with Daryll and Leon when we were kids. Seemed like it went on forever. Hey the people out here are using dry ice to kill gophers. They cover all the holes except one, pour a cup of dry ice down the open hole cover it up with cardboard and dirt. The ice gives off carbon dioxide and is heavier than air and flows through the tunnels and kills the gophers with out poison.

    • farm2011 says:

      Thanks Bruce! My gopher came back again but I haven’t had the energy to tackle him. Thanks for the suggestion on how to get rid of him though!

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