Old Roosters

In the circle of life it tells us that everything comes and goes and the world goes on, and this weekend our old mean rooster – Hitler died. I felt kind of bad for him, and even though we don’t have any idea how old he really is because he’s been around for a very long time, he still was part of our farm. I sure missed him this morning when I went out to feed the chickens. He couldn’t get around very good at all at the end,  so when I took the feed out of the bins – I would put some extra food by him. He’d be hiding behind the containers and was always ready to eat. No other chickens knew that he would be hiding there and it worked out really well for him.

He name fit him so well and he got it by his crazy walk that he’d do. He would put his legs straight out as if he had braces on his legs and then his body would tip back. He would run as if he was in Germany and related to Hitler. It was so funny! The best times would be when he would want to run. You would just stand and stare at him. He only could go so fast and the faster he wanted to run – the higher his legs would go. No idea what was wrong with him, but he sure made everyone laugh. How I found out that he was dead was that I was doing laundry when Daryl did the chores yesterday morning. I looked out the window and saw Daryl walking through the yard carrying a dead chicken. You guessed it – this was Hitler.  So this goes back to the circle of life. He put Hitler in the incinerator (fancy name for fire barrel) and today I lit the barrel. I didn’t want the dogs to know that he was in there because that would make a bad situation much worse!  Now that he’s gone though, it might be a good time to get out the incubator and see if we can hatch a couple of little chickens. With him gone, they might just have a chance.

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3 Responses to Old Roosters

  1. tammy k. says:

    It’s the time of year for baby chicks I guess. Our Rural King store has them and I think Tractor Supply is getting some in pretty soon. I love seeing them in the farm stores.

  2. farm2011 says:

    That seems kind of early doesn’t it? I think we don’t start seeing any baby chicks until end of March early April.

  3. tammy k. says:

    you know, now that you mention it, a couple people have commented on rural king having the chicks early this year. i don’t know why. maybe because the weather has been so mild they thought people would want them sooner? who knows!

    did you know that they actually MAIL the chicks to rural king via the us postal service? that just cracks me up! reminds me of one of my favorite books, where the red fern grows, when the boy went to pick up his dogs.

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