Remember Slick?

As I was walking through the yard yesterday, I saw something that the dogs drug up to the house. Now this could have been just about anything. For some reason they love to bring home ‘dead treasures’ from the neighbors field. But this time it looked a little different because it had a tail. So I went over to check it out and you would never guess what they caught yesterday.


Yup, I think it’s Slick. Now there is no way to make sure, but if you remember early last summer when I was over by the gopher mounds and Slick stuck his head out of the hole and I saw him? My guess is that he stuck his head out of the hole yesterday and with the weather still so warm and sunny – the dogs got him! We’ll have to wait and see this spring if he acted along or not. Daryl needed to take down an auger over on the farm that we rent so I didn’t know what to do with Slick. I first put the gopher inside the dog kennel, but then the dogs just kept circling it. So here I am trying to figure out where to put him until we got back. I tried earlier to put him by the house, but that lasted maybe 30 seconds before the dogs took him again. Daryl was waiting patiently in the truck for me to put the gopher anywhere and help him. So I put him in the burn barrel. I told Daryl that since he gave me such a run for my money that maybe I should bury him or something. He gave me ‘one of those looks’. I don’t know much about gophers but since it was dead for about 4 hours before Daryl came home and it wasn’t getting stiff or nothing, I wasn’t sure that it was really dead. So Daryl asked if I really wanted to take the chance and put it back into the ground. I guess that’s a good point. But since the dogs did such a good job, for supper I had marinated some beef and grilled it and they each got their own nice warm big piece of meat. Not too often will you hear or see me write this, but – Good Job Dogs!

I was hoping it was dead. Not sure

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5 Responses to Remember Slick?

  1. tammy k. says:

    if that critter wasn’t dead, you probably wouldn’t have any fingers left! look at the size of those chompers! i sure hope he was a solo act and you don’t have any trouble this spring. i have to watch our dog, ivy, because she catches birds and rabbits and then will try and bring her treasures into the house. yuck. you haven’t mentioned, but did the female catch? is she going to have pups?

    • farm2011 says:

      I think Reno (the female dog) did catch it because she carried it around the farm and didn’t want to give it up. We were thinking that she was pregnant because she was getting so big – but now she just might be getting heavy. I’ve been trying to stay away from some of her morning treats. She usually gets at least three eggs and cheese when they get loose in the morning – along with a couple of dog treats. So I’ve cut out the morning cheese treat but she still is getting the eggs.

  2. bruce says:

    Dang that is a big gopher. Maybe you should have had him for dinner.

  3. Sherry Elwood says:

    EEEWWWW!! That is creepy Bonnie! I am glad they caught it though. I just could
    NEVER pick it up like that. You are a true farm girl!!

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