Daryl made some new friends

On Saturday morning Daryl decided to give the cows a large bale of hay in the cow yard. I know that this will save me some time in the morning – but I think I’ll miss giving them small bales of hay in the morning. Now I’m sure you’re asking yourself – Why in the world would I miss this? Well I bought myself a handy dandy pocket knife the other day and I’d use it in to cut the strings on the bales of hay. I’d take out my pocket knife and cut the strings with just one swipe. Man I was cool.  I don’t ever remember having a pocket knife growing up and maybe that’s why I thought I was looking pretty good! But now that the cows have a large bale of hay that Daryl brought for them, they should be good for a couple of weeks. I’ll just have to see what else I can use my pocket knife on.

Cow heaven today

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