Next step for Roadhouse project

We met with the cement contractor today to get some ideas on what we need to do to get the cement fixed in the farrowing house. It’s funny because both Daryl and I were talking and saying that it’s not like it’s the inside of a house, so it doesn’t have to be perfect. But then on the other hand we both agreed that we’ve got a lot of time invested into it and we don’t want it to look like junk either. I’m sure you know those projects. The one where you are just going to do a couple of things and then you are talking about a complete remodel. But you know what? This will turn out to be a complete remodel but it’s mostly time that’s invested into it. (unless we pour a new cement floor….) And I know that it’s just a shed, but I think we’ll really use it a lot this next year. Not only for William’s graduation party but other get togethers all well. But for now – it’s the floor that we’re worrying about.

The next step in the farrowing house project

Update on the lights -Out of Stock! They might get more in later this week. Man I sure hope so. I don’t like how the house looks with the one set missing at all!

We needed the cord for the lights inside the farrowing house this afternoon and when I was moving it to plug in the Christmas lights for the fence – all of a sudden the dogs took off and barking and barking. They were looking up in the air which means that they saw a bird. They hate birds. But when I saw what they were barking at, I thought that maybe they should just leave this one alone. It was a HUGE bald eagle. So what did our dogs do? They started chasing it through the yard and field. Now our dogs can run. The neighbors clocked Reno at 26 mph one day, but there was no way she was going to keep up with this bird! And when they chase birds they look so silly. They run and kind of jump in the air and bark. Then they run some more with holding their head up to the sky. Believe me, they look dumb. Finally after awhile, they did give up and came back to the yard. I have no idea why hate birds so much, but I do know that if one of our chickens would ever get out – it would be lights out for them!

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