Bad luck on our lights today

I was catching up with some things around the house and when I went outside I found this:

Not a very good thing

I didn’t have to look very far or hard to know who was responsible. It was the dogs. Surprised?  Now why in the world do you think that they would do this? I’m not sure if they’re getting shocks from the lights or not – but maybe a really good jolt could stop them from ripping the lights apart. So when I called them over – man did they get yelled at! Now the female, Reno, just sat and looked at me and started to shake so bad she hardly could sit up straight. She didn’t move from where she was sitting…  and then there was the male dog, Apollo. Yea, he wasn’t sitting at all. He was running around Reno and jumping on her, then barking at me. He knew he was in trouble but acted like it was all Reno’s fault and he wasn’t going to take the blame for it at all. So tomorrow I’ll have to go to the hardware store and buy another set of lights. It’s pretty noticeable that there’s one post not lite up on our porch.   Come to think of it – I’m going to buy a couple sets of those lights when I’m at the hardware store ]. You know,  just in case.

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