Happy Birthday to me!

It’s that time of the year again when I get to say that it’s my Birthday! Shazam! 

Now this year I did things a little different. I actually went to work. Yup, I got up, got dressed, and went to work. I’m sure you know those days when the last place you want to be is having to work on your Birthday! But this year I’m trying to save my vacation so I sucked it up and went. This year is one of the first years in a very long time that I didn’t take the day off and now it wasn’t the worst thing in the world and the day went by pretty fast.It’s been very busy at work so the time kind of flew by and I just kept telling myself that this summer I can use the day to do kayaking or something. Well, I tried to convince myself that anyway. 

And then when I got home guess what Mom brought over? Well if you guessed home made noodle soup then you are the winner!

After a weekend of going out on the town a couple of times and meeting up with friends, I guess that this Birthday year is starting out pretty darn good! Here’s to my 57th Birthday!! 

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  1. Ruth says:

    Oh, that soup looks delicious! I have that orange tupperware container, I use it for cookies. Happy Birthday!

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