And the Candy Marathon begins

It’s no secret that I started to make the Christmas candy late this year, so it’s going to be a busy week getting the first baskets done by the end of the week – but I’m always up for good challenge!

After stopping at the grocery store for some additional things that I’ll need, I put up my trusty table in the kitchen and start loading it up. Here is just some of the things that I’ll need. 

Well I did have a good last couple of days of candy making and it was really fun to step away from everything else and work on it. I downsized my orders this year because of all my other soap obligations that I have, but did want to make around 6 or 7 baskets yet this year.

With my hair back in a scarf, my apron on, along with Christmas leggings and socks I was ready! OK, I never said I was a fashionista now did I?

And man did I have a good day!

I was happy with everything that I made and even though I’ll have to make more as Christmas comes closer – I was able to get a couple of baskets wrapped up (literally 🙂 ) today for deliveries.

And what does our kitchen smell like today? Well like chocolate, caramel, and peanut butter. Yum!! 

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