We’ve been upgraded!

Daryl has been talking about getting a different skid loader now for quite some time and he finally found one that is the right size for our farm. So guess what? We’ve been upgraded. Whooohooo!! 

Now normally I’m kinda sad when we’ve traded anything on the farm, but for this trade of the skid loader – yea, I’m not so sad. It seems like it’s time because it can give Daryl some run for his money on the cold mornings and this skid loader is bigger and has more bells and whistles on it.  So good-bye to the previous one and hello to the new one! 

He bought some attachments for it like a bale hauler and a rock bucket. Now a bale hauler I’ve seen before, but I’ve never seen the rock bucket before. I guess you use it to pick rocks by yourself in the skid loader. Yup, I knew that I would like this new purchase – but it just got kicked up a notch! 

So Daryl used it this weekend to load out a manure wagon from the cow yard. When I saw him driving out of the yard this weekend he seemed to be smiling to himself.

Life is good. 

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