Soap and more soap ….

I have been working this past month on getting ready for an upcoming show and do you think that I am ready by the day before? NO! 

So I looked at how I wrap the soap to see how I can streamline the process. You know.. it’s all about the process improvements! 

OK, so I found a couple of things that I could do and by Thursday evening I was wrapping like it wasn’t anyone’s business. I even thought to myself at one point that I’ll be in bed by midnight. 

Yea, I found out that the midnight thing wasn’t going to happen. 

So I was wrapping and when I still wasn’t done by 5 am the next morning, I knew that it was going to be another all nighter and I might as well set my goal for 6 am. And guess what time I got done? If you guessed 6:30 then you are the winner! 

I was just glad that I had the bath bombs all wrapped and ready to go so I wouldn’t miss the show! 

Now to hit the shower and get dressed for the show. Seriously next time I’m going to do this so much better!! 

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