Labor Day weekend, Twins Baseball & Campfires!

The weather today was perfect! I mean it was around 85 and sunny and you couldn’t get it much better. Just the kind of weather that you’d like to have when you’re at a baseball game. 

We had the tickets for just that and when we knew that the weather was going to be nice we were even more excited to spend the afternoon at the Twins game in Minneapolis. 

The tickets that we had were supposed to be on the 6th row, but with the rows kinda goofy where our seats were, so we were actually the second row from the field. SCORE!!

Even though the game ended up with the Twins loosing by one and no foul balls were hit to our section even though Daryl was ready with his ball glove, we still had a great time!

And to end out the night, the kids were at the farm and had a bon fire going when we pulled into the yard. With the dogs by our feet and the kitties running around by the windmill, bon fires are always a good time! 


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