My delivery person

Now I know that I can get a lot of ‘stuff’ delivered to my house and honestly I’ve been so lucky in the past that the delivery person brings what ever has been ordered up to my house and by the front door,  that it’s been a sweet deal! (well for me anyway)

But the last shipment of soap supplies really caught me off guard. 

See I’m still working on building up my soap inventory so that means that I’m still buying supplies. And this week is still that same pattern. But I’m really trying to be careful on how much I’m buying because well honestly right now I haven’t been called to be on Shark Tank or anything with my high profitability  🙂  

So this weeks shipment is around 120 lbs. of oils and another 30 to 40 lbs of other supplies for a total around 150 + lbs.  And I had to laugh tonight when I got home from work because I’m thinking my delivery person just had enough!! Here is where they put the supplies. Yup, they set them at the end of the sidewalk by our driveway.  

OK, I get the hint! Next time I’ll split the order. Or at least I’ll try to split the order. 




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