Our newest addition

Well I was hoping that we’d have something exciting happening this weekend and Mother Nature came through! 

We knew No Ears was close to having a baby and well I guess we really didn’t know just how close! 

So when Daryl was doing the farm chores this morning, he came back in and said that No Ears did indeed have her calf and it was cute! 

Honestly any calf is cute right? Well I wasn’t prepared to find out just how cute this little girl was! And boy oh boy she is sassy! For being born probably only last night in the pasture, she was running by us and literally kicking up her legs. You know when you have a feeling about something and it’s pretty much spot on? Well I’ve got a feeling that this little calf is going to be a handful!

But now to focus on the real problem. See these past couple of times No Ears has had babies she gets Milk Fever. And trust me that’s not good! And with this new little calf she was down again and couldn’t get up. So Daryl called the local vets to come out to give her some calcium to hopefully get her up again. 

I had to smile when they showed up and the first thing that I heard them say was ‘we were wondering if it was No Ears that was in trouble’ 

After an IV to get calcium in her, I was happy she didn’t look like she had the last time after she had her calf. That was bad. 

So as the IV was going into No Ears and the rest of the ‘gang’ surrounded us to see what was going on, we all kept checking out the new little calf. Man, she is Cute! And just as the Vets were leaving, No Ears got up and was walking around with this new little calf right beside her.  Thank goodness! 

And what will her name be? I’m going to ask Kyle to name her because it’s his birthday on Monday and I’d like him and Kelcie to see if they can come up with a name. 

But for now? Check her out … it’s the first black calf we’ve ever had from a registered polled hereford before. The color must have come from No Ears side?

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  1. Ruth says:

    That calf is the cutest little animal! Such a fun pattern of white spots on black! Congratulations, and I hope mother and baby continue to improve.
    I always enjoy reading about your doings. Thank you!

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