Storms go away!

I needed to run some errands after work, no surprises there right? Well I was all ready to go when I saw that the clouds were literally starting to roll and turned black as I was watching them. 

Not really a great time to drive around when you just can feel that there will probably be hail some time yet tonight. 

With the temperature only being in the high 60’s it’s hard to believe that there could even be any bad weather, but I’ll soon find out that you can get bad weather no matter what the temperature is. 

So as the clouds started to really gather almost above our farm, I grabbed my phone and started to tape the storm brewing. And as the clouds were swirling back around itself, I knew that this whole thing might not end so well. Now was standing out in the rain taping a storm that was brewing literally in our backyard a good idea? OK, probably not. But I thought you are not taking this farm without me! I think my stubborn German heritage comes out more than I know.   

Well the clouds were getting very black and while I was taping the clouds you can literally see a couple of small funnel clouds coming out of the large black mass just still hovering over our fields. 

Then just like that, the black clouds started to go away and the rain came. And boy did we get rain! I think we ended up with a little over 4 inches today and our fields and roads are really taking a beating


20170703_202243_resizedThis picture below is the one that was after the storm clouds went away and the rain came.  


But after the rain went through the sun came back out and the water went away again for the night. It sure looks like we won’t be picking rock for sometime again. 

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  1. Ruth says:

    I think your rainstorm has reached the east coast. We’ve had two days of rain and the weather report saus there will be two more days of it.
    I was hoping to see your pics of the funnel clouds!
    I really enjoy your blog!

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