I’ve got candy – How about you?

Well I finally finished up my candy making on Christmas morning and to tell you the truth, it’s a good thing that this only happens once a year. Why? Well I find myself eating more candy in one week than I’ve eaten in the whole year before that! And even though it seems like it’s a good idea when I’m eating it, I don’t think it’s going to be the best idea when I weigh myself the next time! 

I think I ended up making around 12 platters and that’s a lot of candy! It took me around 10 days to get it all done and it was sure nice to have them all delivered to their new homes. 

And this year I did something that I don’t think that I’ve ever done before. Well at least I don’t remember doing it. For some crazy reason I thought that I was really going to need a lot of brown sugar for my candy making, so I ended up with 11 bags of it just waiting to be used in some type of special and grand treat. Well 11 bags of brown sugar is 22 pounds and I ended up not having to open any of them up. Yup, I had 22 pounds of brown sugar with not much to make with it. See my old recipe for caramel used brown sugar but the one that I use now doesn’t. So I’m not sure if I was thinking about that or what – but every time I was in the store I thought I’d better buy more brown sugar! So if you were one of the ‘Lucky’ ones when you came to get your platter of candy … you got a bonus surprise. You also left with a bag of brown sugar. Some people give tips, I give brown sugar. 

Now if you take a look at this platter below you’ll see some Christmas cookies on it. 20161225_104143_resizedI really don’t like making Christmas cookies much at all, so I traded some candy with my Mom for some frosted cookies. 20161225_103815_resizedNow that’s a good trade if you ask me! But don’t ask my brothers and sisters. See I got the whole stash from Mom and there wasn’t any left for them  🙂 Maybe they would like some brown sugar instead?

But just check out my view from the kitchen window. How can it be all that bad work with a view like this? 20161223_164928_resized


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