Save the tomatoes!

I stood in front of our garden tonight and thought to myself if I really wanted to tackle the weeds that have grown like crazy these last couple of days… weeks, or not?  

Well, I really wanted to have some tomatoes this year to can and I also wanted to see how the celery and peppers were going to turn out – so I guess that answered my question and I went in. 

Now was it fun? No! I filled up a small trailer that we pull behind the lawn mower and called it a night. I rescued the tomato plants and some other things in the garden and that was about all I was going to do for now. 

With the hot weather coming this week, I’m kinda wondering how the plants are going to react to it. I mean with some of the weeds as tall as some of the plants, they kinda shaded them. Oh well, too late now! 


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