Painting Red Today

I opened the next pail today of red paint and this is the 90 gallon pail. It took forever for the weather to clear up today and finally around 2:00 this afternoon I was able to get outside and paint. We had a lot of fog this morning and some of the schools were running 2 hours late. But soon the sun eventually was able to break through and it started to dry up the fog. I painted on the south side of the cattle shed and the only problem that I was having was the Asian Beetles were out in full force today. The beetles were introduced into the fields by scientists to help with aphids or something. I’m not sure why they ever brought them to the United States but if they would ever ask me I think they really made a big mistake! There are people who say they don’t harm anything but they are probably not living anywhere where these beetles are. They come out twice a year. The first time is in the spring when it starts to get warm and the second time is when farmers start taking soybeans out of the fields. And when they land on you they stink a terrible smell and they also bite! We remodeled our house a couple of years ago and now we don’t get too many (or hardly any at all) in our house but before we remodeled … Yikes! ¬†People spray their outside of their houses for these stupid bugs. When you look across the yard you can see them just swarming in the air. We try not to use our front door when they’re bad because they can be so thick outside they’ll land on you and you’ll walk them into your house. ¬†OK so know you have a pretty good idea on how I feel about them – I hate them! I wore a tighter shirt today when I painted so that the bugs wouldn’t crawl down it and every time I went to get more paint out of my pail I would have to brush the bugs off me. But I was able to get the south side finished with red on both sheds and this is the first time since I started to paint that Daryl came home from work and said that he really noticed what I was painting from the road. So it MUST be really noticeable. Tomorrow I want to paint with white and hopefully finish the trim.

Asian Beetle

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