rain, rain, go away….

There was a 100% chance of rain today but then they switched it to 80%. They might as well kept it at 100% because it started to rain at 7 am and kept raining until around 4 pm tonight. What that means to me was NO painting today. I’m not liking this at all. So after chores this morning I went and got some apples for the cows to see just how wild Rion is. I’m happy that he wasn’t too wild, so I went and opened the gate to the pasture. They did a good job staying in the pen and I went and put up some white cloth strips on the electric fence so Sparky wouldn’t show him how to walk right under it. So far, so good.
I knew that the bales in the cattle shed needed to be stacked so I worked on that for awhile. William and I threw the bales off a hay wagon weeks ago when it started to rain one day because we didn’t want the bales to get wet. I’m not sure what Reno our female dog was trying to do, but she sure got in the way when I was doing this. She would walk in front of me and then when I wanted to walk up the hay pile to put the bales higher, she would climb up every time before me. Not only was it hard to carry the bales up that high, but I kept kind of tripping on her every time. After awhile I did get the bales stacked and it was a good job done. I had some that the strings broke on the bales, but we’ll just have to use them first for the cows.
I also picked up apples today. I still didn’t get any picked for freezing yet, but I picked up the ones that fell out of the tree with the wind. This really needed to be done because there was a lot on the ground. I ended up picking up over eight 5 gallon pails of them and then I put them into the manure spreader. That spreader is getting kind of full!
Little Kitty is spending more and more time away from the house. It’s so much for the better with the cold weather coming, but I do miss her. Today she climbed up on the table outside the kitchen window and really wanted to come in. I didn’t want her to come in at that time, so off she went somewhere.  I just went outside to see if I can find her but she’s no where in sight. When I was outside all I could hear was our female cow – No Ears is making a lot of noise. She really needs a boyfriend but we haven’t found one in the paper yet to buy that would work for us. I hope this week we can find one for her.

Little Kitty watching me in the kitchen and sitting in my mum plant!

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