Shopping Trip

Another rainy day today so my Mom and I headed to town to do some shopping. We didn’t have much to get but that’s OK.  I haven’t had much a chance to take my Mom places when I worked and now I kind of feel that if she wants to go somewhere that I sure can take her. We didn’t get much or do too much but man tonight am I tired. It seems like if you don’t do any work you sure get lazy doesn’t it? When we got home from town I went to the Country Club to help with some food that needed to get prepared for Saturday (we’re on the committee that is serving for a golf tournament). So really all the work that I did today was to do morning chores and brown hamburger at the Club but holy smokes there is no housework going to get done tonight. I took a hot bath, drank a beer while I was in the tub, and then ate a whole pizza that I made. Yup that’s right,  Daryl and William wasn’t home so the pizza is  gone. I think this sluffing off isn’t too good for my figure.

Tomorrow I am working for a funeral at our church and then I’m hoping to paint in the afternoon. The last time I painted I finished up the pail for 80 gallons and I’ve started my 85 gallon of paint. I’d like to paint white and finish up the trim on the east side of the barn. I think that I’ll have between 5 and 10 gallons of extra paint left over when I’m finally done with all the buildings. I guess the only way to find this answer is at the end.

As far as my job hunting is going I thought I found one. It was advertised as a Painter Wanted. Are you kidding? No one really could have as much experience that I have had this summer. Then I read the qualifications: sandblasting, welding, … What? Here it was for painting water towers. OK, I think I better keep looking.

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