The Secret Garden Musical

It was girls night out and we were off to find a good supper and then a Musical in town. DSCN9526After I ate more than I probably should have, we were off to tonight’s adventure. How come when you go out for supper (or any meal) with your friends it seems to always taste so much better?

Well we found the address for the musical and because none of us had been there before, we really wasn’t sure what to expect. The building was built in 1894, but if you know much about Decorah Iowa at all, well you know that there are a lot of old buildings in that town. I was excited to be able to check this out tonight because I’ve been to more high school musicals and plays than probably can be counted, and we’ve been to other performances – but nothing in a small community setting. This was going to be fun! We walked in and soon found our seat. And the first thing that you notice is that it’s a small more intimate setting. I didn’t take a picture inside the hall, but I did find one out on their web site that I copied. Below is the seating for the guests.

These seats came from a local school and are around 70 years old

These seats came from a local school and are around 70 years old

I counted 45 seats and after the play started – you know what? I think that this was just perfect! They were having the musical a couple nights and I’m sure will have full crowds all the nights. For tonight’s show – it’s a sell out crowd. And how fun for the performers to look out and to literally see everyone’s faces. Even though it sounds like this little theater has had it’s own share of troubles with the building, the community has been there in the past and I’m sure will always be there in the future.

As I was sitting there, I was trying to figure out just how I could describe this theater. Because where we sat, we were close to the piano and flutist, and it really caught your attention that they were a big part in this production. So for me, I kind of felt like the old black and white movie picture days (and NO I didn’t see them first hand!) when you had the piano player on the side keeping the story going and creating the mood. Now I don’t know if this is how every play is in the theater and I’m kinda guessing not. But tonight it was so much fun just seeing how this community puts on a great show and such a personal one at that! Definitely something to see if you are able to while visiting Decorah.

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  1. Sherry Elwood says:

    I really enjoyed the play too! The “old fashioned” setting was cool.
    I definitely will go there for another night of entertainment! Like you said, it really did
    remind me of the silent movie era. Very talented cast also.

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