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So what am I doing now?

So what am I doing now that the wedding is over? Well it’s time to get ready for an upcoming vendor show. I really don’t do many shows so I know that I have a lot to get organized.  And … Continue reading

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Back to work

After taking Monday off after the wedding, it was time to get back to work.  And how did it go? Well I think this picture of Reno this afternoon laying on our porch is a good visual how we are all feeling tonight.   

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Happy Cows

The dogs kept a close eye when Daryl was checking the fence lines before the cows could get out on the pasture this morning and soon the gate was open and out the cows went kind of cautiously at first. But … Continue reading

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Opening gifts and kicking back

Today was a little quieter day and once again we found ourselves with family and food. I’m seeing a pattern and I’m liking it!  We all met again on the farm and just had warm ups from the past couple … Continue reading

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Today’s the day! It’s Wedding Day!!

How can it be the wedding day already? The last year and a half went by so fast and now it’s the morning of the big day!  And it’s going to be a busy one I’m sure. But  So first … Continue reading

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Rehearsal Supper – Friday

As the weekend continues, today’s job was to make some breakfast bakes for tomorrow morning along with some desserts for tonights rehearsal supper. Even the kids pitched in to help make sandwiches for the church and dance tomorrow night. It … Continue reading

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Today’s job and the kids are all home! Thursday

I got up early this morning before anyone else woke up and was ready to have a really fun day! Today we were all getting together to decorate the hall for the wedding on Saturday.  Whooohooo!!!  The kids are super organized so it … Continue reading

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And our journey begins

I debated if I should take this Wednesday off or not. I mean I am very conscience of my vacation days and today would just be working to get the Roadhouse ready.  But after saying I was.. was not.. was.. … Continue reading

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The Calm before the Storm

We decided to step back tonight and try to relax and gather our thoughts for the coming week. Kind of the calm before the storm or in this case the calm before the wedding!  And what better way to do … Continue reading

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I am a list maker. No surprise right?  Well can you about imagine when we are having our son get married and the amount of lists that I can make? I’ve got lists of my lists 🙂 I have paper … Continue reading

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