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Random pictures around the farm

When I got home tonight I saw Checkers enjoying a drink from what should be my flower bed in front of the house. It’s not the first time that the cats and dogs drink from this bird bath and for … Continue reading

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Ice Ice Baby

You know the feeling when the weather guy has made the wrong prediction with the weather and you secretly mock him? OK, I’m sure that I’m not the only one who does this! Anyway, when he says that we were … Continue reading

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Iowa in January

What is Iowa like in January? Well unless you absolutely LOVE to take about a billion phone calls about who you would vote for in the Caucuses, there’s not much else going on. So what do we talk about? Well … Continue reading

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Winter has arrived

Yup, we’ve got winter alright! Now I’m not the best at knowing just exactly how much snow we got but I’ve seen others in our area say that we got around 9 inches last night,  so I guess that’s the … Continue reading

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Pictures from this weekend

Not only was the weather perfect this weekend, but we sure got a lot done!  Daryl spent some time in the field disking down the corn stalks and then put the rest of the machinery away for the year. You disk … Continue reading

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Catching up with pictures

Well I finally got all my herbs and tomato puree dried and they are tucked away in canning jars in the freezer. I did end up with a little bit more than I was expecting – so now my goal … Continue reading

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Blood Moon (Harvest Moon) tonight – Lunar Eclipse

I Love the moon! I mean how cool is it when you can look up in the sky and it almost takes your breath away! Well that’s what happened to me tonight. I was coming home from getting groceries for … Continue reading

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My drive home tonight

Have you ever been driving and then all of a sudden think to yourself ‘what the heck is going on?’ Well if you haven’t had this discussion with yourself I guess I don’t know what to say. This kinda happens … Continue reading

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The Fishing Trip comes to an end Sunday

My fun weekend with the girls has come to an end. It’s crazy how fast times goes sometimes isn’t it? What did we all do with our time? Well we ended up doing something this trip that we’ve never done … Continue reading

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Memorial Day

I decided for this post I was just going to post some pictures that I took at our Memorial Day celebration in our town. Every year I am as impressed or even more impressed on just how cool this day … Continue reading

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