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Corn Rows

The growing season on the farm can be measured by the corn rows.  See at first when you first plant the corn you anxiously wait to when you can start to ‘row’ the corn. When I say row the corn, … Continue reading

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It’s raining!

Yesterday was another one of those crazy windy days so we were glad that we were able to haul our new mattress home for the 60 miles from the store and not have it blown off. We had it strapped … Continue reading

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Wind please GO AWAY!

To say that it’s been windy here is, well, it’s an understatement! I have no idea just how many days it’s been windy, but seriously this is just about enough don’t you think?  With the weather in the 90’s and … Continue reading

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The Calm before the Storm

We decided to step back tonight and try to relax and gather our thoughts for the coming week. Kind of the calm before the storm or in this case the calm before the wedding!  And what better way to do … Continue reading

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Getting the yard and fields ready

It’s Saturday and it’s a perfect day! All the farmers are very busy today. It seems like in every field you can see dust fly and the farmers are just working very hard to get the crops in. And what … Continue reading

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Spring is coming

Well the forecast was right for this week. As the days are going by, the weather continues to warm up. They’re even saying that by the end of the week it’ll be close to the 70’s.  SCORE!  First of all … Continue reading

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Waiting for Spring

It’s hard to be patient sometimes isn’t it? I mean once you have some good weather and the sun shines you really get spoiled. And now it’s been raining and then after it quits raining it rains some more.  Now … Continue reading

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Just rolling along

Last year when the cows got out and of course it seemed like we were in the middle of some monsoon season or something, they decided to take a tour or two of our farm.  Well when you put the … Continue reading

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Tonights exercise

The weather today was really nice and I thought that I just might go for a run.  But being on the farm, your thoughts of what you think you might do and what you actually might do isn’t always the … Continue reading

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Let’s go skating

Yesterday I officially called it that I am sick and tired of Winter! Yup, I’m done with it.  But I don’t think I could not have picked a worse time because it’s raining and snowing today and our farm yard … Continue reading

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