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Upcoming Soap Show

I’m in another show this weekend and I really like going to this location. See it’s a barn on a farm. Yup, just right up my alley right?  Because of the Irish Fest happening in our town this weekend, I’m … Continue reading

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Setting up the museum

This was the second night that we’ve spent in the local Hardware store setting up a pictorial museum for our town. See it’s getting close to the Irish Fest which will be starting on Friday and every year we have … Continue reading

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Rock Stars

We are Rock Stars. Now I’m not bragging or anything like that, but strictly stating the facts. Rock Stars. See my friend and I have been golfing for quite some time now – we’re guessing around 14 years. And in … Continue reading

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It’s raining!

Yesterday was another one of those crazy windy days so we were glad that we were able to haul our new mattress home for the 60 miles from the store and not have it blown off. We had it strapped … Continue reading

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Todays the day!

Today is a big day in our house and I mean a BIG day!  Now I’m sure you are wondering just what makes today so special?  Well today we are getting a new mattress set!  S C O R E … Continue reading

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Wind please GO AWAY!

To say that it’s been windy here is, well, it’s an understatement! I have no idea just how many days it’s been windy, but seriously this is just about enough don’t you think?  With the weather in the 90’s and … Continue reading

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It’s Parade Time!

The company that I work for always participates in the local parade that the town puts on and this year was no exception.  The hardest part of the float is to try to figure out just what we should do. … Continue reading

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OK, so we had the wedding this Spring. Which was Awesome if I say so myself!  And I spent two days at a Vendor show for my soap – check it off!  What’s next? Well it’s time to go Bike … Continue reading

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It’s Show Time!

I woke up this morning knowing that I had a couple of things left to do to get ready for the vendor show, but of course I underestimated the amount of time that it was going to take. Yea, not … Continue reading

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All ready to go

It’s the day before the vendor show and I’m ready. I’ve got all the soap wrapped and about 75 bath bombs made. I even made a couple of new bath bombs/soaks for the show and I’ll see if people like them. … Continue reading

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