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There are winners and there are losers

It’s time for our annual Euchre card game with the boys and since Daryl and I won last year – well I think there was a little revenge going from the boys this year.  With the weather so cold outside … Continue reading

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Our House

As I got up early to put a breakfast bake in the roaster (a whole nother story!)  I can’t help to smile and think all is well with our little part of the world. See I’m sitting on the couch … Continue reading

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Whirlwind Week

I was glad that Daryl could take this Tuesday morning off to pick up the kids at the airport, but I was also really glad to get home after work to see them too!  William and Jude had to leave … Continue reading

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Christmas morning

With a chill in the air and a whole new batch of Christmas candy sitting out on the kitchen table just waiting to be eaten – it was finally time for Christmas to be here! I was glad that William … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve

This year was a little different for our Christmas plans. See the kids won’t be home until after Christmas and that’s when we’ll have our family celebration.  So now that it’s Christmas Eve our plans are to head to a … Continue reading

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Arctic Blast

There has been more than one prediction for an upcoming Arctic Blast so it’s time to take it seriously. And we’ve been so lucky lately with the weather these past few weeks, so I guess we’re about due.  And today … Continue reading

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Hallmark Christmas Movies

This year for some reason the only Christmas movies that we seem to find on our TV network are Hallmark ones.  Now I’m not saying anything bad about them – but we’ve learned quite a bit about them this year. … Continue reading

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And the Candy Marathon begins

It’s no secret that I started to make the Christmas candy late this year, so it’s going to be a busy week getting the first baskets done by the end of the week – but I’m always up for good … Continue reading

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I have a confession to make

Remember when I said that going to our local tree nursery was one about of my most favorite places to go?  Well I have something to confess. And to my defense I really almost forgot about how much I love … Continue reading

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Gma’s Christmas

It was finally here! The day that our Mom works all year to get ready for. Christmas & St. Nicholas day!! I was telling someone the other day just how much our Mom puts into this day and I seriously … Continue reading

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