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I had good intentions the other day to stay focused when I went into the grocery store. Well I had pretty good intentions anyway.  And guess how long that lasted? Well I didn’t even get into the store when my … Continue reading

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Iowa winter weather

Good weather and bad weather – it’s all just weather right?  But for some reason the good weather is just so much more fun!  Earlier this week they were forecasting the weather to start out with rain, go to sleet, … Continue reading

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Winter escape, Curacao 2018

We’ve been lucky these past few years to pack some warm clothes in a suitcase and head to much warmer parts of the world when it’s cold here in Iowa. So having said that – just where did we go … Continue reading

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Bad luck?

If you are superstitious you for sure don’t want to continue reading this post.  See what happened is that about a good week ago, just right before we were leaving on our winter vacation, I was messing around in the … Continue reading

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Soap and more soap

I’ve been really pretty busy making soap these past couple of weeks and finally I was able to start wrapping them up for a show coming up. Now I’m sure I’ve mentioned it about a once or maybe 30 times … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to me!

It’s that time of the year again when I get to say that it’s my Birthday! Shazam!  Now this year I did things a little different. I actually went to work. Yup, I got up, got dressed, and went to … Continue reading

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Super Blue Blood Moon with an Eclipse

Super Blue Blood Moon with an Eclipse. OK, try saying that 5 times fast!  If you were out and about Wednesday night on January 31st you might have noticed how bright is was. Now sometimes the moon is bright, but … Continue reading

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Blast from the past!

Our wedding anniversary is just around the corner and because I haven’t had my wedding ring looked at for a very long time – well I thought tonight was the night to get that done. See I haven’t worn it … Continue reading

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Remember when I said that I cleaned out my freezer the other day? Well what I found out when I re-organized it was that I had too many tomatoes in it from this summer/fall. See I put them in the … Continue reading

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Getting some projects done

I was in the zone tonight! I mean for some reason I really got a lot done. First project was to get some baby cards and Thank you cards done. Now don’t give me too much credit because this was … Continue reading

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