Getting ready for the crops

Daryl’s been busy getting stuff all lined up so when the fields dry out with all the rain we’ve had this fall – he’ll be ready! So this morning when we had I think all our grain wagons out in the yard just waiting, I went out to take a picture of them and they were gone. I’m not sure where they went to be honest? 

And getting ready for the harvest also means setting up the grain elevators to the storage bins. This doesn’t sound that bad, but you have to put your shoulder into it when you’re setting them up. For some reason it always seems like you have to push the auger up hill and this year wasn’t an exception. We keep the auger below for this farm in a shed, so with Daryl holding up the motor part of the auger and me standing in front of the wheels holding onto the brace bar – we seem to get enough momentum to get up the hill to get it set up. Thank goodness! 20160930_173216_resized

Now all we have to do is to see what the weather is going to do this weekend. Hopefully it’ll be sunny to help dry out the fields. We’ve heard that there are a lot of farmers getting stuck trying to get their crops out and I sure don’t want that to happen to us! For me I’m trying to get some outside painting done yet this fall so I’m also hoping that the weather will be sunny soon to get that project started. It’s been almost 6 years since I painted white and it needs to be touched up again.

And finally here is the birthday card that I made Ma the other day for her friend. She wanted it to be glitzy and also a spot for her and her friends to write a note on. I think I delivered! The card folds onto itself and the only trouble that I had is to figure out how to get it mailed. It was a little too big for any envelope that I could find and finally Ma found one in a local store that could be used. Whew! I need to remember this lesson the next time I’m making tri-fold cards. 



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Doing Chores

I have come to a conclusion. I have decided that when Daryl does chores or when I do chores – there is a big difference! 

With the weather changing, that also means that you don’t see the farmers too much hanging out on the farm. So with the field work just getting started, I fill in for doing the chores when Daryl’s not around. Now granted it’s not a big deal at all on our farm because there isn’t much chores to talk about – but still you need to do them.

Well first on the list was to check on the chickens. Now when I check on the chickens I make sure that I have plenty of bread with me to give them all a quick treat. I also check out the garden to see if there is any fresh tomatoes to go with the bread. 


Next to is to check on the baby peacocks . These little guys love a fresh piece of bread like the chickens, but I’m guessing that Sally the peahen isn’t too excited about it. Sally just fans out her feathers and makes this clicking noise. And when I’m trying to take a picture, well it’s next to impossible. I end up going back and forth and then back and forth in the chicken coop for quite sometime just to snap a few pics. But I’m just sure that the little guys want to be more friendly, I just have to convince Sally.fullsizeoutput_74ffullsizeoutput_74cfullsizeoutput_74d

Now to see what the cows are doing. It’s so weird because when they see me they just baller until I give them apples. If anyone ever said that cows aren’t smart and have personalities – well they for sure haven’t met our cows. And who is the worst, Scarlet. Surprised? I’m not. She literally comes running when she see’s me and to be honest I like her as much as I think she likes me.fullsizeoutput_750

Well the kitties are feeling a little left out so the 3 Amigos come in the house (Checkers, Waffles, and Smoochie) to see what will come out of the magic machine today. Just what is the magic machine? The answer to that question is that the magic machine is our refrigerator in our kitchen. :) They line up and I swear with their eyes peeled on the door, I can even sometimes see them lick their lips. I guess if you see bacon or ham come out of this magic machine every time the door opened, you’d be happy too! 

Finally it was the dogs turn. Yup they got bacon too for treats.  Have I ever said that bacon is thought of one of the staples in our house? We have flour, sugar, bread, bacon and ham almost all of the time! After the dogs literally devoured the bacon treats swallowing them whole, it was time to give them a good brushing down. Now granted brushing farm dogs with long hair I know it won’t last long, but I know I have to try once in awhile. 

Now that everyone is all taking care of, it’s time to get serious and spend some time in the kitchen making soap.

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The weather has finally turned

We finally had two days without rain – can you believe it? 

And because the weather was so nice today, it was time to get some things done around the farm that we’ve been putting off. That meant putting in another large bale of hay for the cattle and working on the equipment was on Daryl’s list this morning.

And for me? Well I did a bunch of laundry and finished up Mom’s card that she wanted me to make. If you remember the other day she had asked for a glitzy card and well after I got it done, I think it’s one of my favorites. I don’t think that I can post a picture of it just yet – I want to wait until her friends birthday is over. You just never know who reads these posts and I don’t want to spoil the fun! 

The sun was still shining around 1:00 and we decided that it was way too nice for us to stay inside for the afternoon, so Daryl got the Chevelle out of the shed and we were off! 

The first stop was at the Rendezvous Days in Fort Atkinson. We knew that it was going to cut it close to being over, but we wanted to catch the melodrama that the Country Road Players were putting on. We were in luck and got there just about when it started. It’s always fun to see what show they’ve created from year to year and this year turned out great! In the picture below the stage is in the back with the burlap cloth as the background. Simple stages can be the best sometime! 


We walked around the Fort for awhile and honestly you just can’t go there and not buy some kettle corn can you? The smell of fresh popcorn popping can be smelt all around the Fort. It’s such a good selling tool don’t you think? With a big bag of kettle corn in our hands we were off to the next stop. This time is was Ma’s to deliver her card that I made for her and to stop and visit for awhile. 

And because it was now around 4:30 and we hadn’t had dinner yet,  so back to Fort we went and ordered a huge pizza at one of the restaurants there. We thought that we would plenty of extra pizza to eat as the week goes on, but honestly we mowed through it pretty good before we left! To our defense it was both dinner and supper for us. 

Finally when we got back home and the Chevelle is back in the shed,  we just hung out for the rest of the night. It was nice to finally see the sun today and to have a relaxing Sunday afternoon also. 

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Making soap for the next show

I’ve got a new schedule that I’m trying to meet and that’s a show coming up at the end of October. I was approached by the person who is organizing the show and it sounds really interesting and something that I would like to do. 

She will be having vendors with their booths at the show but then she’s also having a General Store that she wanted me to bring my soaps in for. I don’t even have to be there on the day of the show (good thing too because we have a wedding that day)

At first I was thinking of bringing the chicken coop to display the soap in her store,  but I have an even better idea. I’m bringing my new yellow cabinet for my soap! SCORE! I knew I’d find a reason just why I needed to buy it. 

So I’ve got a couple of the soaps that I had to make to replenish my stock and then today I had a chance to make some soap that was new to me and a new process also.  I couldn’t wait! The soap is a Pumpkin Spice soap and even though it’s not perfect, I’m pleased how it did turn out. The top layer is already starting to cure and it won’t take long until both the top and bottom layer will turn a darker brown. That will really make the colors pop!  20160925_205229_resized

Not what should I make next week? 

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My new Ninja blender

If you remember earlier this fall I broke my food processor and since then I haven’t replaced it. 

Well that is until now. 

My little blender also went on the fritz a week ago so while I was in town on Friday night, I decided to check out the blenders at a local discount store. 

I’ve been eye spying them on the web, so I pretty much new that I was going to be buying one, I just had to pick one out. 

And while I was checking them out, I found the one that I thought that I should buy and then guess what? It was on sale. It was $20 off to be exact. I thought SCORE! But as I was putting it in my cart I stopped and wondered why was it on sale? I mean it was the last one on the shelf and maybe they were junk or something? So then I put it back on the shelf after I convinced myself that it must be bad and started to look around again. 

But everything else was about $100 more so I was feeling pretty partial to the first one. I did a quick Google search on it again and found that some people really did like this little Ninja blender. OK I’m  going to buy it. 

And now that I have it home I have used it so many times I can’t even tell you. I’ve chopped ice for a party bowl that we needed to bring to a barn party, mixed some breakfast bars up in it, had some rock hard brown sugar that I pulverized and made nice again, and mixed up a smoothie or two. It’s always great when you get a new kitchen gadget isn’t it? 

I did find out something also the hard way though. You know that it can do tons of things because of it’s super sharp blades. Well I was putting the blade in the dishwasher and just as I was repositioning it on the shelf better – bam I cut myself. And when I say I cut myself – I mean I really cut a gash on my thumb. It was one of those times that you think that maybe it’s not that bad but then realize that the blood has gone all the way down your arm and dripping off your elbow. Yea, I really did a good job this time. So I quick grabbed some lavender essential oil and as I held my arm above my head to try to help stop the blood, I poured the lavender oil on the cut.  I mean it couldn’t hurt anything and it’s good to help heal cuts and wounds. 

It’s not the most user friendly walking around the kitchen with your arm above your head – just saying. But it did finally stop bleeding and hopefully it won’t give me too much trouble next week as it’s healing. So I guess I found out that hard way just why this little machine is so tough. And why I guess I’m not :)

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Guess what?

Well if you guessed that it quit raining … you were wrong! 

The rain continues and we really need it to stop. Not only is it creating some terrible situations with the flooding all going on, but it’s also taking a toll on the crops and everyone’s disposition.

You know that we’ve had too much rain when someone asks you how much rain you got the night before and when you tell them that it wasn’t too bad and that you only got a couple of inches – well that’s crazy! 

So all the field work has pretty much stopped and what could have been a somewhat easy fall has turned into a fall that is pretty soggy and wet. 

We just need it to stop raining. 

I guess it could be worse. It could be snow!

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Rain, Rain, go away

I made a quick dash to town tonight to pick up some things for some Bath Bomb Fizzys that I wanted to make and all the while my phone was going off for flash flood warnings for our area. Not again! 

They were predicting heavy rain and possibly severe weather and to be honest we are all getting pretty tired of it –

The farmers especially! 

This time of the year the farmers should be in the fields chopping corn for silage but this year some of the fields literally have water standing in them. If you want to see an unhappy farmer, you should see a farmer with his farm equipment stuck in the field. Yea, not pretty! 

So my mission tonight was to pick up some citric acid  for these bath bombs and of course where did I go? Well to the farm store of course! And while I was at the check out, we were talking about the weather and I mentioned that maybe the rain will miss us. Just like that and on cue – a huge thunder shook the building and we both gave kind of a smirky smile and said that it might?

This is how the sky looked as I was driving up to our farm. It’s pretty dark for only being around 5:30 at night! 20160921_172634_resizedAnd when I was in the kitchen making my bath fizzys, which is a very messy activity, 20160921_183311_resized it started to rain. And then it rained some more. I even heard later that one county not too far from where we live was 3/4 flooded! Now can you imagine that? A local county is kinda big and to have that much rain and to say on the news to stay out of the area- Holy Smokes that’s a lot of rain! 20160921_174122_resized

As we laid in bed tonight and could hear the rain hitting the side of the house, I guess we’ll just have to see what the morning brings. 

But for now my Bath Fizzys are done for a store delivery tomorrow.20160922_062052_resized

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Good trade

I went to Ma’s on Sunday to drop off a few things and to see how’s she’s doing. 

Well we had a good visit and then she asked if I would make a card for one of her friends birthday that’s coming up. Sure, that’s easy right? 

Then she went on to say that she made homemade noodle soup on Saturday and that she was going to send a container home with me. 20160918_154517


I love homemade noodle soup and Ma’s soup is the best! 

So I told her that we’ll trade, I’ll make the card for her for the trade of the noodle soup. She laughed and thought it was a silly trade. But it was a very Good Trade if you ask me!

Well I gathered up some of the things that I’m planning on using and now I’ll see what kind of a card that I’m going to make for her friend. She wants the card to be a little fancy, I think I’ll make sure to glitz it up for her. 


And for the noodle soup? Well it was gone the next day :) 


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Where did this week go?

I just realized that I haven’t posted all week! Holy smokes you’d think I was on vacation or something.

Well that wasn’t the case. I was working on getting ready for a show that I was in on Friday and Saturday. The good thing is that I did have some of the soap made ahead of time and wrapped. The bad thing is that I didn’t have the new soaps wrapped that I had made a couple of weeks ago.

But no big deal, I knew that if I only had to wrap half of what I did the last time I was in a show, it wouldn’t be so bad.

So I was thinking that all I have to do is print off some of the soap labels and I could even be ready a couple of days early. That would be great!

Yea, not so much! See I have a my old laptop in the scrap book room that I print from because the printer is fairly old and the driver for the printer is on the laptop. Now no big deal right? I just have to start up the computer and I’ll be done in no time.

So I turned on the laptop and it made the right noise that it usually does, and then the sound changed. Odd. So I left it run for a little while with it’s black screen on and nothing changed. OK, not good.

Then I tried again and turned it off and turned it on again but I only had a black screen to deal with and it wasn’t making any progress at all.

Well this was Wednesday night and I kept telling myself just don’t panic. I might have pulled off this ‘don’t panic’ look on the outside .. but inside I was dying! For the last resort I left it run all night to see if maybe it was trying to update some software or something. But in the morning it had still a black screen.

And since it was older than 3 years (I was told by customer service any printer older than 3 years is really outdated!) and it wasn’t really compatible with my MacBook Air – I headed to town after work to pick out a new one.

I was on a time crunch so I picked one out within minutes and turned the car around and headed home to continue to get ready for Friday. Going to Waterloo tonight was so not on my schedule!

But guess what? My first chance to sync it with my computer was early on Friday morning and it worked! SCORE! It was around 2:30 in the morning of my show and it was pretty risky to be doing this at this time, but since I make my own soap labels – well I didn’t have a chance for much else. I did have a master copy of the common ones that I needed to wrap so that was really helpful. After the soap was wrapped and a couple of signs made, I actually got a couple hours of sleep before I had to get up again.fb_img_1474013065491

I drug along quite a few more things to decorate my booth this year and I kinda dug how it looked. I pulled out a very old desk that was literally in our milk house for more years that I know.

Everyone wanted to check it out

Everyone wanted to check it out

It was in there so long, no one really knew when we put it in there or where it really came from. I’m sticking to the story that it was an old desk that my dad had on the farm in one of the sheds, but for some reason I’m the only one who’s thinking this. Well it doesn’t really matter because it didn’t look too bad at all once it was literally washed with lysol and then rinsed off after that. I then used about 1/3 of a bottle of lemon oil on it and just like that she’s looking good again. 20160914_183903But you have to be very careful when you move it. The wood on the bottom of the desk is so rotten, if you push the desk without lifting it up, well you leave a trail of wood pieces behind.

Even my old chicken feeder turned out good for a booth prop. I quickly ran to our ditch and pulled handful of weeds out and then grabbed some peacock feathers and shoved them in it quick before I left for the day. I had to laugh when some of the customers said that it really looked nice. Too funny! And where is it now? Well it’s on my porch and guess what? It does look kind of nice 20160915_163816

And how did the show go? Well the show went very well and I have to admit it was easier this time because I knew what to expect. I was very pleased with the amount that I sold these past two days and I was surprised that I had run of out a couple of kinds that I had brought along.20160916_113747

I also tried really hard to not walk around before it started to look at what other vendors had to sell, because I knew that I would love most or all of it. So when I went to stop in and say hi at some friends that were there, I saw this really cool tin cupboard that was just screaming for me to buy it. I decided to wait to see if it was there after the two days and then I’d go back and see if I should buy it. Well of course it was still there and I bought it. But the coolest thing is that it reminded me of a cupboard that my Grandma had and I found out later that my Mom said that she had one just like it on our farm. Yup, what a great thing to buy. Now I’m not sure what I’m actually going to do with it, but I bet that I’ll figure out something.fb_img_1474149508562

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What did we do today?

You know that you might need to get out and do something more exciting when you’re trying to figure out just what in the world did you do today and you can only come up with doing more laundry and going to the discount store!

Well like I said that I started the day with some laundry. Now wouldn’t you think if there was just two of us in the house that we seriously would run out of laundry soon? But it was the first thing that I did when I got up and I only had a couple of loads left from yesterday. 

Daryl spent most of the day outside working on equipment. He said something about fixing some tractor lights, grabbed the tractor manual,  and then he went back outside again. Honestly I have no idea if he got them fixed or not?

As for me? Well I finally took the plunge and made my Facebook page for Squeaky Windmill Soaps live for others to see… and I about freaked when I did it! I literally made the page public and in about 15 (?) seconds I got a message about someone wanting to order some soap. 


But this really is a good thing and honestly pretty cool that someone likes my soap. 

The first time that I made the page public and when people started to like the page, I got so nervous about the whole thing that I turned it right back off. OK, I’m so not ready for the show ‘Shark Tank’ am I?  

But now that it is live, it’s a good thing. And I’m able to say where I’ll be selling my soap at vendor shows and it’ll really come in handy. Too bad I didn’t do it earlier :)

So if you’re bored and looking for more soap stuff, check out the Facebook page – Squeaky Windmill soaps & more. I promise I won’t freak out if you make a comment or two. 

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