Sunday Funday

The last day of our fun weekend. We got up a little later than we normally do because of the storm last night and after a shower and breakfast we were putting together our plans for the day.

We decided to head back home and then along the way we stopped off at the Floyd County Museum in Charles City.20150809_145556

Now if you’re wondering what this museum has in it, well honestly so were we. It’s one of those places where we’ve literally driven by it about a million times going to other places. But today we decided we had the time so we were going to check it out.

Holy Cow! This place is HUGE! From the outside we thought we’d be in there for about 20 minutes to an hour but I think we were in there for around 2 hours and probably didn’t even see everything.

The whole reason that we decided to stop is because Daryl is an Oliver kind of guy and this was an Oliver Museum.  His favorite tractors are Olivers and if you have been around any farmer, these guys are very L O Y A L  to their brands. And for Daryl and his dad? They liked Oliver tractors.

Now getting back to this museum as you can guess they have all Oliver tractors because the factory that built these tractors was located in Charles City, Iowa.20150809_14060520150809_145355But the museum has tons more than just tractors. They have a Olympic torch that was carried through the town for the Olympic games in Atlanta in 1996, they have a lot of old buggies and more fossils and other artifacts than you can count.

Just one of the many display cases

Just one of the many display cases

They have the whole upstairs set up in individual rooms as if someone lived there and they even moved the inside of a one room school house for a display. I don’t have enough room on this post to say what they all have there and with the cost of only $5 to go into it and it’s definitely some place that everyone should go visit once!

This is a Mail buggy and it even had a heater inside. I never had seen this before - pretty cool!

This is a Mail buggy and it even had a heater inside. 


One of the many rooms in the museum

One of the many rooms in the museum

Here is a picture of the Hart-Parr 40 that was build built between 1912 to 1914. 20150809_141704With only 197 built during that time, this tractor might be the only original one left.

Here is the funniest thing that I think that I saw today. Who says you can’t learn something new everyday? Check out what the saying says-20150809_14245820150809_142458

But the main attraction was the tractors. I think Daryl was in Oliver heaven! It brought back a lot of memories for him when he was working with his dad farming and it was pretty cool listening to him tell some old stories that I hadn’t heard before. Here is a picture that I took with Daryl in the middle of all the tractors. It’s kind of hard to see him but he’s there.20150809_140645

Now it’s time to head home and get ready for the upcoming week. We had a chance to skype with Kyle tonight and to also check in with William.

Without spending tons of money, we sure had a lot of fun and we need to do this more often!

Cheers to weekend get-aways! Whoo Hoo!!


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Honey – grab your shoes!

It’s Saturday! Whoo Hoo!!

Our fun weekend continues and we weren’t sure just what we were going to do. Then all of a sudden Daryl said let’s head to Des Moines and that’s all it took for me. We decided to leave in about 90 minutes and it was cutting it close to get the dishes done, the outside chores all taken care of, and a quick shower and to pack.

But sometimes that makes the adventure don’t you think? Well I do anyway. You might think it’s stressful, but I think it makes it exciting!

So while I was working on stuff in the kitchen, Daryl got the chores done really well and got the car ready. We literally threw some clothes in a bag, grabbed our shoes, and off we went. It’s about a three hour trip which gave us plenty of time to talk about what we can do once we got there.

Now I’m usually a planner but there was nothing planned about his trip!

So we weren’t sure just where we were going to stay for the night and after trying to get some good deals on a web site that you bid on your hotel room (I found out that I’m really pretty cheap and none of my offers were accepted) we finally booked a room using my phone about 3 minutes before walking into the lobby of the hotel. So now we had the hotel and an open schedule.

The Iowa Cubs were playing that night in town and that sure sounded like a great idea. So we went downtown to grab something to eat and check out the scene before heading to the stadium. The weather was around 82 degrees with a small breeze. Man it was going to be a great night! There was some Republican Candidate giving a speech and since I’m not really that Republican we went down to check out the big flag and listen to someone who was on ‘The Voice’ sing the National Anthem and then we left. I never knew that you can just close down a street if you want to but I guess if you have enough money you can do about anything.20150808_174957Now it was time to go to the baseball stadium. We’ve been to this stadium a couple of years ago and with our tickets only costing $6.00 each, how can you go wrong?20150808_180626

The ball game was good and it seemed like they were giving away free stuff all night. They would come around and throw things out to the crowd or give prizes if you were in a certain section and specific seats. Tons of fun!

Just hanging out before the game started. We're getting pretty good at this 'selfie' thing :)

Just hanging out before the game started. We’re getting pretty good at this ‘selfie’ thing

But seriously the funniest thing that I’ve even seen in my life was when they came out on a cart and started to shoot something up into the crowd.

Can you see what they are shooting?

Can you see what they are shooting?

Now if you’ve gone to these types of games before, you know that you would probably be expecting tee shirts that they would be shooting up at people right? Yea, that’s what we thought also. But can you guess what they were shooting? Now if you guessed HOT DOGS you are the Winner! Yup, Hot Dogs! Isn’t that about the craziest thing you’ve ever heard? I snapped a picture quick and even though it’s not the clearest you can get the idea. 20150808_204557_001We laughed so hard until we almost couldn’t breathe. And then a little bit later a guy was coming around selling vendor food but this time it was funnel cakes. That is a great food anyway and at a baseball game? Well what a way to enjoy a baseball game!

I wish he would have come around one more time by us!

I wish he would have come around one more time by us!

Man life is good if you come to these Iowa Cub games! Later they were shooting out tee shirts and if I was about an inch taller I would have had one. It just skimmed my fingers and the guy behind me caught it. Now that would have topped the whole night off wouldn’t it!

When the game was over, we drove the car back and decided to walk down to Buzzard Billy’s to check it out. I mean with a name like that it can only be fun right? And when we got in there the bartender came over and said that someone bought us a drink . What? Here there was someone from our home town in Buzzard Billy’s. It sure is a small world isn’t it!

We got back to our hotel room kinda late and when we turned on the TV we found out that there was a storm that was identified 6 miles from us and they said that to expect damage to your vehicles because of hail and 60 mile an hour winds. Also to go to lower grounds and away from outside windows. Not cool. Daryl put his shoes back on and went to get the car and parked it under the lobby overhang. And while he was outside I was watching the TV and I honestly felt like I was on the movie ‘Twister’. If you remember the scene the lady is in the hotel bed at the drive in theater hotel and the TV was on and said that a storm was coming. Then she’d look outside and the wind would be picking up and it started to rain. It didn’t dawn on me that I was feeling like this lady in the movie until the wind picked up and I slowly looked outside to see what was going on. But I was just really hoping that my little reenactment wasn’t going to have the same outcome as the movie did.  (the whole town was destroyed!) But I have to admit I was getting nervous because every 30 seconds they were saying that we were going to get hit with a storm. But thank goodness it kind of fizzled out and we only got about 30 mph winds and no hail. Whew! Daryl waited it out until the heavy rain was over and parked the car again. It made it kind of a short night but heck we didn’t have anything planned yet for tomorrow so we were good.

Now as Day 2 of our weekend came to a close it we both agreed that we had a great time!

The Iowa Cubs won their game 3 – 020150808_193802

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Friday Night – Date Night!

Daryl and I decided this weekend we were going to have fun. We had no idea just what we were going to do, but we were going to really enjoy ourselves whatever we decided.

So tonight is Friday and we were going to go to a movie. I think we’ve seen one movie this whole year so far (the new Jurassic Park one) and even that one we didn’t see the ending. But before we could leave for the movie tonight we had some stuff around the farm to do. The movie didn’t start until after 9:00 so it gave us plenty of time to get there in time.

The movie is what I would call a guy movie and it was OK. But sometimes what makes a good movie night is if the popcorn is good or not. And I’m telling you that the popcorn was something that hit the spot for me. We got a medium buttered popcorn and I mowed through it like I hadn’t eaten for a month. It had a lot of butter on it and kinda tasted a little chewy. Yup, just perfect!

After the movie and popcorn we headed up town to visit one of the hangouts that we used to patronage about .. well about 30 years ago. And guess what? If you guessed we didn’t know anyone in that bar you’d be guessing right. But it was still fun to stop in and see what was all going on and then back home we headed. We did stop in our town to see if anyone was there and this time we knew pretty much everyone :)

After a bacon egg and cheese fried sandwich it was time to call it a night. It was a pretty good start to our weekend. Nothing over the top and crazy – just a fun night!

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I think I’m in love

Look who just joined our familyDSCN8149

Her name is Audrey and she is the daughter of No Ears. Isn’t she amazing? The picture doesn’t show the awesome coloring that she has and I’ll have to try to get a better one this weekend. She joins Sassy, Scarlet, Earl, Giggles, and Ed the bull. What a full farm family we have!

What we did find out is that she is also pretty darn fast on her feet and can run like the wind. But she didn’t come into this world without giving us quite a scare! This morning Daryl noticed that No Ears had a baby and since we’ve been waiting for this day to come for a couple of weeks now, it really wasn’t a surprise. But what we didn’t expect is that No Ears had got milk fever after having Audrey and couldn’t get up. I’m telling you my belly just hurt all day worrying about her when Daryl filled me in at work.  But he called the vet and they came to check on her and gave her some calcium which did the trick. She was standing up and Audrey was nursing from her when I got home. What a good sight that was. With a chance of rain tonight, we got them both into the yard and out of the pasture and hopefully everyone will feel better in the morning.

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Mystery Photo 8-5-15

Here we go.

Can you guess what this is from? DSCN8144

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And how does your kitchen smell?

Now normally this wouldn’t be such a good topic. I mean there can be some pretty funky smells coming from the kitchen and the trash can and well just plain house smells.

But not tonight in our house. Nope, and do you know why? Well I made a triple batch of soap last night and not only does our kitchen smell like Lilac, Lavender, and Wildflowers (flowers were the theme for this batch of soap can you tell?) but even our trash and towels in the laundry are kicking it up a notch with the towel and paper coverings that I used.

Last night I decided to make a triple batch of soap because I wanted to get some of my soap back in stock. I’m still thinking about going to a craft show this fall but as the time is getting closer I’m getting more nervous about this whole thing. With a couple of 5 gallon pails to use in the basement of coconut and palm oil,  I think I just need to put on my big girl panties and get it done.

So like I said I made a triple batch and it just might be too much to keep in control of. When the fragrance and colors goes into the mixture it speeds up the process. The lilac fragranced one isn’t the color that I was hoping for in the final product. But it still smells good and that’s a plus! I wanted to do some experimenting on adding sugar to the recipe but will have to do that next time. I’ve read that adding sugar gives the final soap even more bubbles. Now if you’re wondering why? Well I have no idea but it’s a fun test don’t you think?

With the old stove loaded down in the kitchen, I’m thinking that we’re going to be smelling like flowers for a couple of weeks or at least until I make the next batch of different fragranced soap. DSCN8142



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Scary stuff at the airport – Saturday

We took Kyle to the airport today and it was all pretty routine, well until the police dog came in.

Let me back up and tell you just what happened. Kyle got his tickets and after we said our good byes he was headed to go through security which is like normal stuff right? IMG_3257Well as we were leaving the ticket area we noticed a couple of police officers came in with a dog. OK, getting kinda weird now. Well what we found out was that in the same area that Kyle got his tickets, someone forgot their luggage. Yea, you know when they say if you see unattended luggage notify security? Well let’s just say that the whole security process works and someone notified security. And what happens when someone finds the unattended luggage is that after the dogs identify that it had a potential for explosives the whole terminal is evacuated! Holy Smokes! But luck was on Kyle’s side and he made it through security before they shut down the terminal for a couple of hours. Whew! We think he was probably the last one through the gates. He only had 45 minutes to catch his next flight in Chicago once he landed so I was glad that it all worked out for him. And for the explosive luggage? False alarm. But how would you like to be the person who had to go back and claim it after all that commotion? I think I would not do it and buy all new stuff. I’m just saying.

So on the way home we talked about stopping in at  Faribault Min. I’ve always wanted to go back to Faribault Mn. ever since I got misplaced on the way home from Minneapolis one time. It was when I was using the Garmin and I was by myself when I was on Interstate 35 and all of a sudden the voice said to take this next turn. Now even though it didn’t make any sense to me and the road for sure didn’t look like I should go onto it, well I did take it. Honestly it was a lot of peer pressure. The voice kept saying at the next exit take a right. And then in the next how many feet you need to turn right. Well I panicked and turned. Not the brightest thing I’ve ever done but honestly those Garmins are usually right. OK, so I’m going on this two lane highway and very scenic I must add, and then all of a sudden the voice comes on and says “in 8 miles make a U turn and turn around” WHAT? Dumb Garmin!! (I’m pretty sure I said something else at the time that I just might be inappropriate for this post) Well I knew that I was going south so I should be able to find my way home. And that’s how I ended up driving through Fairbault about 3 years ago and I’ve wanted to get back to check out what the town had to offer ever since. And I did eventually find my way back home that day. It was normally a 3 hour trip that took over 4 hours. Oh well, I don’t really mind getting misplaced because you always can find something new to see.

Well that brings me to this past Saturday. Once we left the airport, Daryl and I took Interstate 35 out of Minneapolis and headed south. And since it was still early and a nice day we decided to finally check out the town of Faribault. IMG_3262After going into a few of the stores and making a big purchase of $3.00 for a soap dish,  we went to find the Tilt-A-Whirl that was restored on the TV show American Restoration. See the Tilt-A-Whirl was started in this little town in 1926. I bet you didn’t know that this ride started here now did you? See what you can learn when you get misplaced? So this town raised money to have one of the cars refurbished and it’s on display on the Main street. Check it out IMG_3264What we found out was that this town has some great old buildings, good shopping, and some pretty darn good ice cream! IMG_3266

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It’s Friday and Concert time !

With my brother’s birthday just around the corner, we were off to a concert for .38 Special who was performing at a local county fair to help celebrate the occasion.

It seems like this year we’ve gone to quite a few concerts and it’s really a great gig if you ask me. I mean how much fun is it to see live music once in awhile? IMG_3253

So tonight the weather was around 80 degrees with a slight breeze going through the fairgrounds. Can you say perfect weather? And you just know it’s going to be fun when you walk into the area and bump into our nephew and niece.

The area was packed and with the music loud there wasn’t a bad spot in the audience. So today’s picture of the day is a close up of the band. IMG_3255

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Our Home

Today was a hard day because it was Daryl’s brother’s funeral. And even though the day was a sad one, it also brought his whole family together to share the day and support each other.

After the funeral and dinner was over, I’m just saying that our family was exhausted and we all headed home to unwind. The funeral guests were all gone and it was time to take our shoes off and just spend some time relaxing.

So after we got home and put on some t shirts and shorts most of the group took some welcomed naps. For not doing much these past days, I have no idea why we were all so tired.

Then it was time to get dressed up and because both boys were home I wanted to take some casual pictures for our Christmas card. Yea, I know that it’s a little early for Christmas photos, but heck you have to do some things when you can make it work and well, this was sure one of those times. They turned out OK and here is one of just Daryl and I hanging out by the old milk house. It’s pretty casual with pitch forks behind us don’t you think? :)DSCN8135 copy

Next on our list this afternoon was to have our picture taken for the Church directory. These pictures are usually a little bit formal and I guess thats just how they roll. It’s always nice to have a formal picture of our family but my first choice is always an informal one. That’s just how we roll.

We’ve sure have been eating quite a bit lately and because it was about 5 hours since we had dinner, a couple of pizzas from our local restaurant was on the agenda. It was perfect timing because the camp fire was lit and refreshments were cold and like I said – it was a perfect way to be together to eat supper.DSC_0512 Even though the official day for the blue moon was going to be tomorrow night, it was still pretty bright tonight!DSC_0511

We also waited for the space shuttle to pass through the south eastern sky and we had no trouble seeing it tonight. And with it traveling at 17,500 miles an hour it’s pretty cool.

And how did the night end up? Well it ended with a game of cards with the boys and I’m not sure if you can guess who won the game? Yea… Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!! DSC_0516

The photo of the day is one of the gift that was made by my niece for Daryl. It’s just perfect. And I don’t normally do advertisements but here’s her website for the other projects that she’s done –  https://jsmithvinyl.wordpress.comIMG_3268

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Results for Mystery Photo 7-15-15

The closest to the correct answer was Judy! But it wasn’t a picture taken while kayaking with cliffs it’s the rock quarry in the area where I grew up. But it was a bunch of birds!!

Daryl and I were driving with my brother and sister in law the other week when we saw all these birds flying around the quarry in and out of these holes. Almost at the same time they said that I suppose we should stop because Bonnie will want to take a picture. Yup, they were right!

So here is the clue pictureIMG_3191

And here is the picture of the quarry with all the bird holes. IMG_3191

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