Our new kitchen decoration – Big Cows!

It takes a long time for me to figure out just exactly what I wanted on our kitchen wall and after about a year to think about it, I finally knew just what that should be. 

With the walls with a fresh coat of paint on them it was time to make a decision. 

So what better choice then to find a picture of our cows to hang up on it? We had chickens on our kitchen walls for quite a few years that William took that is now in the Roadhouse, so it’s time to give our cows the front stage for awhile. Especially since our time with Ed will soon be coming to a close and we’ll be selling him at a local market. 

With this great idea in my head, I asked Kyle if he had any pictures of the cows that I could use. After checking them out, I decided on one that should work just perfect. 

Well off I go to have it blown up to a poster size, and then over to my favorite business that mats and frames pictures.

And guess what? I LOVE how it looks. I was worried that the picture was going to be too big, but after it’s been hung it’s just right. 

Check it out – it’s a picture of No Ears and Ed the bull. Just exactly how I wanted it to look. SCORE!  Now I know that having a 36 inch cow poster might not be the exactly what everyone might want in their kitchen, but I am pretty happy that it’s in my kitchen. 20170319_194555_resized

Even my corn and soybean planter plates made it up on the kitchen wall. Daryl looked a little confused when he saw me washing them and was wondering where I had found them. I think he might have thought that I took them off of something out in the shed or something. But I bought them at a garage sale and them stored under the attic steps for quite a few years just waiting to be used somewhere in the house. 20170319_200101_resizedWhat a good job done, and now to finish decorating the living room. I think I’ll take a look at what else I’ve got stored up by the attic. 


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Snow and more snow

We were hoping that it wouldn’t snow anymore this year and well we were not that lucky and we got more snow. I was thinking we’ve seen snow on the Robins tail at least 3 times and that should mean that Spring is just around the corner. But I think we’ll have to postpone that season for a little while, right now we’ve got winter still hanging out. 

But when we had a chance to talk with the kids in upper New York, we didn’t feel quite so bad for ourselves with our measly 12 inches of snow. 

See they Really got snow on the East Coast! I saw on one report that it was snowing 4 inches per hour and honestly you’d get a lot of snow at that rate wouldn’t you?  

So when I saw a picture of our son outside trying to find their car it didn’t surprise me that he said that they had 26 inches of snow at 7 pm and it was still supposed to snow for a couple of more hours. 17321349_10158296541180696_214914185_n

With all  that snow what do you think happened to their Robins? 

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Meet our new baby – Bandit

Now everyone knows that I like our cows. OK, I really Love our cows and when Daryl said that Scarlet needed to go into the barn because she was getting close to having her calf – well I couldn’t be more excited! 

But why would she want to have it on one of the coldest days that we’ve seen for quite awhile? I guess as long as she’s in the barn and the nipco heater is close by, everyone should be fine. 

And guess who’s close by watching over everyone? Our dogs of course. They’ve been around our cows a lot and I think they know when something’s up. Here’s Kaiser just staying close to the calf pen. DSCN9259

They always say that when a storm blows through there are more babies born than normal, and that was the case for us. During the day I got a text with a new baby calf picture on it. Very cool! When Daryl took a first look at him he thought that a good name for him would be bandit because he looks like he has a mask on. This name is perfect! Bandit it is. And guess what? He is SO cute!

With apples in tow, I’ve visited Scarlet many times and just can’t believe how attached I am to this cow. I know that probably sounds kinda weird, but it’s our life on the farm. We’ve taken care of her since she’s been a baby calf and have seen her have her have calves of her own which is so cool. fullsizeoutput_a0e

So for tonight, check out Bandit and see how cute he is! I wonder if he likes apples?fullsizeoutput_a0d



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One of two of my least favorite days

Today is one of my two least favorite days. Why? Well it’s daylight savings day of course. 

So I’m trying to stay a little more positive this year and not to be so crabby about the whole thing. Well I’m not sure that I’ve been too successful in that today – but I did say try didn’t I?

My plan for the day was to stay busy. So I did a ton of laundry to try to catch up on that. It’s been kind of out of control lately and I am really anxious for it to get a little bit nicer weather so I can start to hang laundry out on the line to dry instead of having it in the house. I mean my laundry room has been taken over by soap – who’s got room for laundry to be drying :)  

I also spent some time working on a Customer order for bath bombs and bath fizzys. It sure makes our kitchen smell good and I’m even getting faster at making them which makes me very happy. 17310153_1869369729985582_6184387838079967672_o

Then we were lucky to have the kids stop in for dinner and talk more about the wedding that’s coming up fast. And guess what we had for dinner? Well warmed up Irish Stew of course from last night. I also made some ham and potato soup too  just in case anyone didn’t want more stew. 

After the kids headed back to Ames, I took a little rest on the couch. SCORE! 

And then finally the weekend ended with skyping with the kids in New York which is always the best way to end the day. Technology is awesome when your kids live further away and you can’t see them in person very often. 

So I didn’t get too weird about the time changing today and with a storm brewing tonight and it’s starting to snow when I’m heading to bed, I’ll see how well I do at work tomorrow.  I’m thinking it just might not be very pretty.  

The photos of the day is that of our cows tonight with the storm moving in. Did you know that next week is supposed to be the first day of Spring? Sure hope this snow is going to be melted by then!  fullsizeoutput_a0bDSC_0019

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Busy day in store for us

Today was a really busy day. Even more than our normal Saturdays, so that’s pretty busy! 

It started out for me to make a huge bowl of dessert for a funeral that we had planned to go to in the morning. We are the chairperson for our local church group and with our circle up for the funeral, we all knew that we needed to bring a salad or dessert for the meal. 

Then I needed to also make a double batch of bars to share for a stew supper after the funeral that was also being held at our church. I made some of Ma’s Bars and threw them in the fridge to get the chocolate firm and all the butter in the crust to set up. With 2 sticks of butter, 2 packages of chips, 2 cups of pecans, 2 cups of coconut, and then 2 can’s of sweetened condensed milk, well it’s probably just 2 fattening. No wonder they taste so good!

So at the end of the day we went to church from 10 am to 2:30 to work at the funeral and then came home to change and headed back to sell tickets before mass and then worked at the stew supper until around 8:30 or 9:00 that night. 

When we were trying to decide if we should go uptown or not after the stew supper we decided to head home and take our shoes off for the day. Good decision. 

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Roamin’ Catholics once again

Yea it’s Friday! And that only means one thing – Fish Fry night! 

So once again we become the Roamin’ Catholics and head out to look for a new place to go for a fish fry with my brother and his wife. It’s become a tradition and it’s been a lot of fun. 

The challenge is to find someplace that we haven’t gone before and this week we head up to De Soto Wisconsin to a local place called the Bright Spot. It’s the perfect place because we have a local establishment in our town called the Brite Spot, so off we go to compare the two.

With obligations during the day for all of us we weren’t sure that they would still be serving when we got there, but it wasn’t a problem and soon we had their menu in our hands. We had quite a debate if frog legs were considered meat or not and when he heard the market price on them, well we stuck to the special for the night – fish. 

It was excellent! And if you’re looking for a lot of food to eat, I’d definitely suggest going to this restaurant/bar. It was all you could eat, but we were so full after the first serving we called it for the night. 

And if you are wondering if frog legs are a fish or mammal according to the Webster dictionary they are amphibians. So if you are Catholic can you have amphibians on Friday during Lent? 

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Yoga classes continue

Tonight was once again my Yoga class and I have to admit that I was a little hesitant when I walked into the room. After I gave the instructor a little smile and a nod, do you know what she asked me? 

Well she asked me if I practiced this last week. 


See she didn’t ask anyone else so it only confirms my thoughts that I am the least experienced in the class. But guess what? Like I said earlier, someone has to be that person and how can I get better if I don’t go? 

But secretly I do wish I was a little better. We did this one pose tonight where you sit on a chair and you have to have your one knee straight over the side of the chair and coming straight from your hip and above your ankle,  you then take the back of the chair and pull your torso so that’s it’s even with the back of the chair, and finally your back leg is coming straight from your hip with your toes flat on the ground. 

Just thinking in my head how I probably looked during this pose, I’m guessing she’s going to ask again on this coming Thursday if I practiced :)

And the photo of the day is when I came home from work this afternoon. The weather is changing and we’re expecting snow late this weekend. fullsizeoutput_a0a

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Not the best idea

I was soooo hungry at work and it was only 7:15 am! So when girl scout cookies showed up on my dest at 7:30  can you say SCORE!

Now I never really crave cookies, but for some reason when I’ve got them in a bag behind my chair at work – well you can just about imagine the outcome. 

So I opened up the bag thinking – that I’ll just have one. OK, maybe I’ll have two. 

And by the time 8:30 rolled around, I almost had the whole dang box gone! 20170301_131528_resized

Finally I found some willpower and put them away only to hear that the guys were cooking today in the lunch room and I was supposed to stop down. 

So guess what I had for dinner? 

Well if you guessed deep fried Frog Legs you are the winner! 20170301_115009_resized

So with peanut butter and chocolate with a couple of frog legs downed for the day, you would think that I shouldn’t have to eat for quite some time right? Well, I figured what good is a couple of cookies in a big box anyway and polished the rest of the girl scout cookies off. 

I so have to go to the store tomorrow and get groceries. 

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I decided that I would like to paint our kitchen. Which sounds like a good idea right? 

It hasn’t been painted now for quite some time and a fresh coat of paint always looks good. 

Well, what a challenge today was just trying to figure out the ‘best’ color of paint. I mean does this world really need a gazillion grey colors? My vote is that it doesn’t. 

Now you can just about imagine the first samples that I brought home and painted on the wall looked very bad. So after about 3 or 4 trips to town today, I finally almost literally closed my eyes and picked one. OK, maybe not the most scientific method, but it was what I was going to go with today! I mean we are looking at wasting a lot of time doing this and I’ve got a lot to paint. 

And how come when you paint inside it’s always exciting at first and then about 30 minutes of painting it is a very yucky job? Maybe this doesn’t happen to you – but it always happens to me! I secretly wish that I could be I Dream of Jeanie and just blink my eyes and nod my head and be done with it. 

But with some perseverance and honestly no other choices because I had already started, I got two coats on the walls and everything done in the kitchen. It took about 1 1/2 gallons of paint. 

And then I thought let’s just keep going. I mean our living room hasn’t been painted for a long time and it could be freshened up. So off into the living room we go and start painting that. So I started out trimming around the woodwork and I’m thinking that we have a lot of woodwork in here! 20170307_201936_resized

Now when we get the living room done – I’m taking a good look at our kitchen cupboards thinking that they might look a lot better if they were also painted. But I think we’ll have to wait and see if those cupboards get done or not :)

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High School Basketball

Even though the season is over for the State Championship for girls state basketball, this year will be remembered for a very long time in our community. 

See our high school girls basketball team once again went to the state finals and once again was paired up with the same team that they literally lost to in the last seconds last year. Last year we were playing them for the top spot and it was the same thing this year. 

And to be honest, I didn’t think some of the fans (including me!) could take another year of these games – but I was wrong. As you can see almost our whole side was full and each one was wearing with pride our red school colors. 16992143_1832481773675634_8941537603660627494_o

When the National Anthem was being sung, we all knew it was close to once again time to get our girls out on the court and see how the game was going to be played.20170303_174758_resized

Now our girls played an awesome game and even though they haven’t lost a home game in over three years, we just couldn’t get in front of the opponents lead scorer and had to take a loss. But there was no reason for anyone to hang their heads down because we really never did loose. I mean how can you say that when these girls have been playing together for over 9 years and have not only grown their friendships with each other, but has brought our community school together to stand by this team – win or loose! You have to admit that this is pretty cool! 

So congratulations to our girls basketball team for a great ride these past years and thank’s for the great memories that you’ve given our community school! 

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