Busy day on the farm

Our farm this weekend was once again the stage for annual Kuehner Fun Day that we host every year. And if I say that it turned out great, that is such an understatement!

Now to explain why I think this day is so cool is because Daryl’s family chooses to not get together at Christmas and has this one day when everyone tries to make it so they can catch up with each other’s lives and also so their kids get to know their cousins.  And it’s the one day during the year that everyone can get out the lawn chairs, sit in the sunshine (hopefully)  and just let the kids run!

This year I also had cleaned out the old milk house with the intention if it rained, the little kids would have a place to hide out. I have put up a tent the past couple of years, and for some reason it would blow over or just be so terribly hot in there that it wasn’t always the most fun.  So I’m thinking that this will work out better. I’ve got a huge area rug along with some chairs and benches ready if they need a place to hide.

So with the playhouse done and the farm looking just plain awesome (I’m a little biased I must say) it was time for the party to begin. The day was planned for a pot luck dinner and then games and stuff after it. We had more than enough food to eat and we counted 44 of the family was able to make it this year. We had the Roadhouse set up for the day and we had more than enough room for everyone.DSCN0047

As the day went on, we also had games and contests ready for the afternoon. The games were egg toss, gunny sack races, water ballon toss – that turned into an all out water ballon free for all (big hit with the kids!), guess the soybeans in the jar contest, Polish frisbee, bags, bocce ball, and lawn darts.  We laughed when the day was over because we were also talking about how much the trampoline gets used on this day and we think the first kid got on it around 12:30 after dinner and the last kid got off around 11:30 after the fireworks. Needless to say it was a big hit! You’ve never seen a whole farm get used as much as when we have the family over. From the hammock in the yard to the swing on the front porch to hanging out by the cow yard fence to see if No Ears is hungry for apples, you’ll see kids everywhere. And I loved it! I think it’s what keeps your place alive. Now it doesn’t have to be a farm or anything like that, but it’s always nice to see a bunch of kids running around in your yard isn’t it? DSCN0071

So after the games were over it was time for the annual hay ride. Daryl had everything ready and soon the wagon was filed and they were off.DSCN0084 DSCN0085This works out so good for me because it’s when I can get supper lined up. They are usually gone around 30 minutes and that’s just about how long it takes to reset the tables and get out more silver ware. This years supper was lasagna and garlic toast along with warm ups from dinner. It seems like you can’t go wrong warming up brats, burgers, and hot dogs can you?

To finish off the day everyone enjoys time sitting around the camp fire until it gets dark and then here comes the fireworks! 20150627_211239At the end of the day every one is ready to hit the sack and I’m always amazed that the kids are still going strong. I think it’s one of those times when if the kids stop they know that they will fall asleep so they just keep going!

I’m pleased how everything turned out and I think one of Daryl’s brothers said it the best when I was talking to him. We were standing by the house and he was talking about how much he appreciated that we get together every year. As we were standing there talking we could see a bunch of kids running after each other and he looked at me and said ‘Yup, it’s just perfect’. Now that kind of sums it all up doesn’t it? The sun was shining and the kids were running around laughing and having a good time. I agree – it was just perfect.


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Our newest addition to the farm

We  have added to our farm this past weekend and I’m not sure if you’ll be able to see him right away, but let’s give it a try. Here is the picture that I took of our new roosterIMG_3161

Now you know by now that I like to name stuff on our farm and at first I was going to call him Stella Well that was until I realized that he was a boy and not a girl. Now even though he could be called Stella, I decided to call him Samson. And do you know why? Well, Samson has been known for his supernatural strength and his long hair. Well I’m thinking this rooster could kick anyones tail and even though he doesn’t have hair, his feathers are pretty stinking long. Yup, Samson is his name! Samson is in charge of guarding the Roadhouse and cow yard.

Now how did I come across Samson? You see it’s my Mother’s day gift that has been ordered over a month ago. So when I got the call that the rooster was in, we had ordered two sizes with the agreement that we’d take one of them. We just weren’t sure which size would look the best so I beat it over to the store after work and you know when you’re looking at something and just not sure what you should do? Yea, that’s where I was at with my roosters. I finally just guessed and took the smaller of the two. About half way home I thought that I should have taken the larger one. But since it was in the truck I thought let’s just see how it looks. Well once I got it set up and I made Kyle come out and help me look at it to see if I got the right one or not, I decided that I should have taken the larger one. Yea, I should have listened to my instincts from the beginning! So back into the truck he went and back to town I went to get the larger one. And once I got the larger one home I decided that this one was perfect. You know the old saying is right – ‘Go big or go home’ !

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Checking in with William

William is doing an internship for his college degree and tonight where he is working they had an open house and an appreciation celebration. The reason for the celebration was because they have been open for business at this facility for 30 years.

So of course as we were being introduced to his boss and co-workers at the party and I couldn’t help but to do the Mom thing. And if you’re wondering just what the heck I’m talking about, I’m referring to the listening to every word that they were saying and watching their faces to see if there was anything that should make me concerned.  I know that this poor kid is not some young kid just out of school (OK, well maybe he is)  Or someone that I need to make sure that he’s doing well. To be perfectly honest,  I wouldn’t expect anything other than him doing a good job for this company or any other company for that fact. But sometimes, yes sometimes, I think that it’s OK to also hear others say it once in awhile.

So kudos to you William. It was nice to check out where you work and also to check in with your coworkers. It looks like your’e having a great time!

Hanging out with William tonight where he works

Hanging out with William tonight where he works

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Mystery Photo 6-24-15

OK kids here is this weeks Mystery Photo but I’d like to do something a little different this week.

What I’d like to do is to see if anyone knows the details of the picture. After I found a couple of rocks like this while we were picking rock in the field, I was wondering if anyone knew why they would have such perfect holes in them?

So does anyone know why rocks look like this? DSCN0044

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St. Paul State Capital, Mall of America, and peacocks

The plans for today was to check out the State Capital and then head over to the Mall of America.

Once we figured out where to park which was a pretty good challenge with all the construction going one, we were off to visit the St. Paul State Capital. When we were heading up to the area where it was, it didn’t take long until we noticed that there was more than road construction going on. They had a huge tarp around the whole capital and it wasn’t looking too good for a tour.IMG_3146 We still kept our hopes up even though it was looking pretty grim and when we had walked all around the whole building I did a quick Google check and found that it was closed for 3 years to the public. Now first things first. Isn’t it so cool that you can just pull up your phone to find out those answers? And then isn’t is so NOT cool that the building is closed?IMG_3144

Well after a couple of photo op’s, our next stop was to head over to the Mall of America to check it out. It’s been awhile since we’ve been there and Kelcie hasn’t been there at all.IMG_3149 It was a perfect way to end Kelcie’s visit before we had to take her to the airport to fly back to New York.

I’m just wondering if you have a place where you took your kids when they were small and every time you go back there it reminds you of them? Well this mall sure does for Daryl and I. Lego Land is definitely a spot that we’ve spent many hours at in the past looking over every Lego box to see which one was just perfect. Do you know just how many Lego boxes they actually do have? Well they have a lot and Kyle had to always check them all out!  And then the Blue’s Clues puppy showed up which was William’s favorite cartoon and it was a perfect time to snap a quick picture. IMG_3150I laughed because I thought Daryl was behind me for the picture but I was wrong. I’m getting the feeling that he doesn’t really like to be in these types of pictures. Not 100% sure, but 99.9% sure! IMG_3148

We had to drop Kelcie off at the airport and after a  couple of good byes later, we were heading back to Iowa to check out how the cows and animals were all doing at the farm. And on the way home I saw that someone in our town had posted on a social media that they had a peacock on their deck. Now this is bad news! I thought that maybe our peacocks found out that we were gone last night and headed to town or something. I really didn’t know anyone else that has peacocks around our town and after some phone calls back and forth, the plan was to run into town to bring it back home once we got back and switched the car for the truck. But once we got to our friends house the peacock sure didn’t look like ours and we were pretty sure that it wasn’t. I mean all of us were just checking him out and really a peacock looks like all the rest of the other peacocks. The only difference is that this guy looked younger than ours. So our plan was that if no one claimed him by tomorrow we would call our friends and try to come up with a plan. But good news! After we left thier house they called another farmer close to town and it was theirs. Whew! Good thing we didn’t bring him home with us!


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Monday – hanging out in Minneapolis

I knew from the time I left work on Monday to the time we had to leave for Minneapolis that afternoon was going to be close, but when I got home from work the car was literally in front of the house and was running!

It was a good thing that I had everything ready and all I had to do was to run into the bathroom and strip off the clothes I was wearing and then put the clothes that was sitting there on the chair on. Have you ever left the house and then did a ‘hand’ check to see if everything that you should be wearing you were wearing? Yea, it was one of those times! But I made it in less than 2 minutes from start to finish and we were off to Minneapolis for the night.

The funny part of this story is that we were talking to William on Saturday and he said that he couldn’t stay real long at the farm on Sunday afternoon for Father’s day because he had to drive to a hotel for a meeting for his work. We found out that he was also heading to Minneapolis. How funny is that? Then he said that a group of kids were all going to go to the baseball game that night. Pretty coincidental if you ask me.  We also had tickets for that night’s ballgame. But we found out that they were on the opposite side of the stadium and we never did end up having a chance to talk to him. It was one of those times when a couple of texts went back and forth and that’s OK with me.

The night was perfect for a ball game and the Twins smoked the White Sox 13 to 2. Now even I thought it was a good game and paid attention. IMG_3129IMG_3136

And how can you not just love the ‘Race’ they have every game? OK, maybe I wasn’t paying as much attention as I thought I was. IMG_3126

After we made it back to the hotel guess what we did? Are you ready? We had packed up the soap that Kelcie made on Sunday and the plan was to cut it into smaller pieces. Now I bet you’ve probably have never done this before in your hotel room before have you? Honestly neither have I! And let me also say that you’ll never have a hotel room smell that good in your life!

If it looks like Kelcie made a lot of soap – – well that might just be true. I figured the total amount was  around 9 1/2 lbs which is around 35 to 38 bars of soap. Yup, I think New York is going to be one sudsy state these upcoming weeks. It was a great test to see if she could do that many at a time and now that I know that it works I can see multiple batches in my future. And because she’s flying back home on Tuesday, our biggest trouble was to figure out how to get the most bars that she could into her bags.

Cutting the soap in the hotel room

Cutting the soap in the hotel room

Today’s picture of the day is that of the kids sitting at the ball game wearing their team jerseys. You’ll notice that the baseball jerseys are from a Twins game, but it’s the Korean Twins team. The team is called the LG Twins and they got them when they went to a baseball game in Korea. And if you’re wondering what Kelcie’s jersey says ? I’m pretty sure Kyle will have to translate it for us.

Kyle and Kelcie at the Twins game

Kyle and Kelcie at the Twins game

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Working on some New York soap

Kyle’s girlfriend Kelcie has been staying with us these past couple of days and has been just tons of help for us to get ready for the Irish Fest in town. But now it’s Sunday and I’ve promised her that we’d make some soap for her to bring back to New York. Now before you think that I roped her into this, SHE is the one who wanted to do it. And honestly how cool is that with someone wanting to do this? Yup this is my second ‘class’ that I’ll be having.

OK, now it’s not like I’ve got a waiting list for people to hang out with me or anything, but it’s kinda fun to see the different types of soap that can be made. And this time I was a little nervous because we were going to make 3 batches at once! Holy Smokes!! This is like living on the edge and I sure was hoping that it was going to work. I mean sending Iowa soap to New York you want it to work right?

Once we found out which fragrances and materials we were going to add to the soap we was ready. To me this is the hardest part of the job. I’m getting quite a collection so to find just the perfect one is what you want to do. And after we had the right amount of fragrances measured – one of them ended up leaking out of the plastic glass that it was in. What a bummer!!

Now to get to work. I was pretty nervous but as the whole process progressed – my uneasiness started to go away.

At the very end of the afternoon, she had made an oatmeal-milk-honey soap with ground up oatmeal in the bars, an orange poppyseed soap, and the last one was a wildflower and honey soap with flower petals in it. Yup, what a successful day we all had! Now to just to figure out a time to get it all cut.

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What a ride!

What a busy week we had. I mean there is busy and then there is crazy busy! The reason that it was so busy was because we had our local town festival this weekend and it was all hands on deck as they say. This was the third year that our town has put on this festival and it sure seems like everyone has such a great time. And even with some heavy sprinkles were in the air during the parade, the Irish Gods helped out and we had good weather for the weekend.

So if you are reading this post you probably were wondering if I died or ran away or something because I haven’t posted an updated like forever right? Well even though some of the days this week the thought of running away sounded like not such a bad idea,  I was busy trying to help out as much as I could without getting in the way and would run out of energy at the end of the night before I could open my computer.

Now I don’t know if you’re from a smaller town or not, but if you are I’m sure you’ll know what I mean that everyone tries to help each other out when they need the help. I mean in our small town of around 450 people, there is only so many people to do all the jobs needed to put on such an undertaking as a festival and if everyone just helps out a little bit, it sure makes the job easier.

The weekend was packed with a parade, volleyball tournament, dodgeball tournament, Historical displays, bands, bands, and more bands, little kids tractor pull, cake walk, bingo,bag tournament, and many other things. I could go on and on with all the festivities, but it might be easier for you to just check out the Facebook page “Lawler Irish Festival”. Sometimes pictures are so much easier to show someone how much of a good time everyone had than trying to describe it.

But now it’s over and after a relaxing bon fire eating cupcakes that were won in the cake walk, it’s almost 11:30 on a Sunday night and time to get some sleep. We’ve got a lot of things to catch up on this week :)

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Results for the Mystery Photo 6-11-15

Thank you to everyone who replied back to the question on what the mystery photo was. Seriously I wasn’t sure at all what this was used for and I was hoping someone else knew and could help me out. I think after how fast everyone guessed it, I’m the only one who didn’t know! Too funny!!

So here was the mystery photo IMG_2933

And here is the whole picture. It must be an old fashioned bottle capper. IMG_2932

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Crazy stuff

I was in the store tonight looking for some things for our Irish Fest coming up this weekend and when I asked if they had anything Irish they said, ‘No way, it’s out of season’. so I thought you know, they’re right. Then when I walked past this aisle I saw this.

Christmas stuff in June!!

Christmas stuff in June!!

Yup, I figured they’re 6 months early with the Christmas stuff, so I guess I’ll be shopping for St. Patrick’s day in around September!

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