So what am I doing now?

So what am I doing now that the wedding is over? Well it’s time to get ready for an upcoming vendor show. I really don’t do many shows so I know that I have a lot to get organized. 

And with around 450 bars of soap to wrap not even counting bath bombs, well I asked for help from my niece for a day. 20170527_065227_resizedShe was awesome and helped me get about 1/2 of the soap wrapped! I was really happy that she could help. I wasn’t too excited to spend all night wrapping them by myself again. 

I’ve got about a week before the show so I’m thinking that I’m in a good shape. The key word here is ‘think’ :-) 


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Back to work

After taking Monday off after the wedding, it was time to get back to work. 

And how did it go? Well I think this picture of Reno this afternoon laying on our porch is a good visual how we are all feeling tonight. 



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Happy Cows

The dogs kept a close eye when Daryl was checking the fence lines before the cows could get out on the pasture this morning DSC_0092and soon the gate was open and out the cows went kind of cautiously at first. But then when they realized where they were for the day, well today we have some very happy cows! To say that they are excited is an understatement. Especially the little calves – Robin & Bandit. 

So after I watched them tear up the grass literally, I ran back into the house and grabbed my camera. I don’t know if you can catch how happy the cows are to be on the grass & ground – but take my word for it they are in heaven!

And I think the calves are going to sleep the best tonight because I have no idea how many miles they put on running back and forth and all the time just trying to have their legs keep up with them. Seriously I saw Robin running so fast that as she rounded a corner her legs slid sideways and it almost looked like something that you’d see on a carton or something. But she never did fall and once she got her balance off she went again! 





Happy Cows!


Robin stopped just long enough for me to get a picture of her!

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Opening gifts and kicking back

Today was a little quieter day and once again we found ourselves with family and food. I’m seeing a pattern and I’m liking it! 

We all met again on the farm and just had warm ups from the past couple of days. I think I’m going to run into some trouble next week because one of these days I’m going to have to cook! But for now? Yea, we’ve got prime rib and chicken for dinner. Yum! 

I think this is a good picture of some of the groomsmen today. Just kind of hanging out on the porch with our dogs nearby. Yup, it was that kind of a day,  DSCN9401

The kids were lucky to have been given to them quite a few wedding gifts and after we all ate, it was time for them to start unwrapping them. The gifts they received were so unbelievable and what a blessing it will be to have those things for their new home. DSCN9406

And it wasn’t long into the day when Kyle and Kelcie had to leave to catch their plane back to New York. DSCN9408The only good thing about them having to leave so early this weekend is that I know that they are going to try to make it back in June for our family reunion. :)

When the gifts were all opened and everyone left, I still didn’t feel too exhausted. See everyone .. and I mean Everyone! said that you will feel like you got run over by a truck after the wedding. Humm well not yet, but I hope I’m ready when it happens.  

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Today’s the day! It’s Wedding Day!!

How can it be the wedding day already? The last year and a half went by so fast and now it’s the morning of the big day! 

And it’s going to be a busy one I’m sure. But 

So first things first. Time to get the breakfast bakes in the oven and a breakfast pizza cooked for the guys. See the guys are all getting dressed at our house so I’m sure that they are going to be hungry. With the food all ready to go and a quick picture of the boys this morning before they got dressed20170520_080132it’s time for the girls to get our hair done and then all meet at the church for pictures. Guess what the temperature was this morning in a town nearby? Well if you guessed 33 degrees – you are the winner! But holy smokes that’s pretty cold isn’t it for May? I’m just so glad that it wasn’t snowing!! 

There was tons of pictures taken in the church and I really like this quick snapshot that was taken before church started. The reason that I like it so much is because we had no idea that both boys are walking up behind us. So very cool!20170520_121216

Then it was time. It was time to walk up the aisle and start the wedding. The music was playing and the vocalist was doing his thing and with my arm wrapped in William’s I just have to say that it’s really a weird feeling. I mean here is your ‘kid’ who now is all grown up. But I must say it was a very nice feeling too. 

The mass was perfect and the one thing that I was wondering how it was going to turn out was when they said their vows if anyone would be able to hear them in the big Catholic Church. Well to be honest, I swear that you could hear a pin drop in church and I don’t think anyone had trouble hearing the kids say their vows. And with around 375 people in church, well that’s amazing! 

The rest of the night went without any issues and I tried to make sure that I was able to talk to pretty much everyone that attended either the dinner or the reception/dance. I’ve been practicing working the crowd these past 6 months and I think it helped :)

I had a blast today and the reception and dance was so much fun. We had a great crowd and it couldn’t have gone any better. There was absolutely nothing that I would have changed about any part of the celebration. 

At the end of the night when the dance was over and we were taking down the decorations I stopped to think about what word could I use to remember the day and I came up with one. The word that I choose for today is ‘Wonderful’ 

Always my love to all our kids and especially to William and Jude today  ♥

First Dance

First Dance



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Rehearsal Supper – Friday

As the weekend continues, today’s job was to make some breakfast bakes for tomorrow morning along with some desserts for tonights rehearsal supper. Even the kids pitched in to help make sandwiches for the church and dance tomorrow night. It may not look like a lot, but they ended up making around 240 sandwiches. Whew! It’s a good thing to have kids around isn’t it! 20170519_131454_resized

We’re really looking forward to be able to spend time with the kids and all their friends tonight, and I think tonight everyone will be able to enjoy each other’s company in a relaxed mode. See we’re having the rehearsal supper in the Roadhouse on the farm and we couldn’t  be more excited. I’ve set the tables up for 63 people and we’ve got even room to spare. Once again who would think that the Roadhouse would be the most perfect spot for the supper!

So after we all met at the church and we all knew what we need to do tomorrow for the real service, back home to the farm we go for the supper. DSCN9384

I was at first going to make the meal myself for this special occasion, but when I heard that William wanted prime rib – well it’s time to call in the experts. With most of the food catered and the help of my sister, niece, and neighbor to help watch the food and to help clean upDSCN9400 the evening was filled with toasts to the kids and a whole room full of good times and good friends. And do you know what I liked the most about it? I absolutely loved that our guests felt comfortable and spent quite a bit of time just enjoying being together! DSCN9385

There was special guests, the Grandmothers who helped celebrate the evening DSCN9390

And I was even able to catch the boys to snap a quick picture of them.DSCN9398

After cutting the Groom’s cake DSCN9388

it was time for me to get to bed for the night.  I just know that it’s going to be a great day tomorrow!


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Today’s job and the kids are all home! Thursday

I got up early this morning before anyone else woke up and was ready to have a really fun day! Today we were all getting together to decorate the hall for the wedding on Saturday.  Whooohooo!!! 

The kids are super organized so it was just a matter of showing up and seeing what they wanted us to do. Isn’t that kind of funny how the roles change as you get older? I mean when your kids were young I don’t think I ever imagined that I would some day tell our kids just to say what they needed us to do and we’ll do it. But that’s the part of our life right now and oddly enough it’s pretty cool. 

So we’re in the hall today and as everything is falling into place and I started to think of how lucky we are. As both of our boys continue on with their lives, we’re able to share it with them and watch them grow into some great adults.  We couldn’t be more proud! 

I mean here we are and even though there is a lot to do to get ready for a wedding and the kids have been planning this for about 1 1/2 years… it’s suddenly becoming a reality. I don’t know about you, but to me it sure looks like they are ready for their wedding! 


Well we got done decorating in the hall in about 3 1/2 hours and it turned out beautiful! There was a couple of snapshots that were taken once it was all done but I think I’ll wait to see what the photographer has before sharing. I knew that it was going to be pretty, but it was much more than I had ever expected. And I’m not saying that just because it was our families wedding …it was really pretty!! 

But I do want to share a couple of quick snapshots of the day

The first one is that of us girls practicing our smiles at the head table. We might not be dressed for the part – but we sure got those pearly whites showing! 

DSCN9377And we need to give the dads credit for all their hard work that they had done this morning also!  DSCN9370

To make the day even better, Kyle and Kelcie flew in from New York and came to the hall to check it out before we all left to go home for the day. Their timing was perfect. Next thing to do was to head home and see what was left on our to do lists. I was able to consolidate my lists from around 6 lists to just 2 this morning. Score!  So I’m hoping to consolidate down even more tonight. With the wedding just 2 days away, I guess there’s not many options to do anything on those lists next week now is there? 

After some last minute things after we got home, we all went out for a late supper at one of the local bars.  It was just a really good time for us to be together before all the chaos of the weekend begins. I know that I keep using the word ‘perfect’ – but honestly it was just a perfect day. With all the kids together and nothing major to do tonight – well I couldn’t have asked for anything  better. It was a really good ‘Mom’ day if I say so myself  :) 


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And our journey begins

I debated if I should take this Wednesday off or not. I mean I am very conscience of my vacation days and today would just be working to get the Roadhouse ready. 

But after saying I was.. was not.. was.. going to take the day off I finally bit the bullet and just did it. 

And was it worth it? Oh yeah

I can’t ever remember getting ready for any function in the Roadhouse during the day because it’s usually been a very late in the day (and leading up to early morning hours) when I’m working in there. But not this time! Today I spent most of the day organizing the tables and decorating the room for the Rehearsal supper that we’re hosting this Friday. It also gave me a chance to do some good cleaning of the area. It was AWESOME!

I know this probably sounds kinda weird but it gave me time to step back and really make sure that I’ve got everything ready for this upcoming weekend. I wanted to make sure that everything was just perfect – I mean how often does your son get married? In our case, this was the first wedding and we couldn’t be more excited! 

The only trouble that I had was that more storms continued to blow through the area and it made it a little difficult to plan my numerous trips back and forth to the house in between rain showers. I know that everyone will be wishing for rain come around early July, but man I sure wish that it would stop for awhile. Well at least until next Monday :) This is what it looked like outside while I was working in the Roadhouse.  Good weather if you are a duck, but how many ducks do you know? 


We’re hoping for the best for Saturday’s weather, but I guess it’s something that we really can’t control. 


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The Calm before the Storm

We decided to step back tonight and try to relax and gather our thoughts for the coming week. Kind of the calm before the storm or in this case the calm before the wedding! 

And what better way to do that than to have a couple of pizzas and a bon fire! 

The weather was perfect and with the sky clear and the kids here with some other friends and we had a great time! 

But little did we know that it was literally the calm before the storm. The weather has been just crazy these past days and even though we knew that there was a chance of severe weather, well it’s always just a chance right? 

Not this time. Just in a couple of days of our bon fire the storm hit. We’ve been working on trying to keep in front of the lawn mowed because we knew that we were going to have a lot of company these next few days, so that was my job when the storm hit. I had the mower in high gear with my head was done and I was just plowing on. I didn’t even want to look up because all I could hear was thunder and where there is thunder there is usually lighting! 

Then the weirdest thing happened. I saw just tons of dust on the road but I didn’t remember seeing a car go by. It was so odd that I literally went out to the road to see what was going on. What was happening was that it was so windy it was picking up all the dust from the road and I soon found out that it was also picking up the field dust. I have never seen anything like that in my life. What it looked like was a wall cloud of rain coming at you but in reality it was dust. The first thing that came to my mind was in the Dust Bowl days when this was a common occurrence and how scary and terrible that must have been!


So at this point I knew that my mowing was going to come to a quick close and just as I put the mower in the machine shed the wind picked up and then she blew.20170515_183246_resized

Even though we just had a lot of wind at the farm, we were lucky. There are roofs off just the next farm from ours and a whole town that is 15 miles from us has complete hail damage to their houses and roofs.

But with our electricity off for pretty much the whole night – this weather sure isn’t helping with me checking things off my list! So seeing the rainbow tonight reminded me that everything is going to be just fine. 


Our Farm

Our Farm

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I am a list maker. No surprise right? 

Well can you about imagine when we are having our son get married and the amount of lists that I can make? I’ve got lists of my lists :) I have paper lists, phone lists, white board lists, poster lists, … OK I’m sure you get the point. I’ve got lists. 

And if you have ever been in a corporate meeting when they create a ‘War Room‘ well I’ve got one of those too. A War Room is where you make it like you are ready to go to the battle field and put up all your strategic plans to be successful. Only my War Room is for a  great time! It’s for a wedding!! WhooooHoooo! I just can hardly stand it. 

So our laundry/soap storage room is also my strategic planning zone. And guess what? It’s working well. It’s keeping me somewhat calm (I think?) and organized so that’s a good thing. Now to just figure out which list I should do first today…


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