Wrapping a gift

After work tonight I thought I’d quick run to one of my favorite scrap booking stores to pick up some ribbon for a wedding gift. Well, that all sounds good right? So on the way to the store of course I did a few errands in town before I went to their store. I wasn’t sure if the bridge that the county was working on on the normal highway that I’d take was done, so I went the long way around but it was worth it. They were still open and there was tons of stuff to look at. First things first though right? I came for some ribbon and I for sure need to get that off my list before I get distracted. Well guess what? They really don’t carry any bow ribbon there to buy, so I guess the only thing else to do was to shop around. Well for not having what I came for, for some reason I still spent more money than I had expected. Yea… you can say that I found a couple of things that I liked. But the good thing is that they won’t go to waste and honestly what a harmless hobby that I have. So I had to stop at the discount store on the way home and pick up a bow. I also picked up some wrapping paper to match. I was thinking of wrapping it in other paper, but changed my mind and went the easy way out.

While I was running around tonight Daryl started to grind feed for the cows. He picked up the stuff that gets mixed in with the corn from the farm store after work and when I pulled into the yard he was almost done. We were getting low on corn for the cows and now we should be set for awhile. No Ears was so funny when the corn was being unloaded. She just stood by the fence watching what was all going on and hoping to get some of the fresh ground corn. IMG_1954

And to end the night I had quite a few things on my list to do but guess what I did instead? William and Jude lit a camp fire so we sat by it for quite some time. We laughed when we saw the little kitties coming across the yard to see just what we were doing. And then they fell asleep in Jude’s lap. I’m thinking these cats are pretty spoiled if you ask me!

Hanging out by the camp fire tonight

Hanging out by the camp fire tonight

The photo of the day is this one Man Cave that I saw on the way to my scrap booking store. It’s such a good use of an old camper and I’d love to see inside of it sometime. IMG_1953

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Our Baby Kitties

Last night William asked when we did we get 7 baby kitties living on our porch? I told him that this was news to me because I only thought we had 6…. but after about 4 who really is counting right? He said that it was down by the bottom of our porch so I’m guessing that Reno found another one in the barn and brought it up to the house to put with the rest. But this little kitty is pretty wild and I had my doubts on keeping it around.

So when I got up this morning to give them all breakfast, I could’t find this new little kitty. Again it didn’t surprise me because she was pretty wild and I thought that maybe she ran into the garage or back down to the barn. I looked around for her a little bit and then off to work I went. The sad thing about all this is after I came home from work this afternoon I found her laying beside the steps just off our porch. I think during the day that maybe she fell off the porch and got really hurt. I felt terrible and honestly I still feel bad. The little kitty was still alive when I found her and was in the process of dying. Now mind you this is at 3:30. So I sat with it for awhile and tried to pet her when she died. After about 5 minutes I thought that this cat sure is taking a long time to die and I’ll check back on it later. So about every 10 minutes I’d go outside and sit with it and pet it and think.. OK, it’s now going to die. But it kept going. I know the right thing was to help it die, but there’s no way in the whole world that I could do that, so I just kept checking on it. I had to go to an appointment @ 5:00 in town so surely it would be dead when I got home right? Yea, not so. Well it’s 9:30 pm as I’m writing this post and I see that it’s not going to be much longer and she will be dead. I know that it’s probably not in any pain and is just literally on it’s last breath, but holy cow I’m really feeling kind of sad for this little kitty. But as for the rest of them? Well they’ve been getting scrambled eggs with warm milk in the morning and their night time snack is kitty food soaked in milk. When they’re done they all have these big round bellies that kind of make them look like how baby birds look before they get feathers. I’ll try to snap a picture of them tomorrow to show just how fat they are. I had to give two of them baths tonight because they literally sit in the bowl when they are eating. William said that they he thought that they all kind of nurse off of this one little kitty and it looks so weird. I’m thinking they’re just licking off the eggs.

I’m also including in this post a really easy salad recipe that I got from Daryl’s niece last year. I absolutely love this recipe and even thought I’ve just made this last night,  I’ve almost got this whole bowl ate.  :)

Cook noodles (it doesn’t really matter how much – just end up with about a half of a bowl), add vegetables, I also add cheese, ham, olives, & tomatoes. You can add just about anything that you have in your refrigerator that you like. Then pour enough Italian Dressing over it to cover it all. Put it in the refrigerator for about 2 hours and Shazam! your done. The picture doesn’t really do it much justice. IMG_1952

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Farm animals and farm work

I ran home again on my lunch hour to feed the baby kitties and when I left to go back to work the sky looked a little weird but I thought that there’s no way it’s going to rain right? Well about an hour later the sky opened up and it just poured. So why was I so worried about this? Well when I got done feeding the kitties the chickens came around and it kind of freaked me out. I didn’t know if they would be mean to the little kitties and start pecking on them so I grabbed a handful of bread and fed the chickens down by the barn. That way they’d stay away from the cats. So I put all 5 of them back on the porch and just hoped that they’d stay there. Now with it raining, I was not only hoping that the chickens wouldn’t be mean to the cats, but also that they stayed on the porch and didn’t jump off again and drown. Man oh man these cats are becoming a lot of work aren’t they? So I was kind of nervous and just hoping that I wasn’t coming home to a bunch of dead cats on our lawn and this is what I foundIMG_1950

Yup, no dead cats .. just a lot of little kitties that are meowing a lot! And then to top it off, later tonight William asked when we got 6 cats? What? These cats are multiplying as if they were some kind of fish in the bible or something! I guess Reno found another one and put it with the rest by the house. I think she needs to stop looking for these cats don’t you?

Well tonight was a big night for our new chickens. They’ve been in jail (the cattle tank) now for a couple of weeks, so I left them out to run around in the brooder house.DSCN8787 They have the whole 1/2 of this chicken coop and for some reason they all ran into the chicken cage that was being stored in the room. Now I’m not saying anything bad about these chickens – but they just might be a little socially challenged.

Not the smartest chickens around the farm

Not the smartest chickens around the farm

And while I was working on getting these chickens free, Daryl and William were working on replacing a supporting beam in the cattle shed. I was so glad that no one got hurt and also that William was around to help Daryl. Looking at how heavy that beam was, I’m sure that there wouldn’t be any way that I could help much. So I was just hovering with my camera and took this picture of Earl.

Earl and Sassy.. along with chickens and cats in the cow yard.

Earl and Sassy.. along with chickens and cats in the cow yard.

He’s so stinking cute isn’t he? And then I also took one of Sam. Daryl had the chain saw going and tractors and just a lot of noise. But Sam just kept watching and eventually moved to the bale that was the closest to the guys and just stood there and watched. It was pretty funny!

Sam just checking out what the guys were doing tonight

Sam just checking out what the guys were doing tonight

Now the photo of the day is that of butter. Yup, butter. I bought this the other day and I’ve just never seen or bought anything like it before. It’s butter wrapped up in parchment paper that a local farm sells near us. I’m not sure if it tastes anything different, but it’s about as fresh as you can get. Plus it looks kind of cool too. DSCN8788

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More on our bike ride & things to see

I started the post some pictures from our bike ride on the July 26 post and decided that I need to add some more to show you just what the ride looks like and what a good time we all had.

Sometimes the roads get busy and here’s a snap shot of one of the towns we went through. We always try to keep track of what each other is wearing and we do kind of a good job keeping each other in sight which in itself is amazing isn’t it?IMG_1875

We passed through a lot of windmills today and I think they look so cool when you’re riding on a bike near them. They are so huge and you can only hear a whisper when they’re running. IMG_1881

We joke a lot about that we used to sleep in tents with about 10,000 of our closest friends. Now don’t get me wrong, that was also fun – just a different kind of fun. Where we’re staying tonight has a lot of lakes around it and this is the scene off of one of the houses that we stayed at. We met so many nice house owners that literally left us come into their house and take showers and spend the night with them. It’s unreal how friendly and how cool they all are. IMG_1877

Today’s photo of the day is that of the World’s Largest Bullhead. Now you don’t get to see that everyday do you?


People are on bicycles everywhereIMG_1884a

And soon we found ourselves at the Surf Ballroom in Mason City. Now if you’ve never gone to this ballroom you should really try to make a point to visit it sometime. The original ballroom burnt down in 1947 and was rebuilt in 1948 and has been having concerts ever since. The most famous concert was that when Buddy Holly, Valens and Ricardson left a concert there and all died in a plane accident near by the town. There is a lot of history in this old ballroom and it definitely is worth the drive sometime to visit it. IMG_1889IMG_1892IMG_1891IMG_1890

One of our friends takes his guitar along for the bike ride every year and this was a great stop for him and some of his buddies to play a few songsIMG_1894a

There are a lot of times during the ride that you have opportunities to just relax. And there’s no better way to do that then to catch a few naps along the way. IMG_1898

We stopped at the Wapsipinicon Mill in Independence along the river and took a tour of the largest grist mill remaining in the state of Iowa. It’s 6 stories tall and has a lot in it to look at. IMG_1914IMG_1910

Again we were grateful for all our host houses. It doesn’t matter if we have a large house or a smaller house – we are so appreciative of them all! IMG_1904 Next on our list is Strawberry Point. This is the home of the World’s Largest Strawberry. I think it probably got photographed the most that it ever had today.IMG_1916IMG_1917

There’s quite a few times along the ride during the week that we’ll get free stuff. So we weren’t surprised that we got handed some free candy today. But I was surprised on how good the candy was and that it was started in a small town of Hull that has a population of 2100 people. They have a lot of different candy that they have produced and it’s crazy that you might know most of them. If you get a chance – look up how this business started in this small town. It’s really fascinating.IMG_1940

Well about by now you’re probably getting sick of all the pictures. But the next one is the one that is the tradition at the end of the ride. It’s went you dunk your bike into the Mississippi River to symbolize that the ride is over and you made it! Whoo Hoo!! IMG_1919

So now that the ride is over can you guess what Daryl and I did the next day after it? Well you eat so much during the week that on Sunday we were starving! So we took out the Chevelle and went for a drive along the Mississippi river.IMG_1932 We went more North into Wisconsin and then went out for dinner.IMG_1928 And how did we end the afternoon? Well ice cream of course! IMG_1937



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Daryl had been working on getting Tango into a pen in the barn and this afternoon he was successful. Poor Tango. He knew something was up and little did he know that he was going to the sale barn tonight. He was never made into a steer so we couldn’t have him as a bull on our farm. We already have a bull and Tango is the son of our female cows. So Daryl loaded him up tonight and off they went.

I think Tango looks scared

I think Tango looks scared

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On the Upper Iowa River

I got up early and did a couple of loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen and bathroom, and got the dishes done. I fed the little baby kitties a couple of times and then grabbed my swimming suit and loaded up the kayak. What a great day to meet one of my friends for breakfast and then head out to the river for the day. The sun was shining and it was an absolutely perfect day. Even though we knew that it was going to be kind of warm, we never felt it when we were out there. It would be fun to find another spot sometime to kayak … but for today this river was wonderful!IMG_1948

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Have you ever laid in bed and heard your dogs barking outside and just hope and pray that they would stop? Well after about an hour of laying there listening to them, I finally gave up and woke Daryl up and asked him if he would please go out and see what the dogs are doing. We’ve been having trouble with Reno sneaking out of the barn so I thought that maybe she was just barking because she was out and she knew that she wasn’t supposed to be. But with her barking and barking finally Daryl agreed and went out to see what was the matter. Well, she was out again (no surprise) and had something cornered. She had a possum and it looked like it was dead. Daryl knew better, so he helped to make sure that it wasn’t going to go anywhere in a couple of hours. After putting Reno back into the barn he finally crawled in bed again and everything outside was quiet for awhile.

This possum is dead.

This possum is dead.

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Cards & Stuff

I finally had a chance to get a couple of cards done that were way over due. I’m not sure why I got so far behind, but these birthday cards should have been done for a couple of months. Yea, I said I was behind. But I did get three of the four cards done and now I need to get a Graduation card done and sent that should have been in the mail in May :( DSCN8749DSCN8748

IMG_1843I also found a super easy recipe for making ribs tonight. Now I’m sure that they are not the same type of ribs that people marinate and work on all day – but honestly what normal person has all day to cook supper right? So here is the recipe that I made for the ribs and even William said that they were pretty good.

Take tin foil and double it on the counter. Take the ribs and literally put them on the tin foil and then fold the tin foil up to make a pocket. I put them then in a pan and baked them @ 350 degrees for around 1 1/2 hours without anything else added to them. Then take them out and let them cool on the counter and add barbecue sauce and let set for about 30 to 60 minutes. The original recipe calls for mixing all this stuff up for the sauce but I used some barbecue sauce that I like instead. (I told you I wanted to keep it easy right?) I left them sit in the sauce for about 30 minutes and then I put them on the grill to get the sauce cooked into them. Yup, simple. The best part is that you really don’t have to put anymore sauce on them after they’re done so they’re not so messy. IMG_1939

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We had skyped with Kyle and Kelcie Sunday night in South Korea and had to brake the news to Kyle that ever since we went to Minneapolis that one weekend and left Little Kitty alone – well, he ran away. Now Little Kitty is a Tom Cat so I’m sure he’s just hanging out at the neighbors or something so I’m really not too worried about him. But I think Kyle felt so bad and he said that we really need to start looking for another cat. He loves a house cat and can’t understand why everyone else doesn’t love them too. Well we were OK without one for now so everything on our side was good.

Which brings me up to today. Call it coincidental or maybe being jinxed by Kyle, tonight after work I saw this little baby kitty that Kaiser brought up to the house. I think he thought it was some kind of wiggly toy or something. He stood pretty proud by the cat and was kind of acting like ‘look what I found’. So into the house this cat went. It’s pretty small and wouldn’t drink out of the little bottle that we got from the vet very well,  so my thoughts for this little baby cat’s survival was pretty grim. The only thing that I did know is that this cat meows a lot. And I mean a LOT! Finally William just wrapped it up in a towel and literally slept with it to keep it quiet. He said he only rolled over it maybe once during the night. It’s a good thing that this kid is thin right? Well in the morning the cat was still alive and who would have thought it? Now it did start to drink from the little pan of warmed up milk so I’m thinking there just might be a future for it after all. DSCN8745OK so it lived through the night so I guess we should name her. Well her name is Maggie. But guess what? That night when I was outside I saw Reno guarding something down by the barn. It was cat # 2. I think Reno didn’t want Kaiser to get too close or something which is really a good thing. DSCN8746So 2 baby cats in the house trying to keep alive wasn’t the worse thing, but by the end of the night we had 3. Now this is getting a little bit out of control right? Then we had 4.

4 baby kitties

4 baby kitties

Well move time forward and now we literally have 5 little kitties that we’re trying to keep alive. And only two of them have their eyes open so they are really little yet. DSCN8752 And do you think we can keep Maggie happy? No. She just cries and cries and can escape from almost anything. I’ll be in the kitchen and then around the corner comes this little cat the size of your palm looking for you. So our mornings and during my lunch hours during the week has changed. I made some egg muffins that I break up and mix with milk and try to keep these 5 little cats alive.

eggs, milk, and cheese baked together

eggs, milk, and cheese baked together

I’ll give it another couple of days before I name the rest of them. It’s still pretty early to be too optimistic. And even though Kyle is thousand’s of miles away – I swear that that he might have jinxed us!

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Brain Fart

Have you ever just started to think about something during the day that you really should have been thinking about a couple of days ago? Well.. that’s what happened to me this week and it was a total brain fart.

I was at work on Tuesday still trying to catch up from being gone last week and to be honest pretty busy. All of a sudden someone brought up chickens. Yup, chickens. Well I got this kind of pit in my stomach and started to think about our little chickens. I know that Daryl and I talked about them on Saturday, but today was Tuesday. Then I started to sweat. I mean I wasn’t sure how long chickens could live without being taken care of and for sure three days shouldn’t kill them right? Well I couldn’t stand it anymore and I called Daryl to see if he checked on them lately. Nope, not since Saturday. So after work I beat it home and found all 5 of them still alive. SCORE! Now I don’t think they were happy, but they were alive so that was a plus. Somewhere all the line either William or Daryl put in another waterer and I think that just might have saved their lives.

So my picture of the day is that of two of our chickens. I wanted to take a picture of the little’s guy that we have but he kind of acts like a bird and not a chicken so I’m not so sure on what’s going on his him. But he thinks he runs the joint so his name is Mayor. I’ll try to catch a picture of him later if I can. But below are two of the five that we have. The white one’s name is Duff (his sister’s name if Tuff) and the other guy? His name is Booker T.

Our new chicken Duff

Our new chicken Duff

Booker T

Booker T


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