From Plowing to Pinterest..

Today is Saturday and what a wide range of things are on our plates for the day. Daryl wanted to get the plow out and do some moldboard plowing. Now isn’t that a crazy name for a piece of equipment? I tried to look up on the internet more information on this type of plow and find the reason why it’s called a moldboard - but obviously I must be the only one curious enough to investigate because I couldn’t find much of anything. So like I said, Daryl was doing some plowing and he said it went really well. I dropped off a couple of things for him in the field and snapped a couple of pictures. It’s been awhile since this field was plowed and I just love how black and rich the dirt looks. Below are the pictures that I tookDSC_0302DSC_0304

I had a couple of things that I wanted to get done in the house and then I made a quick trip to town. Mom had something that she wanted returned and I was looking for some new work shoes. But before I headed to town I wanted to try something that I saw on Pinterest. If you have never visited the sight before, it’s the Mother Load of all the ideas I think in the world! I have to put time limits on how long I can be on this website and I usually look at it about 30 minutes before I go to bed. Now that I think of it, this is probably not the best time to be surfing this site. And no wonder why I have some crazy dreams of making wonderful things with wooden pallets and mason jars! For today I am using an idea that I saw on it though. The idea is for hanging the tank tops more organized in the closet. I tried the way they did it on the internet and then switched it around a little bit. To be honest, I like my way better.

Suggested way is to hang the shower curtain hooks on the hanger. They slid around too much!

Suggested way is to hang the shower curtain hooks on the hanger. They slid around too much!

I put the shower hooks on my closet rod instead. Works much better

I put the shower hooks on my closet rod instead. Works much better

Then off to town I go. I wanted to return something for Ma and once I got to that store, returning it was fast and easy. I didn’t have such good luck with some of the things that I was looking for, but I did get a couple of things checked off my list. I needed a couple more of the landscaping brick for the milk house and I found out that they were on sale and even had a rebate. SCORE! I also had good luck with finding small Christmas gifts for Kyle’s classroom in Korea. He has 19 kids (2 classes – a morning and an afternoon class) so to find something that they would like and is also easy to ship…. well that’s a challenge. But I found at one of the stores they had 50% off Christmas stuff and I thought to myself that they just shouldn’t be doing this before Thanksgiving, but then I thought YEA for me!! So I found some Santa’s train whistles and paddleballs. Both of these are light and easy to pack so I’m thinking that I did really well. Now I’m not so sure that Kyle is going to think that when all these kids are blowing the whistles and trying out the paddleballs.

On the way home from town I was just minding my own business when I saw someone pull over on the oncoming 2 lane highway. I was a little puzzled and then when I looked to see what this guy was doing I could understand why he pulled over. He was taking a picture of the sunset. Of course I had my camera with me, so I found the next driveway to pull over and took a couple of pictures also. Now I know that everyone has probably seen 2 million sunset pictures, but holy cow when I looked at the ones that I took, I just wanted to share them. So these 3 pictures are the photo of the day. I took the first two probably within 30 seconds of each other and then zoomed in for the last one. Check them outDSC_0306DSC_0307DSC_0308

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Oh yea, Life is Good! I decided to take a vacation day today to get my head wrapped around just what I want to get done for the upcoming Holidays. Now every year I make these outrageous plans to do a lot of homemade gifts to give to people. And just about every year I over analyze what I’m going to do and talk myself out of them. I mean – just because I think that it’s cool – doesn’t really mean others will does it? So I do start with good intentions, but lack of confidence brings me back again and I head to the store to pick up something nice instead. But this year I’ve decided that I’m going to give it a try again and make a few of the gifts. So this is where taking today off from work comes in. I had some aggressive goals set for today and I was happy to get most of my list done. You see I wanted to work on the ‘Secret Project’ that I’ve been talking about now maybe for 2 years? Yea, not an over achiever here right? Well I had to make the decision if I’m going to do this project or just scrap the whole idea. I decided to see it through. Now what is the secret project? Well if I posted it here it really wouldn’t be a secret right? But just being home with the washing machine going and a couple of Diet Cokes beside me, well like I said earlier – Life is Good!

The photo of the day is that of Daryl getting the tractor ready for the upcoming week. After he moved all the round bales he put the bucket back on the tractor because this week the forecast is for snow! 123

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Who I ‘almost’ ran into on the way home

I was coming home the other night and I was trying to be extra careful not to hit a deer. I heard on the news that this is mating season and that there will be more deer out. Seriously? How can there be more deer out that what we normally see? Nevertheless, I’m always watching and decided to kick my scouting skills up a notch. Well I almost got home and was literally 3/4 a mile from the farm and stopped on our gravel road. And who was there? A huge buck right in front of me and the doe was on the other side of the road. Now I had two problems. Problem # 1 was with having the doe on the left side of the road and not with the buck. I wasn’t sure if he was going to run back or if she was going to run to him and I was right in the middle of the two. And watching how he was acting, I think that he didn’t want this doe out of his sight.  Problem # 2 was that I was driving our electric car and when I stopped, there wasn’t any noise and the deer didn’t get scared.  At first I didn’t want to honk the horn because I didn’t want to spook the deer and have one of them hit the car. So I just kind of sat there and checked them out and they checked me out. I took a couple of pictures and was hoping that whatever they were going to do, they would just do it! And honestly it probably looked pretty funny! It looked like some crazy stare down competition or something between us. But after what seemed like hours…. (I’m sure it was only a couple of minutes :) ) I decided to make the first move, I started to drive and of course no one moved because the car doesn’t make a sound. So then I blew the horn. And then I blew it some more. Well the buck came back to the middle of the road, looked at the doe and then ran back across the road into the ditch. Now the doe wasn’t as confident. She just kind of ran all over and then ended up in the neighbors field. So I don’t know if they stayed there for so long because the car was quiet or if they were just out proving that this was there part of the road. Who knows right? But in either case, I’ve got to add this spot to my ever growing areas to watch out for deer this fall. Below is the picture that I took from inside the car of the buck. It’s not the best, but I think it’s still kind of funny! Well it’s only funny because I didn’t hit him!! 20141104_194033_resized_1

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Mystery Photo 11-5-14

I’m trying to find something that you should know and at the same time still trying to make it a little hard. You guys are getting pretty good at this game and I think I need to kick it up a notch.

OK, so this week’s photo challenge is this picture. Do you know what it is?


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Mystery Photo 10-29-14 Results

It looks like I couldn’t fool you on this one this week. Now what type of equipment that it came off of, well that is a mystery to me. All I know is that I use it on my flower stand on the bottom not only because it  kind of looks cool there, but it also helps hold it in place when it’s windy.

Here is the clue DSC_0281a

And just what you were expecting … here is the answer. It’s a seat off of some type of equipment from the farm. DSC_0281

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Computer passwords

What a night! It all started out pretty harmless and I was working on some stuff on the computer. Well, I wanted to check out this one website and of course it was an account that I hadn’t used for some time. Now I have a cheat sheet of all my passwords and stuff on it so no big deal right? Yea… For some reason I didn’t have the information in the book for what I needed. So I just hit the ‘reset password’ button and then the fun began. Well to get the new password, I had to reset another password and then reset the first original password.  Next I use the one website on the Ipad so that had to be reset and then I needed to verify the password on an email. Then I had a phone call verification for the second password that I was given a code that had to be entered. By about now I am so exhausted and sick of passwords that I don’t even know what I even wanted on the website anyway! And the scary part of this whole thing is that I’m too chicken to check out my phone because I might have to change at least one or two passwords on that too!


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Keeping the fire going

Wow, what a title huh? Well it might just not be what you’re thinking. This description is dealing with cleaning out some of the closets that we have and burning most of it!

Let me back up a little bit. Daryl spent most of the day outside working on cleaning and getting the machinery ready to put back into the sheds for the winter. It’s usually a couple weekends job and it’s also a good thing done. So while he was outside working on that, I really got serious and started to clean out our ‘every day closet’. Now on the farm we seem to have categories for our clothes. We have our job clothes, church clothes, running to town clothes, going out on Saturday night clothes, and then we have the every day clothes – or another name for them is chore clothes. As you probably know by now, in our house we have only two people living here. Those two people are Daryl and I. Well we had enough clothes in our every day closet I swear for our whole town! I mean honestly, do we really need 12 sweatshirts? And especially since we don’t milk anymore and the clothes is to just to do some chores and that’s about it. So today was the day that everything came out of the drawers and decisions were going to be made. I did the old trick of holding it up and making a quick decision. The fate of the garments were in going to be put into three categories. They were going to be given to Good Will if the item still looked pretty good, they were going to be burnt, or they might be lucky enough to be put back into the drawer. Well let’s just say that only 2 pieces of clothes made it to the Good Will pile and I had three garbage bags of stuff that was burnt. Seriously how many left handed chore gloves did we think we needed? And who took all the right handed gloves anyway? And at the end of the day I just couldn’t help myself but to walk by and check out the results of how nice this every day closet looks now! It’s kind of scary the definition of what makes a good Sunday as you get older isn’t it?

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Places to Visit : Galleria De Paco Restaurant & Harris Haven Funeral Home

Wow! What a title huh? Well to make things clear up front, we went to the restaurant and then we went to the haunted funeral home.

We’ve been talking about eating at the restaurant Galleria De Paco for a couple of weeks with my brother and sister-in law, but with all the field work going on it just wasn’t happening. But my brothers and Daryl finished all have the crops this week, so tonight was the night that we were going to give it a try. We knew a little bit about the restaurant, but not that much and let me just say that not only the atmosphere but the inside paintings  were awesome! The parents and their son spent their life savings and started the business. Paco was interviewed and said that he wanted to paint the Sistine Chapel ceiling ever since he was 6 and did it by memory at the age of 27 in the restaurant.  OK, now that’s a pretty big goal for anyone! All the painting is done by spray painting and our waiter said that Paco used around 6000 cans of spray paint. He said not all of them were empty, but because he was using so many, the spray paint company was helping out with the cost. If you are lucky enough to eat at the Gallery De Paco, you’ll know that the painting isn’t the only reason that people come to visit. The restaurant has been Recognized World Wide by the following media:  National Los Angeles Times, The Seattle Times, Chicago Tribune, Omaha World Herald, New York Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Hallmark Channel, ABC World News,&  Rachael Ray. Yea, some pretty big names right? After we were seated (literally! Paco’s dad greats you at the door and pulls each persons chair out to seat them) we started our four course meal. The food and atmosphere was great. I pulled a couple of pictures off the web site to give you an idea on how cool the inside actually is.becf65f64b41cb08d51bf4492ab5ab7f3d9b726b_sample-2


1469966_10151788766245197_1502405160_nWith our bellies full, next on our list tonight was to head to Harris Haven Funeral Home. It’s a haunted building and not too far from where we ate supper. We weren’t sure if they were open tonight, and luck was on our side because it was their last night of the season. While we were waiting in line, the monster who was guarding the door said that they’ve had really good crowds and just the other day they had over 600 people in one night alone! But like I said, it was the last night so we didn’t have to wait more than 5 to 10 minutes before we were left in. We started our visit by going in the front door and I have to admit I was spooked more than once when we were inside. From people that you couldn’t even see standing beside you,  to others grabbing your legs from under the stairway. You walked through what you thought was an outside pathway, but I’m thinking that it was really inside. And just as we could see the door and the parking lot, I made the comment that we finally made it! Then as if on cue – out jumps someone from the dark wall with a real chainsaw!! Yea.. did you catch the real chain saw part? Well, we did make it out after some pretty scary moments and had to laugh at the girl behind us was literally running through the cars in the parking lot with this guy chasing her with that chainsaw. Even though she was screaming and I did feel bad for her – deep down I was so glad that it wasn’t us he was chasing! Definitely a place to go to if you are in the Waterloo area around Halloween. Here is a picture off of their website of what the front of the funeral home looks like.42310-2

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Going for a walk

After work today I wanted to do the whole walk on the trail behind where I work. Even though it was kind of cold, it wasn’t too bad. I threw in the car this morning some thick gloves and also a hat if I needed it. So really there wasn’t any reason why I shouldn’t go right? Well, that’s what I thought and I decided to go for the ‘cool’ look and didn’t wear the gloves or the hat. Yea, cool is right! It was down right chilly! But not the worst that I’ve ever been and I kept going. I’ve never walked this whole path before and I was anxious to do it tonight to check it out. I had pre-ordered a pizza from one of the business’s in town and after my walk I was going to head over to pick it up. I guess I didn’t walk as fast as I was thinking that I could, because I had to call them later and say that I was going to be a little late. But the extra time just checking out the area was worth it. I snapped a couple of pictures (now I sure hope you’re not rolling your eyes :)  ) and there was even a couple that I couldn’t get. The ones that were a given that I missed was a bunch of deer wanting to share the path with me. They took one look at me and ran pretty fast! I could also hear some in the trees while I was walking. Well, I sure hope that those noises were deer. The one picture that I am disappointed that I missed was that of a really cool looking crane standing in the water and the sun was shining just perfect on him. I tried to walk like a stealth machine to get closer – but I guess I wasn’t quite as  successful as I was hoping. He turned his head and took one look at me and beat it out of there. OK, but here are some of the pictures that I did take. The first one is just of one of the small creek running through the area.20141031_160412_resized Honestly when I’m seeing even this little bit of water, I’m thinking to myself… maybe I should go kayaking tomorrow… The next is one of these millions of areas of red berries. I’m not sure if animals can eat them or not, but they sure look appetizing!20141031_152550_resized And finally here is one of an old Pioneer Cemetery. Now I’m not some creeper that loves to take pictures of cemeteries, but I found this one pretty unique. It’s back in this one field along the creek all by it’s self. Now with today being Halloween, I snapped the picture and decided to walk just a little faster when I was in this neighborhood! I didn’t want any surprises here. Happy Halloween!!

Pioneer cemetery

Pioneer cemetery

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Painting projects continue

I was lucky enough these past couple of days to keep working on some of the painting that I need to do outside. You’re not supposed to paint when the weather gets lower than 40 degrees, and I’m cutting it pretty close with the forecast to be at 38. But the wood is pretty bare and my guess is that once the paint is on, it’s going to soak up pretty fast and also dry pretty fast.

This weeks project was to get the one side of the machine shed painted white. It was looking kind of bad and I was hoping to get a chance to do it yet this fall. But I must say that I did run into a problem. My problem is that this part of the shed that I want to paint is on more of a hill and my ladder needed some ‘extra’ precautions when I was setting it up. So I came up with a good idea. My idea is to put the ladder up and then drag out this old cast iron pig water to help hold it in place. Genius right? And once I had everything in place it actually held. At first I wasn’t sure if I lost my nerve when I had the extension ladder extended and I was on the top rungs, but then I realized that with the angle of the ladder, it was almost straight up and down and I needed even more of an angle. So down I go and after dragging the heavy cast iron piece around – I was in business! I did get the part that I wanted to get done finished so that really felt good. But then I still had some paint left in the small painting pail that I was using. Don’t you just hate that? You have to either keep painting or give in and pour it back into the main pail. With the sun going down, it sure didn’t take too long for my fingers to start to get cold. But I decided that I should just keep painting and started to work on the fence by the barn. This was easy painting and my only trouble was to keep the dogs and cats away!

Here is the pictures of the before and after of the machine shed.

Trying to keep up with the painting.

Trying to keep up with the painting. It’s looking kind of bad after I got it all scraped!

After my day of painting

After my day of painting

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