Our Newest addition to our family!

OK, let me show you the really cute picture of our new puppy first and it just happens to be the picture of the day.



How sweet is that right? Well, we all just love him and he’s so spoiled already.

We were originally had to go all the way to south western Minnesota to get our new puppy, but the family that raised him was going to a volleyball tournament closer to us so score! It saved us 3 hours of driving and that’s never a bad deal right? So we were able to leave a little later than we originally thought and before we left William was in the laundry mode. He was trying to get as much laundry washed and dried as he could before he headed back to college tonight. After throwing some laundry in the washer and handing the last load to dry on the clothes line, we were off. A quick to pick up something to eat and on the road we went. We didn’t have any trouble finding the family and soon we were holding our new little puppy! The puppy is a boy and he seems pretty shy yet. You know you kind of forget that ‘new’ puppy smell. And to be honest it was also kind of strange being on the other side of this puppy business. We’re more used to be selling to the families not being one of the families that are buying. Now I really know and understand how anxious you can really be when you finally see your puppy. But we didn’t waste too much time and we headed back home again. We were racking our brains trying to think of a name and we all agreed on one. Our new puppies name is Kaiser. Now if you’re wondering why Kaiser it’s because Kaiser in German means Emperor. Cool huh. The ride home was uneventful and the kids took wayyyy too good of care of him. DSCN8158William and Jude took turns holding him and then they all crawled in back of the car and hung out. IMG_1430We knew that the 3 hours of driving might be a long time for a puppy not to go to the bathroom so we stopped at a rest stop/gas station so everyone could get out. The kids took Kaiser out to play and Daryl and I checked out the station. IMG_1428Now I have no idea why these huge statues were inside – but it looked like a photo op to me. IMG_1427I also laughed when I saw this one food display. Now normally no one thinks too much of this display in a gas station around us. But the other day I was watching a cooking show about cheese curds and she was making such a big deal that you can buy cheese curds in about any gas station in the midwest. So when I was watching it I thought, well yea. And then today I took a good look at not only this display, but there was also two other cheese curd and beef stick displays in this same gas station. I would love to hear what she would have said about that! IMG_1425Soon it was time to get back on the road and I really wanted to see if I could catch a picture of this really cool house that I saw this morning. You know how you think it was in a certain spot but reality was that it was about an 1 1/2 hours later? Yea, that’s what happened to me today. I was just sitting there with my camera just ready to snap the picture. I was also secretly worried that my battery was going to go dead in the mean time. But no big deal and when I finally saw it, Daryl pulled over so I could catch a shot.DSCN8170 He’s getting so good at letting me do this all the time! All of a sudden Daryl and I noticed how quiet it was in the car and when I looked back I saw this. DSCN8171Yup, everyone was sleeping. But when we pulled into our yard, well that was another story. Reno came to great us and I don’t think she knew exactly what to do. DSCN8173Kaiser was pretty shy at first, but later he would kind of dance around her and nip a little bit at her legs and nose. I was thinking at first .. poor Kaiser, but now I changed my mind and I’m thinking poor Reno! And with a new little puppy in our family – what an adventure this is going to be!

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The Wizard of Oz – Turkey Valley Community School

Our high school was putting on the musical ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and I was excited. I’ve never seen it done before as a school musical so I knew from the beginning that it was going to be good. I mean – who doesn’t like the Wizard of Oz right? And just by looking at the crowd tonight – I think everything was thinking the same. We went on Friday,  but we heard that Thursday night was almost a sell out crowd and tonight was definitely a full house! Yea for those kids!! If you have kids (or you) are in any type of musical or play that is being put on, well you know just how hard it is. The early and late practices… trying to get your homework done in between… and then actually getting some sleep to start the next day all over again. But the kids did a fantastic job and I just can’t help but be so proud of every kid up on that stage tonight. Great Job!

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Exciting news!

We have exciting news! We are going to get a new puppy!! Yea!! We’ve been looking for a puppy for over a year now and we finally found a family in Minnesota that raises rough haired collies. You would think that these type of dogs wouldn’t be that hard to find, but trust me they are. Seriously who doesn’t love a dog that looks like Lassie?  So it was kind of fate how we finally got him. Kyle asked the day before he left if we were ever going to get someone for Reno to play with? And out of the blue Daryl said that he got a call from someone that we called over a year ago that just had a litter. So I quick called the number and it turned out that their female had 10 puppies and in less than 3 days 8 of them were spoken for. We are planning on picking our new puppy up on Saturday and I can’t wait!  I’ll try to post at least a couple of pictures of him this weekend :)

With Daryl still gone for work, I’m still doing chores and I just couldn’t stand wearing Daryl’s boots out for chores anymore. I know that I was walking like this Katkey guy, but man was it giving me shin splints. My legs were just killing me. I wanted to order this one type of boots  for chores, but just never did get that done. And of course I just had to have them tonight. So I went back to the farm store and found some that I’m pretty sure will work. I’m just hoping that Daryl doesn’t mistake mine for his and grab the wrong ones! These are his..

Daryl's boots

Daryl’s boots

And these are mine!



When I got home from town tonight was my chance to try them out. It was raining all afternoon and the cow yard was not cool. Let’s just say it looked like a make or break time for some good old chore boots! I needed to bring the corn inside the cattle shed so it wouldn’t get wet and I also didn’t want the cows to slip on the ice that was still in the yard, so into the slush and manure I went. To be honest it was kind of weird. I’ve never had a pair of tall farm boots before so I was giving it all that I had trying to find the worse places to walk.. and it wasn’t very hard to find the bad places. After opening up a round bale of hay and bringing some of that into the shed also, I decided that I’m going to like my fancy boots. My feet stayed nice and dry and the boots washed up really well under the water hydrant.

And to finish off my night was to work on some celery that I had in the refrigerator. Some of it was leftover from our stew supper on Saturday and some I had already.DSCN8147My plan was to get it started on the stove and then freeze it for later. I mean, what was I out if it didn’t turn out? Pretty much nothing.  But after cutting it up and getting it all in a kettle I’m thinking that we’ll have enough celery to last us about a year!DSCN8149

I’ve also become addicted to Pinterest and I found this really cool way to store extension cords. For some reason we seem to have a lot of toilet paper rolls in our house (??) and for this project you can use paper towel rolls too. It works slick. You just wrap your cord fairly tight and shove it inside the cardboard. I have usually used zip ties in the past,  but was tired of only using them only once and throwing that money away. This works so much better and it’s Free!DSCN8148

The picture of the day is a special one. I went over to Ma’s tonight to help return her wound vac that she’s finally done with. She found out today that it’s healing so well that she didn’t need it anymore. Hooray!!  Her original surgery was a little over 3 months ago and it’s such a good thing that she’s feeling so much better now. So to commemorate the occasion – the picture of the day is Ma!


Lookin’ Good!

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Life is a Project

I was thinking tonight about projects in general and how I plan around them. OK this sounds pretty deep I agree, but like I said I was thinking that when I just get done with this next project that I’m working on then I can relax and do nothing for awhile. But you know what? I don’t think there really is a ‘do nothing’ time. There’s always stuff going on isn’t there? I mean now that winter is hopefully over and this crazy wind will quit that’s blowing outside, Spring is going to come. And with Spring comes getting the yard ready and starting seeds for the garden. It also means washing windows and getting our bikes out. You also have to get the lawn furniture out and plant flowers in the yard.  There’s always something to do and I guess that’s just what it is. About a billion years ago I was in a grocery store in our hometown and someone asked me how it was going. I told him that it was so busy! At the time we had little kids and both of us working and milking cows …. so it really was pretty busy! And he looked me square in the eye and said that “Once you slow down and stop, there’s nothing to do but die”. OK, this is pretty radical but it must have made an impression with me. I mean this was a long time ago and I can still remember it like it was yesterday. So my long story is this – I have to remember that sometimes life is really just one big project and that there will always be something  just waiting around the corner to be started.

Chores have been going well with Daryl still gone. The house has been pretty quiet but Reno and Little Kitty have been keeping me company. I grabbed my camera tonight when I was doing chores and snapped a picture of the cows after they get corn. When you give them corn you have to make individual piles otherwise some of them get pretty bossy and won’t let the others eat until they’re done. It’s no big deal and so small piles of corn it is. I noticed No Ears coat tonight. I don’t know if it’s changing because it’s been getting a little warmer outside or what, but it’s kind of got a crazy wave thing going on.

Supper time!

Supper time! Ed, Tango, & No Ears. Sassy is hiding behind Ed

And my picture of the day is one that I took inside the barn tonight. To me it says, ‘It’s been a long winter’DSCN8124

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Crazy Weather

Someone usually says this time of the year that if you live in Iowa and don’t like the weather just wait ten minutes and see what it’s like then. Well that statement couldn’t have been a more accurate today! I had heard that west of us was getting some snow and it was coming east. So it wasn’t a shock that it started to snow, but Holy Cow did it snow!

And this is when it was when the snow was stopping!

And this is when the snow was stopping!

And with Daryl gone for a couple of days I’m on chore duty. Of course I didn’t have them done so I thought I’d better get out there and get it done before it got worse. Now the smart thing to do would have been to check the radar, but I didn’t quite think of that at the time. I quick went down into the cellar and mixed up Scarlet’s milk and grabbed Daryl’s boots and made my way to the barn. Even though I couldn’t find any good farm boots this weekend, Daryl’s boots were working pretty good. He said that I reminded him of Catski someone when I wore them last night … (I’m thinking it wasn’t a compliment) they still got the job done! Now everyone was confused when I showed up in the barn. Reno was all excited and Scarlet just looked at me. With Kyle home these past months, he’s been taking on the chore duty, but now that he’s gone, William is back at college, and Daryl is gone for a week for work – I guess they’ll have to just be satisfied with me. Come to think of it, I think No Ears looked like she was having an apple craving . It’s a good thing that I planned on hitting the grocery store tomorrow! So the crazy snow last about 10 minutes, but in that 10 minutes you could hardly see walking through the yard. I grabbed my camera but I don’t think it does it justice how much it was snowing and blowing. And once it was over the sun was shining – Crazy! I also took a picture of our road where it’s been washing out. Our gravel roads for some reason are lower than the ditches so when the snow melts it causes all kind of trouble. This is the spot where you really have to slow down or man you’ll be in trouble!IMG_1406

So what’s on my agenda tonight with such a quiet house? Well I do have Little Kitty in the house and I’m guessing he’s happy he’s not outside. I never knew that cats could smile before we had Little Kitty. IMG_1416 Even Reno got inside tonight, don’t tell Daryl! Sometimes Daryl thinks I can’t get Reno’s  feet clean enough to stay inside but I wiped them down and he’s been sleeping on his blanket ever since. He even knows that if he got off his blanket the whole gig is over.

The picture of the day is one that I snapped when I was trying to catch how much it was snowing tonight. This is a picture of our old grove behind our house.IMG_1422

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Sunday Road Trip – World’s Smallest Church

To say that I was lazy today would be an understatement. I mean I even had my jammies still on at 11:00!! But I was tired. I know that I didn’t work that hard getting ready for the stew supper that we had at our church, but between that and getting Kyle off to Korea, really took it out of me. So like I said, I didn’t have much planned for today and was really OK with that.

So first things first. I literally watched two full movies today and it was GREAT! The first one I’ve never seen before and it was an old movie and the second one that I watched in the late afternoon was one that I’ve seen but it’s a scary one so I just had to watch it again. I did want to get a couple of things accomplished so it wasn’t a total loss of a day. I was able to get all our laundry done from what we used in the kitchen last night at the supper. I’m not sure why we used so many towels and rags, but they’re smelling pretty fresh right now and I’ll have to drop them off tomorrow night. I also got the kitchen cleaned up and a pan of bars made up. Then recycling was getting out of control and that’s when I decided to go on a drive. It needed to get done and it was a great excuse to check out this one river that I heard was overflowing with ice. With the car packed and cameras in the car, off I went. Daryl ran into work for awhile and I just wanted to make sure that I was home when William was coming through from his vacation. A bunch of kids went to Myrtle Beach and it sounded like they had a great time. I knew that it shouldn’t be an issue to be home in time so off I went. It’s always so good to get the junk out of the house that needs to get recycled isn’t it? I’m not that ‘green’ and it bothers me to have all that stuff in your house. But it’s a good thing to do, so we do it right? Then to see this river. And as I was driving on the back-roads to get there I realized that I was going to run out of gas pretty soon. Now wouldn’t that be about the most embarrassing thing? And it wasn’t something that I was going to be doing this Sunday, so I turned around on the road and headed back to find some gas. Of course the gas pump didn’t work at first and I knew that I had only a couple of miles until I was empty so it just HAD to work, but finally they got the pump going and I was back in business. I started back to see the river and I knew that I was close to the World’s Smallest Church. So of course I had to go right? I haven’t been there for many years and it was a good reason to go today. The church is nestled in right beside the river and it’s just a really cool place to go. I took a couple of pictures along the way though. The first one is this old abandoned house. I felt sad at first for it and then I thought it would be a great place to take some photo’s. There was a sign posted for no trespassing so I hurried up and snapped this one. DSC_0141The next one that I took was this old bridge that you drive over. If it looks old in this picture, it looks even older in person! DSC_0142Then finally I made it to the Smallest Church and I snapped a couple of pictures while I was there, so take a look. There is also a cabin behind the church so there’s a photo explaining how the cabin got there.

World's Smallest Church, Festina Iowa

World’s Smallest Church, Festina Iowa

World's Smallest Church - Festina, Iowa

World’s Smallest Church – Festina, Iowa

Inside the church

Inside the church

DSC_0144DSC_0150DSC_0149And then I finally found the river that our friend was talking about. This river goes past their farm and their road has been closed for quite some time now. The river in the picture below is what is covered in ice and trees. I think it looks pretty cool but I guess it wouldn’t look that great if your farm lane has been under water.

Check out the ice in the river! Doesn't Mother Nature know that it's officially Spring?

Check out the ice in the river! Doesn’t Mother Nature know that it’s officially Spring?

After I saw the river, I ran to the farm store to see if I could find myself some new farm boots. I didn’t have any luck but couldn’t believe how many people were shopping in there today! I did have a good laugh when I saw this truck in front of me driving around with three dogs in the back just running back and forth and barking at every house they saw. Now even though New Hampton isn’t a big town, there’s quite a few houses to bark at! I had to snap the picture fast (I was trying to drive and look for trains all at the same time!) and I only caught two of them. But it’s still a funny picture! DSC_0155

And I even got all my running down before William stopped by on his way back to college. It was a great weekend!

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St. Patrick’s Stew Supper

Tonight was the stew supper at our church so I had quite a few things left to do. I needed to get the 5 posters made for this afternoon, 2 pans of bars made, get to a bridal shower, and then be at our church around 2:00. What took me the longest thing to do was the posters. Wow! But towards the end of the 4th one I was rolling pretty good and had the method down. We got the basement decorated and was all ready for the people to come. We were planning for 300 and it sounds like we served around 200. But everyone who came had a good time with the band playing and people seemed to enjoy themselves. After we got everything cleaned up there were a bunch of us heading downtown for a couple of drinks. I don’t know about you, but once we got home and Daryl still had to do chores – we just called it a night. It was already 10:00 and once my jammies went on, well that was that!

We did get a quick note from Kyle saying that his travels went well and was in Korea so that’s great. I know that you’re not supposed to think bad things, but I just couldn’t get it out of my head about the plane that was lost that was supposed to land in China. I mean it could have been a plane heading to Korea just as easy. But Kyle had already a choir rehearsal lined up for his Sunday and he started to teach on Monday. I’m thinking he’s going to be pretty tired in the middle of the week when everything hits.

So today’s picture of the day is Little Kitty. I couldn’t find her this afternoon and I knew that he was in the house somewhere. I found him hanging out in Kyle’s room. Either Little Kitty will be going through some withdrawal’s this week or he’s going to love not having to share a bed with Kyle.DSCN8115

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Taking Kyle to the airport & Fish Fry

We got an early start this morning because Kyle’s flight was at 10:00 and we wanted to get there in plenty of time to check in. Usually the mornings are so busy at the airport and we’re guessing that it will be really busy at 10. Because he’s going to be on an airplane for so long and it’s probably going to be messing his internal clock up pretty good, he wants to always stay up the night before to try to get in sync with the different time zones. So when it came to this morning, at 4:00 here he was all ready to go and wide awake. Oh to be a kid again… After Daryl got done with the chores, off we went to Minneapolis. It’s only a 3 hour drive, and with the roads really good we didn’t have any issues. Which is always good right? When we got to the airport our suspicion was right about all the people there. Holy Smokes! We knew that you can weigh your bags before you get into line and we all figured that this was a good thing to do. Kyle did weigh them at home, but it was just a double check. And good thing he did because he even had a couple of pounds in each one to spare. (Which makes me thinking do I really weigh even MORE than our scale says at home??) So he unloaded some books from his backpack to get his checked luggage to 50 lbs. Next thing was to get in the long checked bag line. It wasn’t as bad as it looked and it moved pretty fast. Oh by the way -if you’re checking a second bag the cost went up. It’s now $100 for your second bag! Ouch right?!! But his two bags are what he’s planning on using for the next 12 months so honestly 100 pounds isn’t too bad. I’m not sure how much of it was books though and he even kept some at home for now. Soon it was time to say our Good Bye’s and it’s always such a yucky thing.

Kyle looks pretty tired before he boarded the plane today. Wishing him safe travels.

Kyle looks pretty tired before he boarded the plane today. Wishing him safe travels.

I’ve gotten better at this saying the Good Byes at airports and we even laughed when we left the airport today because we even recognized some of the TSA workers. I beggggeeed Daryl to do something totally irrational and we could just hop on a plane and go away for a couple of days. You know we were at the airport already. But no such luck and it didn’t take too long and we were back home again.

With it only in the early afternoon, I had a lot that I wanted to get done yet. I was able to get some pictures made for some posters for our stew supper tomorrow night and I got all my matted pictures done. Yup, all 8 of them. But the funny thing is that I never took a picture of my finished work which is kind of odd don’t you think?  I guess you’ll just have to believe me that they turned out pretty good. I’m also hoping that others who come to the supper will think the same. I also ran into the hardware store and picked up a bridal shower gift that I needed for tomorrow morning. That was kind of hard. I had no idea what to get, but finally I found an insulated pan carrier with a pan inside. She should like it and I think it would come in pretty handy. Next to pick up some groceries quick for a couple of pans of bars that I need, some easels from the funeral home (I plan on making some posters for our church) and the next stop was to see how our Chef was doing on the stew. Everything was cool there so I went home to unload my groceries and grab the 8 matted pictures and head back to church. I’m can just about imagine that our neighbors were wondering what in the world I was doing driving back and forth so many times. I spent some time at the church getting things ready for tomorrow and back home I went to get cleaned up for tonight’s fish fry.

Whew! And guess where we went tonight? We went to Elma, Iowa –  BACKWOODZ Steakhouse & Lanes. Yup, a bowling alley was on the agenda tonight for supper. I think that’s so funny! But the food was really good and while you ate, you could watch people bowl. We never did go bowling but we did do a road trip and spent part of the night playing pool and bags. Fun!!

And the picture of the day is the Mendota Bridge in Minnesota. Here are some facts on it: When it was built in 1924-1926  it was the longest continuous concrete arch bridge in the world, it has 13 arches, and it’s the final bridge over the Minnesota River before the Minnesota flows into the Mississippi River. What I know about it is that if you’re trying to find your way home from the airport or need to go the airport, all you have to do is to head to the bridge! DSCN8114

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First Day of Spring

My post today is only going to be the picture of the day.

With today being Spring, I decided it would be a nice tribute to see what it looks like this year.

This is what I saw this morning –  The first day of spring!IMG_1402

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It’s finally time..

You know that I’ve been talking about Kyle getting all his paperwork done and how frustrating it’s been. But today he was watching the mail to see if his passport and visa was returned. I laughed because it was about 5:10 when he checked and couldn’t believe that the internet said that it was delivered but where was it? He was just about to call when I said to make sure that he looked in the cellar entry way. Yup, there is was!DSCN8103 He was excited and when he checked it out and everything was right. For me it was kind of bittersweet. I’ve been on the crazy mom side when we’ve tried to track his paperwork and when we couldn’t find where the one document that the Secretary of State signed (Hilary Clinton) – yea… I even was scaring William that time. So I guess I’m glad that everything is done. But with all the documents ready to go it just means it’s closer for Kyle to fly out. He’s planning on leaving on Friday and getting to Korea on Saturday. I guess it’s OK… but man oh man is our house going to be quiet when he leaves. I mean you just never know who he’s skyping with when you walk into just about any room in our house or what song he’s singing when he’s cooking in the kitchen. OK, I guess I’m really going to miss him.

And the picture of the day is one that I took when I went out for a walk tonight. There are two things that you watch when it’s spring. The first one is when the ditches ‘open’. What that means is that the culverts open up and the water has some place to go. The second one is when the tile lines are running. This gets rid of the extra water in the fields and it means that you’re getting closer to being in the field to plant. Well tonight we’re at the culvert stage and this is at our four corners west of our farm. IMG_1401

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