Noodle soup

I made a couple of cards for Ma lately and guess what I had in the kitchen when I got home from work tonight? 

NOODLE SOUP! Whoohoo. Now there’s one thing better than having noodle soup waiting for you when you get home and guess what that is? It’s when you are the only one in the house that likes it! 🙂

So here’s to a long weekend of eating homemade beef noodle soup. Yum! 

Some of the cards I made lately for Ma 

and one that I needed 

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Have you ever looked at a picture that automatically makes you happy? 

Well this one does because it’s all our kids in one spot!!

William and Jude are spending some time in New York with Kyle and Kelcie and just flew in tonight. Even though it was pretty late by the time that they got in, we quick Skyped to see how their travels went and just to check in with them. You know, it’s kind of a Mom thing right? 

I’m hoping that they have great weather and a good travels in all their adventures these next couple of days! It sounds like they’ve got a lot planned!

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Luther and a Cat

With Ed our bull gone, Daryl has been watching the papers to see where we could get another one.  And with the girls making the worst noise in the cow yard lately, we knew that we better do something fast! 

So Daryl was able find one close and off we went to check him out, and to see if he was going to fit in with our cows and our farm. 

First stop  was to go to our sister-in-laws to pick up the livestock trailer. We don’t own one and she’s been so nice to let us borrow hers when we need it.

Well we got the trailer all hooked up and now we were on our way. But there was a quick comment made that we never looked in the trailer before we left. Now maybe there was a gate or two or some extra stuff that was stored in it, and if we put a bull in with it -well it just might not make it back to our sister-in-laws the same as we left. But it was just too late. We were on the highway headed south and that was that. If there was something in it, maybe we could just put it in the back of our truck or something. 

Finally we got to the farmer who was selling the bull and after we said hello, we checked out the bull he was selling. First thoughts were that he was small. Now of course we will probably never have another ‘Ed’, but even Daryl was a little hesitant. But we were there, the bull will grow, and we needed a bull, so with a handshake we bought him. Do you know what I liked the most about him? I liked that you could go up to him and pet him. Yup, I think he’ll fit in just fine.

Next thing was to get him loaded into the trailer and bring him back to our farm. With the cab window open, Daryl stuck his head out and was able to get the trailer situated perfectly for the bull to just walk right into it.

BUT WAIT! I hear a cat just meowing and meowing! And she’s in the trailer! Oh no!! We brought our sister-in-laws cat all the way to this farm. OK, no time to panic. So I said to the farmer “Don’t open the door, the cat will get out!” Pretty specific right? Yea, not so much. Guess what he did? He opened the door and the cat got out.

Pure panic went through Daryl and I. Here was this cat who seemed upset and must be our sister -in-laws, now loose running around the cow yard at a different farm! 

OK, we can do this! So we tried to corner her and she took off running. Seriously wouldn’t this have been so much easier if the farmer didn’t let the cat out in the first place?

But after a bunch of running around in the cow yard, I finally nabbed her and clutched on to her for dear life!

She wasn’t happy, but we weren’t going to loose her again, so into the truck I went and my plan was to sit there until the bull was loaded.

Then guess what happened? Well the grandson of the farmer (he looked around 15 or 16) came over to the driver side of the cab of the truck and asked if that was our cat? Odd question right? Well I said no, but that it was our sister-in-laws and then went on to tell him that we use the trailer and how we didn’t look inside of it and…. 

Well he didn’t move from the window and while the cat was trying to crawl up to the top of my head and scratch just about everything in sight, he asked me how long was it missing? Hum.. now remember this cat was trying to take at least the first couple of layers of skin off me, but with a death grip on it, I politely said back with a smile that I don’t think she thought it was missing. On a farm cats are always going in and out of equipment. 

He watched me for a little bit and then said, ‘You know we have a cat that looks just like that. Yup, pretty much exactly like that!” Still fighting the cat, I smiled and said, ‘That’s nice’ 

Then he said that their cat, loving named ‘Big Grey Kitty’, came to them a couple of years ago and he was glad that they finally found the right owners. 


OMG!! Was this their cat? 

I jumped out of the cab of the truck and with the bull all loaded, Daryl and the farmer came up and stood beside me. The kid asked his Grandpa if this looked this their cat and guess what the farmer said? He said, ‘Yup, that’s Big Grey Kitty’ 

So I threw the cat down and it went over to the barn and then I looked at Daryl and said under my breath  ‘LET’S GET OUT OF HERE!’ Still trying to smile when the farmer and his Grandson was looking at me like maybe I was from Mars or something. 

Well Daryl knew what was going on and the misunderstanding that had just happened and by the time we reached the gravel road from their short driveway we burst into full belly laughs! 

Well the moral of the story is: Always look in the trailer before you leave or you might get yourself a new cat! 

Meet Luther our new bull

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Sock it to me!

We have too many socks in our house.

OK what I should have said is that we HAD too many socks in our house!

Have you ever gotten  to the point when you know that it’s time to make a change? Well that’s what happened with our socks. 

For a very long time after we washed & dried our socks, we would just put them in a small laundry basket and then pick out a pair from there. But the problem was that we just kept picking out the same ones over and over and never really wore most of any of them.  

So tonight all that changed! I sorted out the ones that we normally use, kept back a one f few of the better pairs, and literally burnt the rest of them! I just couldn’t stand it anymore!! 

And how do I feel now that maybe 90% of them are gone? 

I feel good 🙂 


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It’s Party Time with the girls!

Funday Sunday!!  

Today was a really fun day! See today my Mom and her friends were invited to a party up by the cities and I was going to drive her and the girls to it. 

So I started out the day picking Ma up early and then picked up the rest of the gang. We were off!

The weather was absolutely perfect and with the sun shining – how can you ask for a better Sunday drive? 

It would take us around 3 hours one way to get to the party, so of course we were trying to figure out just where we were going to eat. I thought I had a good idea for a restaurant, but found out that it was a Chinese restaurant and wasn’t the best suggestion. So finally we found a Perkins half way to the cities and pulled off for a sandwich and some coffee. 

I couldn’t help to smile then and now as I’m writing this I’m still smiling just thinking about how much fun those girls had today. They laughed and talked all the way there and there wasn’t a dull moment ever in the car! They see each other a couple of times a week, so they really know each other well and are very good friends. 

Now off to their friends house and the party. I’m not sure where the sun went because it rained pretty much the rest of the day. But who cares right? The party was inside so it didn’t really matter. Now when we got there and wished a Happy Birthday to the host, we soon realized that maybe we didn’t have to stop for lunch after all! There was a huge spread and even though we were still pretty full, we thought we’d grab a plate to eat  🙂 

After a couple of hours visiting at the party some goofing off

and then some photo’s taken of the group we found ourselves back in the car and heading south to Iowa. 

I’m so glad that I was able spend the day with these fun girls and for now I think I’m going to bed early! They sure wore me out! 


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And so it begins – Fall Harvest 2017!

Today was the first day that Daryl got out into the fields and was able to start combining soybeans. The weather was warm and there was a good breeze blowing. 

And while he was in the field, I was busy making soap (of course right?) But the afternoon caught up with me and I promised that I’d bring some lunch out to the field around 4:00. What to make? To be honest I haven’t gotten groceries – well I really don’t remember the last time I did get groceries! That’s not usually a good sign when you have to make something fast.  

Time to improvise. Well I had 6 pieces of bread left and thought I’d make some grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup. It was pretty hot out, but hey it’s better than nothing! And it was a very good thing that I had 6 pieces of bread because the first sandwiches I burnt on the one side! Don’t you just hate that when that happens? OK, so I peeled off the top layer and added another piece of cheese in the middle and another piece of bread. Put some butter in the pan and that worked! 

Now to package it up and try to find him in the fields. Well it wasn’t hard to find him and all I had to do was to look for the dust. And dust there was! When I said there was a good breeze blowing, I think Daryl said it was blowing straight into the combine.  The picture below shows that farming can be a very dirty job sometimes! 

But after lunch he went back to combining and I went back to soap. Yup, it was a good day for both of us! 

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Friday night – It’s a date!

This time of the year around the farm the word date doesn’t always mean what you think it would. 

And with it being Friday night and Daryl and I had a ‘date’, well I wasn’t too surprised that the date meant that he was wondering if I would come over to the other farm and help him so something.  

Well of course I would help even though I wasn’t sure just what I was helping him with!  But I soon found out that we were going to move the auger from our farm and set it up on the other farm before it got too dark out.

So off we go in the pickup with the auger behind us. It didn’t take too long to get it just in the right spot for the bin and then Daryl had to climb up to the top to get the spout lined up. As you can tell from the picture below we got the auger there before it got dark, but the moon was out to help us see when the final setup was being done.  

Now even though it was dark when we left and going out for the night was the last thing on our minds – I have to admit it really wasn’t that bad of a date after all 🙂

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Something funny is going on!

It seems like it’s been awhile since we’ve mowed lawn so I decided that I’d take a couple hours after work tonight to get it started. I knew that I wouldn’t get it done – but at least I could get some of it done. 

So after work I changed my clothes, filled the lawn mower full of gas, and off I went.  

Now when I mow lawn I don’t mess around. I literally put the pedal to the metal and go as fast as I can. But tonight when I saw the milk weeds that have grown up by our shed, I slowed down and thought to myself that maybe I should take them down. 

Even though they are good for the monarchs – they are not so good looking when the building faces the road! So as I’m making my rounds just trying to get as much mowed as I can, something catches my eye on these plants and I decided the next time around I’m stopping. 

So that’s exactly what I did. There was something funny going on with this milkweed and I was going to find out just exactly what that was!

And as I got closer I was still puzzled. What in the world was a Praying Mantis doing on our farm? I’ve only seen one once and that was done south on the Iowa/Missouri border. 

But here he was, and not scared at all! So I did a photo op with him, and because it was so bright out I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out. 

So the next round I’m back at it again and took some more pictures. I think this picture below kind of explains how this guy was feeling. To me it looks like he’s saying ‘Enough already!’ 

Well now I’m not so sure that I should take down these milkweeds after all. I’ve read that Praying Mantis do a fantastic job eating bad bugs that are in gardens and flower beds, so first I’m going to check out the plants to see if there are any egg sacks hanging on the them and go from there.  

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It’s a good trade!

After work tonight I headed over to Ma’s to see if she liked the Birthday card that she had ordered. It’s for a party this coming weekend and if she didn’t like it, I wanted to have enough time to make her a new one. 

But she said that it would work out perfect – whew!  It was a really cool card because she wrote a personal note inside that I added to it. Very Cool! 

And of course she wanted to give me something for making it. And of course I said no! 

Then she asked if I wanted some tomatoes. Now that’s a good trade if you ask me! So when I got home into the freezer they went with the others until this winter. 

One of our kids called when I was over at Ma’s so I quick snapped a picture and sent it to them saying Hi back from her. It was a fast picture – but I like it allot!  

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I think it’s going to rain

It’s been very dry around our area and even though any rain wouldn’t help the crops at this point, it would still help to settle the dust. 

So on my way home tonight I saw the sky and thought to myself that I’m thinking that we’re going to get some rain. 

After quite a bit of thundering, it finally came!

I tried to take a picture to show that it was a white out – but I don’t think I did too well. And it sounded like we got over an inch so that’s good. It sure makes the air smell much cleaner and hopefully will settle the dust! 

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