Waiting for paint to dry

I’m literally waiting for paint to dry tonight.I’m working on a project that I needed to do some painting, so I jumped on the internet and Kyle was on Facebook. I know that I’ve said this before, but it’s so nice to be able to talk to him when he literally is 14 hours a head of us for time. So after catching up with what’s going on there – I’m about ready to finish the projects that I started. I wanted to redo some photo’s of Williams that I matted that didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted them to. My goal is to get to bed before 12:30 so I can get up early and get a couple of things ready before anyone comes. I just checked the forecast and there’s a 60% chance of rain for tomorrow. Yuck! But then there’s also a 40% chance that it doesn’t rain. I sure hope luck is on our side and it doesn’t rain. We’ve not only got enough for awhile and  the fields are starting to flood, but we also are having a lot of people over tomorrow and it would be so nice if the weather could cooperate. I guess time will tell right? I better hurry up with my project  - it’s 11:53 already!

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I went to work and came home with this

I went to work this morning and it was definitely a good day! Our company owns property by the walking trail and some of the guys were clearing the path where literally trees had fallen with the last storm we had. Some of them knew that I was looking for fire wood for our campfires, and they said to bring the pickup to work today and they’d hook me up. Score right?! So after work I headed down to the trail and there were some guys down there cutting up some of the trees. I thought to myself, I sure hope I can load the truck up with the firewood and not look too clumsy. Not that I care that much how I look, but I just didn’t want to get teased for weeks and weeks. But everyone pitched in and it took maybe 10 minutes and the back of the truck was full. IMG_1756Like I said – Score for us! It’s wet wood so it’ll have to dry out for next year. Anyway, it poured on the way home tonight so it’s pretty wet anyway. We’ve got some dry stuff in the calf shed for this weekend.

And I also picked up something else tonight. I got 5 new baby chickens. I was trying to take a picture of them and either they were pretty shy or they were pretty mad – I’m not sure. When they would see the camera, they would run to the one side of the box. Then when I moved the camera they would run to the other side. IMG_1752So this is the best picture I could take of the group. It’s just a picture of their backside. Well everyone but the yellow one. But I did snap a couple of pictures of two of them on our piano that turned out OK.DSCN8546 DSCN8548 But honestly they’ll have to get used to having their picture taken if they live on our farm right?  I’m thinking they’ll be held a lot these next few days. We’ve got the family fun day tomorrow with Daryl’s side and with all the little kids coming these chicks will get handled a lot. The only trouble that I’ve got so far with the chickens is that when the front door of our house opens, in comes Little Kitty. And guess where the baby chickens are? They’re in our laundry room for now in an open box. And the laundry room doesn’t have a door –  so it would be easy picking for the cat. I did have them at first in the bathroom, but I thought it was a little bit too cold. After this weekend I’ll see about putting them in the chicken coop. But for now? As long as they don’t smell, they’re kind of fun in the house.

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New posts are in

I mentioned earlier that the county was putting in new telephone posts in our area,  and they had the ones by us doing a leaning thing for about a week now. But this week they started to work on getting them replaced. So I could see that they were working their way down the road so I grabbed my camera and tried to get a good picture of them. But I couldn’t really get a good picture of them and I didn’t really want to walk on the road and snap a picture of them. I didn’t want to creep them out or anything. So when they got close to our farm, I was in the Roadhouse with William and I snapped a couple of pictures looking out the window. It was really kind of interesting how fast they could get those poles replaced. Everyone had a job and knew what their job was. Now they also looked like they were having a good time, which I’m sure makes the days go faster. Because when I took this picture it was around 7:00 pm. I don’t know the last time that these poles were ever replaced, and if they were since we’ve been living on the farm, I sure don’t remember it. Below are my paparazzi pictures of the county workers.

Getting the area ready for the pole

Getting the area ready for the pole

Moving the pole into place

Moving the pole into place

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Tuesday – the ‘To Do’ list

On the list for tonight,  clean the house, do laundry, take back recycling, take back cans, do bills, do dishes.. well you get the picture. But take a look at what I really did tonight. Yup, went golfing and then out for supper (it was Taco Tuesday you know!) with my friend. We’ve been trying to golf now for about 5 weeks and even though there was more than enough stuff to do at home, we went anyway. And guess what? It was tons of fun!

Jackson Heights Golf Course.

Jackson Heights Golf Course.

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We got a lot done tonight!

Tonight we all worked really hard to get some things checked off our list. This coming weekend we are hosting Daryl’s family, and that could be up to 45 people. It’ll be a lot of fun, but we’re just not quite ready yet. I’ve been spending most .. OK, all…. of my time working on the Irish Fest stuff for our town and now it’s time to buckle our shoes and get some stuff checked off this weekends to do list.

So my first activity was to work on the flower beds. I did have some good luck growing some of our flowers in the greenhouse, but we’ve also got this little puppy that thinks that some of the flower beds are for digging holes to China! I’m really cheap,  so I waited until they went on 50% off in town and then I just got what ever they had left on the shelves. I did have pretty good luck and once I had them planted in some pots around the farm and the holes that the dog dug up, they looked kind of nice.

While I was doing that, Daryl was working on mowing the lawn and then he went out and cut a grass way that we will use for bales for the hay ride this weekend. I’m hoping that it’ll be fit so it can be baled before then. Otherwise – maybe it’s a good job for when the family comes over this Saturday. Just joking!

William worked on taking photo’s for farm bingo that we’re playing this weekend and then he had to work on his school work. He’s taking some summer classes on line and needs to stay on top of them. The farm bingo will be fun and I’ve got to get some funny prizes for the winners sometime soon. Well at least before Saturday right?

After I got the flowers planted, it was time to drag out the high pressure sprayer. I needed to bug William to help get it started because Daryl was working on the yard work at the time. Now it’s not hard to figure out, but I also didn’t want to wreck it before I got the house cleaned off. I found out that even though I hate flies, after I washed the house off I think I hate them even worse. They seem to want to make a mess on our siding for some reason. Dumb flies! I have a friend from Colorado and they don’t even have screens on their windows because they don’t have bugs. I think that this is just amazing!

I quick drug out the hose and got the porch and sidewalks clean. I think this will have to be done again before Saturday, because the chickens were all watching me and looked just way too interested in the clean cement.

William worked on his outdoor movie screen so we can have a drive in movie theater night, well without the drive in part of course. It’s an over-sized king size sheet that he attached to wood so it’s like a huge screen to use with his projector and movies outside under the stars Saturday night. Now that’ll be fun and I can’t wait!

And the night ended up with Daryl leveling off the NEW gravel in our driveway.DSCN8492 Getting new gravel is kind of a big thing for me. I know that sounds pretty weird, but we don’t get a load of gravel every year and when we do get it, the yard looks so nice. But the problem that we have is that one good rain and just like that it’s all washing down onto the road. And then the road grader man spreads it out on the road and good bye new gravel. But hopefully this year we’ll be able to get it to stay a little bit better.

You have to admit - it looks really nice!

You have to admit – it looks really nice!

The photo of the day is two of our male peacocks. I have no idea what they were doing, but if you ask me I think they look like they’re gossiping about something! Hey, maybe how nice the gravel looks :) IMG_1745

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Sunday – Irish Fest and rain

Our town’s festivities were still going on Sunday,  but we weren’t too busy at the Hardware Store so we decided to start cleaning it up and getting it organized. It wasn’t expecting it to be too bad and Daryl and I were even hoping that I might get done early enough that we could go on a bicycle ride or take the Chevelle out for the afternoon. Now I did get done somewhat early, but just as we were finishing up – BAM! It started to thunder and rain. Yup, there goes the afternoon! But thank goodness it didn’t do this on Saturday during the parade. And for us – we can’t even mow the lawn now. (OK, that isn’t such a bad thing on a Sunday anyway) But it does put a damper on what we could be doing. So we ended up just hanging out around the house for the afternoon. I did some laundry and caught up on somethings so I guess it wasn’t completely wasted. But I must say that I think it sure would have been a lot more fun if we were able to get out and enjoy the afternoon.

Now if you’re wondering how many of the books that we sold for the Irish Fest, the tally as of Sunday morning was 100 – SCORE! I’m glad that people like them. Next years will be a little bit harder and we’re going to work on doing a business book. We want to start it earlier than we started this book – so I guess time will tell if we actually do that or not. And now that the weekend is almost over, I’ll be glad to get a good nights sleep. I’ve been worried about making sure we have everything ready for the exhibit and guess what? I didn’t really need to worry after all. It went really well.

So the photo of the day is this picture. It’s a sign just outside of our town and it’s pretty appropriate for this past weekend. IMG_1737

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Saturday – Irish Fest

Saturday was day two of the towns  festivities and the weather is holding out. That’s such a relief! It seems like it can rain easily these past days and just before the parade was starting this morning, it started to sprinkle. Everyone thought ‘Oh no’, but it never did rain and it didn’t take too long and then the parade was on it’s way. The parade was about an hour long and normally I really don’t get into parades that much, but I really enjoyed it. It’ so funny because in our town’s parade,  families get together and have their own entry.. 10500439_558842320891563_2572696245601438053_n10431526_558842244224904_6830839297225089454_nNow there were some pretty creative ones, but the one that I got the biggest kick out of was the one with a farm spreader on it. How funny! They became a Century Farm and are proud of it. Which they should be! IMG_1702Now I think some town people might wonder what in the heck is going on with that! But I think it was my favorite one of all. Nothing too fancy, just plain funny! The second entry that I would vote for being really funny was a local electric company’s business. The guy had a Superman cape on and was being lifted and lowered like he was flying. The wind would catch his cape and fly behind him. It was a hoot! IMG_1711And now for candy – there was TONS of it. I was thinking how much candy we threw out last week at the town that I work in’s parade and I really think we have to kick it up a notch for next year. The reason that I say this is because the kids by us today were getting handfuls of candy thrown to them. And all those kids ended up with grocery sacks full! Yup, we definitely need to get more next year for our business. After the parade we joined everyone else and headed downtown to catch some of the local fun and grab something to eat from the vendors. Below are a couple of pictures that I snapped along the way.

Blow up activities for the kids

Blow up activities for the kids

The Photo History sponsor - Kurt Croell from Lawler

The Photo History sponsor – Kurt Croell from Lawler

Guest speakers in the Hardware store

Guest speakers in the Hardware store

Putting the coins into the sand for the kids

Putting the coins into the sand for the kids

We spent a couple of hours downtown and went home to do the chores and get cleaned up again and back to town we went. We wanted to support the local Lions Club for their chicken supper and found out that if we were going to eat there tonight before we had to do our volunteer work, we needed to inhale our food. For some reason we didn’t come to town early enough and now we had only 7 minutes to eat 4 pieces of chicken, coleslaw, beans, buttered roll, and potato salad. Guess what? Even with the pressure on – we did it. Now to be honest, we only took 3 pieces of chicken :)  We were glad to get served right away because we heard that last year they served over 1000 people. Pretty good considering our town only has 439 people living there.

The crowd for the Lion's Club chicken dinner.

The crowd for the Lion’s Club chicken dinner.

Now to get to  the Entertainment Tent. We signed to work in the beer tent and even though this was the first time for us to work in there, it went well.It was kind of fun being on that side of the night for a couple of hours. Our shift went fast and we ended up the night hanging out listening to the music. What a great day and it was really fun! You can tell that everyone worked really hard to make the day seamless and it really paid off! And for Daryl and I? Well, we’re ready to call it a night and hit the hay.

OK, so I have two photo’s of the day. The first one that I took of some boys watching their friend in the dunk tank. I really like this picture. To me it represents small town life in the summer.

Boys with the best view in town

Boys with the best view in town

The second one is some girls in the coin finding contest. They put money into the cement mixer and then mix it up with a  load of sand. After it’s dumped,  the kids dig in the sand to try to find as much money as they can. I just love this little girl in the tutu giving it all!

Digging for treasure!

Digging for treasure!

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Friday Night – Irish Fest & 5k

And the weekend has officially begun -  Thank Goodness! I hosted some guests for work this week and I was really glad that everything went well for that. I think (OK, I know) that I worry about this more than I should. But like I said, the day went well and I can check that off my list. So now it’s the first night of the Irish Fest in our town and we’re ready for the people to come. The pictures and the book that I’ve been helping with look really good if I say so myself. We had so much help from others in the Community getting it ready, it was so fantastic! There seems to be quite a bit of interest in it, so I’m thinking it should go over pretty good. The large tents are set up for the music crowd and Daryl, William, and I are getting ready for the 5k tonight. Yup, same as before – I’m hoping to get under 30 minutes. So how did the run go? Well I ended up between 31 & 32 minutes. So I did do better than last week, but I’m going to try to find another 5k that I can run in soon and hopefully by the end of summer I should.. well I hope … that I will be able to meet and beat that goal of 30 minutes! I still want to do a half marathon this fall, but after seeing how hard it is for me to beat this dumb 30 minute goal thing,  I think the verdict is still out if I’m still going to sign up or not.

After the run, we went home quick to get cleaned up and came back in for the band. The music was great and the tent and town was full.

Sweet Siren on stage

Sweet Siren on stage

I didn’t take too many pictures tonight, but here is one of my favorites of Daryl and I :)

He’s such a good sport and hardly puts up a fight anymore for these photo ops!  So this is the photo of the day- Daryl and I.



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The water’s rising

It’s been raining a lot lately and it’s too much not only for our crops, but also for people’s property. Daryl dumped the rain gauge tonight from last night and it was 4 inches. 4 inches! I guess it could be worse, the farmers just north of us had 6 inches of rain these past 12 hours. Now it’s hard to turn away rain because soon we’re going to be praying for more in July, but it needs to stop now for awhile. The forecast is for it to start clearing up tomorrow and just in time for the Irish Fest in our town. Keep your fingers crossed!

I snapped a quick picture of a small creek just down the road from us on the way to work this morning. It’s not the best picture because I had someone coming up the road behind me and I’m not sure if he wanted to drive that way or he was just checking the out why I was driving so slow. It really could be a little bit of both. But hopefully the water won’t get any higher because it makes it really hard to get home when that happens!

The small creek is rising by us this morning

The small creek is rising by us this morning. This is the field beside the creek. 

I also took a picture of my sunflowers. They are so not looking very good after I set them outside on the porch last night and the dog AND the cat both laid on them. But I planted them tonight and I guess we’ll just see if they will grow.

My poor sunflowers

My poor sunflowers

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Deja vu – Proud moments

When I came home the other night I was a little confused on why the sidewalk had dirt on it. I mean, I had all the flowers planted and they were actually even starting to bloom. Then all of a sudden I could feel the puppy beside me and he was looking both pretty excited and proud at the same time. Well, I wouldn’t think he should be either of those two. Check him out.

Kaiser by the flower bed

Kaiser by the flower bed

Now normally I wouldn’t want to blame him for the hole in the flower bed and all the flowers on the sidewalk now, but his paws were filthy and he did have a dumb grin on his face. Then I thought to myself, I’ve been here before. All of a sudden it hit me. Yup, I was standing in the same spot with Apollo our last male dog. It was definitely Deja vu moment. So I checked through some pictures and I was right. Apollo also was always looking in this spot for ‘something’. Now I’m not trying to say nothing about nothing… but we’ve never had this trouble with any of the female dogs that we’ve had.

Remember this photo of Apollo? DSCN02642-837x1024



I guess

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