Hauling hay

Daryl usually has most of our hay made into round bales and stores them at the other farm until he gets time to have them moved to ours. 

So he spent the weekend cleaning out the cow yard and hauling manure. After that was done, then he started to move in the hay bales for the winter and then gave the cows some bedding. 

At first I was thinking that he must really woke up this morning feeling ambitious. But as the day went on and as I was checking on him, I came up with another possibility for his over ambitious day. 

Now first of all I have to say that I know that he wanted to get this all done while he had time. 

But I also would like to add that he scooped up the manure, moved the bedding into the shed, and then stacked the hay bales in the shed all with his new skid loader 🙂 

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What to do?

It’s that time of the year again when the weather turns colder and you know that Fall is in the air and Winter isn’t too far behind. 

And also what you know if that you now have to decide what you’re going to do with your outside flowers. 

Will you leave them to die in the first frost of the season or will you try to keep them alive for… well for hopefully warmer weather? 

It’s quite a dilemma that I go through pretty much every year. 

But you just know that your flowers are looking their best by about now and you’ve literally been keeping them alive all summer. 

So what are you going to do? 

Well I know what I’m going to do.

So I started to dig in the bottom of the linen drawer and pulled out as many sheets and old blankets and I could find. Next thing is to head outside. 

Yup, it’s for sure getting cold out here! As I make my rounds from the porch flowers, to the garage flowers, to the barn and old wagon flowers, I’m wondering just how long I’ll keep this up? I know that it’s supposed to be windy tomorrow so either the wind is going to blow them off or the dogs pull the blankets off to lay on them during the day in the yard. 

But whatever the case, for this weekend they are all on survival mode and I’m spending more time that I want to admit keeping these flowers alive for, well just for now! 

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Green Snap

We had some high winds that literally blew through our area in July and we knew that it did knock down some of our corn. But if you took a look at the fields, they didn’t look just too terrible. 


Well it’s combining season and when Daryl asked if I wanted to ride around in the combine – now how can I resist that? But part of his plan was to show me just what he was seeing in the fields, and it wasn’t good! It was kind of like trying not to look at a car accident when you’re driving by it. I mean you know it’s going to be bad but you just have to look. And that’s how my combine ride went. The fields had sections in it that looked so bad but you couldn’t look away. 

The winds that blew through our section in July was probably one of the weirdest winds that we’ve ever seen on the farm. See it randomly picked spots out of the fields and broke the stalks off all at the same heights. And when the stalks are broken off before they have a chance to get ears of corn on them – well you end up with literally nothing but dead corn stalks. I learned the hard way that this wind damage is called Green Snap. 

But there really isn’t much you can do because it’s a done deal and you just hope that next years crop will be better. It’s been such a crazy year for the weather in our area and now that I saw our corn fields, well that just confirms it! 

So this is what the fields should look like 

And this is what we are seeing. So not cool. 

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What’s in your refrigerator?

I’ve done something this past week that I’ve never done before. 

I burnt my soap. 

Yup, you heard it right. I burnt my soap. 

See the soap that I’m making has milk, oatmeal, and honey in it and I seriously think I’ve was thinking about it too hard when I was making it! 

What I did wrong is that I added the frozen milk to the water and then added the lye to the mixture. Not so good. See this is how a bunch of people on the internet adds the milk to their soap and guess what? It doesn’t work for me! 

I had a brown mixture with curdled milk floating on the top of it. Not the most appealing batch I’ve ever made. 

So I decided to go back to how I know what actually works for me. I froze the milk, got my lye/water & oils all to the same temperature, mixed them together, added my honey slowly so I didn’t burn the natural sugar in it, added some oatmeal, and then slowly added the frozen milk cubes. 

Everything was looking really good and after it was put in the molds – into the refrigerator it goes! See you don’t want the soap to go through a gel phase or you can burn the soap again. But luckily it looks like it worked this time and honestly I am kind of glad that I ruined a batch. It reminded me that I need to be extra careful all the time and that there will be times that the batches just won’t turn out how I want them to.  And what does our refrigerator smell like tonight? Well it smells just like oatmeal & honey – or in other words Sassy Come Home soap! 


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He’s in Love

Now normally when your husband comes into the house and tells you that he’s in Love and he’s not really looking at you when he says it, you’re supposed to get all upset and everything right? 

Yea, not so much. On the farm this new found love could easily be with a  piece of equipment and guess what? Yup, that’s exactly what he was talking about! 

And guess what else? I knew exactly that’s where he was going with this conversation! 

See he’s been watching the farm sales this summer for a new auger to help load the grain into the bins. He really wanted one that’s easier to set up and to also easier to unload the corn & beans into. 

He found a perfect one and that’s why he’s got a new Love in his life! 

The new (to us) auger raises and lowers without cranking it and is so much more user friendly. I did get a little nervous though when he was securing it to the bins.

But without any problems, it was soon moving corn without any problems. 

Yup, it’s the simple things on the farm that sure make the days seem so much brighter! 

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What have I been doing?

I’m sure you’re wondering just what in the world have I been doing these past couple of weeks! Now honestly when I looked back at my last post I hardly could believe it was that long ago – but I guess it was. 

So what have I been doing this whole time? 

Well as usual just a little bit of everything!

I started out two weekends ago delivering soap. Yup, I’m sure that’s no surprise if you’ve read this Blog before. Last year at this time was very busy and well I’m hoping that history will repeat itself this Christmas season too! Now I don’t know if I’ve never really taken the time to look before when I’ve driven around in the Fall, but as I was driving to the store to make my delivery the fields really caught my eye. With a lot of the farmers in our area a couple of weeks behind getting all their crops out, there is a lot of corn left in the fields. It was really a pretty cool drive tonight and I kind of welcomed the solitude of it and just the peacefulness of what the Fall brings to our area. 

Next after the delivery it was time to go to an Art Show. Now I’ve never been to an Art Open House before and I must admit I had no idea what to expect. But since I’ve never been to one … well that’s the perfect reason to go right? So after a couple of batches of soap, I’ve got the car warmed up and heading out in the late afternoon. Daryl was in the field working on taking out the soybeans, so it was good timing to see what I could find. I figured that there should be something that I would like and I found way too many things that I would have liked. I finally decided on two pictures that ended up coming home with me. The first one will be a gift and the second one, well the second one is mine 🙂 It fits me Perfect! Now to just find the right spot to hang it. I was originally thinking of bringing it with me to work and hanging it up in my office, but for some reason I think the proper etiquette is to have ‘work’ themes on your wall. Well, we’ll just have to see about that. 

So other things that have I’ve been working on is to making a ton of Bath Bombs to deliver for an order

met up with some of my best friends for dinner and drinks

put together a couple of Halloween Bags

also put together a couple of Bath Bags for early Christmas gifts

went shopping with my Mom, who by the way has almost ALL her Christmas shopping done already!! 

went to my Niece’s baby’s Baptism, made a ton of soap (the soap below is for a pre-order for Christmas)

met up with the kids and went out for supper
&  committed to having an Open House in November for my soap business.

Whew! Life is never boring is it! 


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Farm Trees

I had someone come over tonight to check out some trees that we want removed and to give us an estimate. And one of the first things that I asked him is if he was licensed and then I showed him the trees. 🙂 

See after the terrible storms that literally blew through this summer and took out a bunch of our trees, it’s got me a little scared that more trees will fall down. And if they fall down, guess where they’ll fall? Well they could fall right on our house if the wind is in the right.. or in the wrong direction! 

Well for now as the fall wind blows and the trees start moving, it makes me very nervous and I sure hope he can help us yet this year to take these trees down. Of course the trees that we want taken down are one of the the tallest ones on the farm. The trees are the ones behind our house. Yup, the tall ones! See why I asked if he was insured? 

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The kids in New York

The kids must have had a great time in New York  just looking at some of their pictures that they took. And I’m so glad that the weather also held out! If the weather was rainy I guess that wouldn’t be the end of the world, but it’s so much better when the weather is nice. 

And it’s funny because it’s like the next step for us as their parents. See in the past we always would take them on vacations and now they’re all grown up and are more than capable of going out on their own. It’s nice,  but I still worry about them 🙂 

What is my favorite picture that they took? Check it out – very cool!

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We’ve been upgraded!

Daryl has been talking about getting a different skid loader now for quite some time and he finally found one that is the right size for our farm. So guess what? We’ve been upgraded. Whooohooo!! 

Now normally I’m kinda sad when we’ve traded anything on the farm, but for this trade of the skid loader – yea, I’m not so sad. It seems like it’s time because it can give Daryl some run for his money on the cold mornings and this skid loader is bigger and has more bells and whistles on it.  So good-bye to the previous one and hello to the new one! 

He bought some attachments for it like a bale hauler and a rock bucket. Now a bale hauler I’ve seen before, but I’ve never seen the rock bucket before. I guess you use it to pick rocks by yourself in the skid loader. Yup, I knew that I would like this new purchase – but it just got kicked up a notch! 

So Daryl used it this weekend to load out a manure wagon from the cow yard. When I saw him driving out of the yard this weekend he seemed to be smiling to himself.

Life is good. 

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Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho, it’s off to the Vet we go

Even though I thought that the dogs had gotten every conceivable shot that there was this summer when they had their ‘Spa’ day, I was wrong. 

With a friendly reminder in the mail this week, Reno was due for a booster Rabies shot. Now this shot around the farm isn’t taken lightly and it’s not an option to be missed, so after making an appointment, we had plans to head to the vet’s office on Saturday morning. 

But when I looked at the dogs Friday night I couldn’t believe my eyes! They were covered from head to tail in burrs and weeds! Seriously, I think they must roll in them or something! 

So before I left on Saturday I hurried up and got the big ‘chunks’ out of Reno’s coat and then we were off. 

Now if you remember the last time the dogs went to the Vet, one of them was almost going to have to be sedated and the other one was really good. And lucky for me the really good one is Reno! So she sat beside me so good all the way to the Vet’s office, got her shot, and then waited patiently while I paid. 

I found out that she really loves riding in the truck. Well let me say that we really loves riding in the truck without Kaiser! 


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