Twins Baseball Game

IMG_1820Isn’t it the truth, when you don’t have to get up early it seems like your back starts hurting around 5:30 and finally after trying to get comfortable you just plain give up and take a shower? Well, that’s what always seems to happen to me anyway. So this morning was the same story. I laid and bed and thought to myself just stick it out and go back to sleep. But then I had to go to the bathroom ..  and finally I got up and downloaded a bunch of pictures on the IPad and then took a shower. The baseball game wasn’t starting until around 1:00 and that meant that we didn’t really have to leave until 10:30 from our hotel.

Since Daryl and I couldn’t sleep anymore and the kids were awake, we decided to get to the Metro train and head to the stadium. We were really surprised when we saw that the train was full of both Twin’s fans and Yankee fans this early before the game. It was an uneventful trip in (which is good) and then we got to the stadium. Once we got to the stadium we worked through the crowd and started to watch the batting practice.

The Twins gave Derek Jeter the second base from the old Twins stadium

The Twins gave Derek Jeter the second base from the old Twins stadium

OK, now for the game. Our seats were really good and they were behind home plate and just under the awning. It was pretty hot in the sunshine and so I was more than happy sitting in the shade. I even saw some emergency people taking out this one guy that looked like he got too hot. The game was kind of long if you ask me, but remember I’m not that good at watching sports.

Derek Jeter at bat

Derek Jeter at bat

So this is how I passed the time.

Cold beer and nachos. That's how I roll

Cold beer and nachos. That’s how I roll

But with the Twins tied at the 8th inning I thought to myself, ‘Oh no! somebody .. anybody make another run!’ Because one time we went to a Twins game and it lasted 19 innings. Pure torture if you ask me. And at the end of the ninth inning it was still tied. First overtime ended in another tie and then the second overtime the Twins pulled it out and won! Yea!! IMG_1822

Because the game lasted longer that we were originally thinking it would, we didn’t make it to our local town to watch their fireworks. But as I’m checking out our bobble heads from the game, William shot some fireworks off at the farm to celebrate the long weekend of the 4th of July.

Some of William's fireworks at the farm

Some of William’s fireworks at the farm


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Minneapolis here we come!

There was still a couple of things that we had to do this morning before we could leave. We had to check on all the animals and double feed them to make sure that they had enough for overnight. This meant to have both water and feed for the chickens and dogs for a couple of days. Now I’m now sure what Little Kitty was going to do, but I guess he could hang out with the dogs if he wanted to. And for the cows? Daryl ended up getting a new bale of hay for them.  We just hated to do this, but without a lot of sunshine these past few weeks, the cows have the pasture grass almost gone. Now that everyone should be settled in for the next two days – off we went.  Have you ever felt that you just wanted to go somewhere and it really didn’t matter where you went but just somewhere? Well that’s how I felt and so I was really excited for this weekend. We took the new car to see both how it handled in city traffic and if it worked out OK.

The first stop was the amusement park – Valley Fair. IMG_1784It’s been quite a few years since we’ve been here and I just knew it was going to be fun. There has been some issues this past month with it being flooded and some of the park being underwater, but the only thing that we saw that it really impacted was the parking. There were a couple of their parking lots closed down and were flooded. Now some people tell us that we’re crazy to go to an amusement park on any Holiday because it’s so busy. But we tell them that this is the best time because there is so much other stuff going on that it’s not busy at all. And this year, yup maybe only about 1/4 of the normal crowd. Score for us! To start out the day we headed for the roller coaster called the Wild Thing and they were right – it was a wild ride. But fun!! Since we were just getting warmed up we headed over to what looked like a giant swing. Now it didn’t look so bad but holy smokes when you were riding it you were really high in the air. The structure is 100 feet high and you swing 125 feet up in the air at 60 mph.

Xtreme Swing

Xtreme Swing

We found more roller coasters to go on and then we wanted to get to this one magic show. We were not sure what it was about, but we promised William’s girlfriend that there wouldn’t be any clowns. Yea.. you know what’s going to happen right? The opening act is all clowns. But it was only one act and then the Magician comes out. It was Ed Alonzo from the show Saved By The Bell.IMG_1792 I think Kyle would like to have seen this guy because he grew up with that show every morning before school. The show was fun and so was the whole day. The weather wasn’t hot or cold and it was pretty close to being perfect. So at the end of the day we picked out a couple of rides that we wanted to hit before we left for our hotel. The first one was the roller coaster Renegade. We rode it earlier and let me tell you that it is fun!! It stands 104 feet tall with a first hill and ride maximum drop of 91 feet at 52 mph . The track is 3,113 feet  long, and the ride lasts around two minutes. This is also one that gets shut down due to the flooding of the Minnesota River, but we were glad that it was open today. I found out that this roller coaster was also featured on Discovery Channel’s Build It Bigger program. Pretty cool. So we’re walking the path to get to the coaster and all of a sudden people are coming back down. The car got stuck on the track. IMG_1800Now we’ve gone to a lot of amusement parks in our lifetime, but we’ve never seen a car stuck with people in it on the first drop. We ended up waiting and then decided to try something else instead. And just as we were leaving, they got the people out and we were back in business. IMG_1785There was also another thing that I’ve never even heard of before and much less see. It was a family dryer. This ride is close by and the people watching on the bridge get pretty wet.IMG_1797 The instructions say that for $5 you can blow dry your family. I wish someone would have done it when we were there. I think that would be so funny to see!IMG_1796  Another ride on the Wild Thing and then before we leave one more ride on the Steel Venom. Now this ride is a little different. It’s a roller coaster that sends you straight up into the air 185 feet and in less than four seconds you go 68 mph. IMG_1795Seriously, this is the only ride that makes my palms sweat. But it is a blast! William and I rode together on the last ride. IMG_1807

After a long afternoon at the park, we were headed to find our hotel. Our car has GPS in it and it came in pretty handy to get us to the hotel. We ordered some Pizza and Wings to be delivered to our room and spent the night at the pools hot tub. What a great day we had!

The photo of the day is William and Daryl just hanging out. IMG_1803

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Getting stuff ready on Thursday for the weekend

We had plans to go away this weekend so we needed to not only catch up on a couple of things around the farm, but also get some errands done.

First things first – my little chickens are still alive which is awesome! So after work I went to town to pick up some more chicken feed. When I was at the farm store to pick up the feed (which I thought was an easy task) I made the comment which feed should I use? Well, that started this huge debate if I wanted medicated feed or not. Now seriously, all I wanted was some feed and I didn’t really care if it was medicated or not. Just give me the one that I should buy right? Well, it turned out that they didn’t have any unmedicated feed so now this should be an easy decision. And since I didn’t have any ducks the medicated feed would kill I should be fine.  But then my clerk called in for reinforcement to find out if I could use this other kind. The other kind was for bigger chickens but it should be OK. Now seriously, we had a lot to do and all I wanted was something for them to eat. After a long discussion I found out that I could use either one. I tried to be patient, but all I could think of is Daryl raking the hay and wanting to grind feed yet tonight. These clerks were really nice, but I asked if my little chicks would eat the one kind and if they wouldn’t die from it. They said yes. OK, let’s buy that one! After I checked out, I grabbed the bag and headed outside. I was glad that the car wasn’t too far away because I forgot how heavy a 50 lb sack can be.

So when I got a couple of more errands done in town, I got home just in time to see Daryl pulling out of the drive way with the tractor and rake. The one small spot of grassy hay was still down and needed to be raked again. It didn’t take me too long to get the bigger feeder for the chicks and their new feed in the pen and then I started to mow the lawn. With all the rain that we’ve had lately, the whole lawn hasn’t been mowed now for some time. Our rider is fairly new and the only thing that I would change about it would be how fast it goes – or should I say ‘How fast it doesn’t go?’. But between Daryl and I we actually got almost everything mowed this time. The only spot is in the bottom of the ditches but that’s really not a big deal.

Daryl was able to get the feed ground and the cows were waiting to see which corn they were going to get tonight.

Grinding corn feed for the cows

Grinding corn feed for the cows

They like the new ground stuff the best, but the feed pen needed a good cleaning so that was on their menu for tonight. I had to laugh because it wasn’t that long ago when Tango wasn’t allowed to eat with the big cows and now he’s just one of them.

Sassy, Ed, No Ears, and Tango

Sassy, Ed, No Ears, and Tango

But Scarlet? Well, she’s not so welcome yet.

Poor Scarlet!

Poor Scarlet!

So at the end of the day, we got the chickens all settled, the hay raked (again!), feed ground, groceries bought, and somewhat packed for the weekend. Not too bad for doing it all after work.

The photo of the day is a picture of our two dogs. They seemed to be close to us when we’re outside doing chores.

Kaiser & Reno

Kaiser & Reno

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Baby Chicks and a very naughty puppy

I still have the little chickens in the house and my nephew came over he said that the box that they are living in stinks – so I guess that it’s time to put them outside. I also have a bigger problem with them. When Little Kitty comes into the house, she runs over to the chickens and tries to push the screen window that I have on the box off. At first I thought it was just an accident and then I literally held the screen on and she came over and tried to stick her face under it to get to the chickens. Yup, time to go outside for sure! So I asked Daryl to go over to our other farm to pick up a cow tank. These tanks are used to store water for the cows and would work perfect! Over to the other farm he went and came back with the tank on top of the wood that I got from work last week in the back of the truck. He asked if I would help him unload the wood after I got the tank and I think it was a fair trade. So I drug the tank into the chicken house and guess what? I had one already in there. I think I should have scoped it out before I asked him. Down to the barn to get some loose straw and I found a chicken waterer in the brooder house for their new home. I put the chickens in it and it was looking pretty good. I tried to get a cute picture of them and they still would run to the opposite corner. But this picture gives a pretty good idea on how their new home looks. I put some chicken wire on top and then an old chicken wire door on top of that. Hopefully it’ll keep out Little Kitty and all the other farm cats!

The new home for our little chickens

The new home for our little chickens

We also had the electric company back to work on our poles. I think they’re done, but I’m not sure. Our electric was off again tonight, but only for about and hour so that wasn’t too bad. My Mom was over when I snapped the next picture and said that I sure took a lot of pictures of them putting up the poles. Come to think of it – she’s right.

Finishing up the work on the telephone poles

Finishing up the work on the telephone poles

And now for our naughty puppy. He has gotten into so much trouble digging holes in our lawn that he’s gone to digging holes in our new gravel that we just put down. I have no idea why he would do this, but Daryl seems OK with him in the yard and not the lawn. Kind of weird place to dig, but I guess OK.

I have no idea what this dog is looking for!

I have no idea what this dog is looking for!

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My poor garden

I’m still on a mission to have my garden look better than it did  last year and to be honest it’s giving me a run for my money. I’ve walked past it a couple of times these last few days and Wow does it look bad. But I’ve still got hope and my biggest trouble now is all the water that’s in it. I took a picture of me standing in it to show just exactly how much water I’m talking about.

I don't think I'll have to water my garden any time soon!

I don’t think I’ll have to water my garden any time soon!

Now this photo is about the water so try not to look at my ugly leg. I had to take the picture holding the camera upside down so I could see using the view finder and I got just waaayyy too much of myself in this one. But I guess it is what it is.

I worked hard to try to get the water out of the garden as much as I could, and I found a spot that I could dig out between the outside wood and I was able to remove most of it.

It was like opening a water spout!

It was like opening a water spout!

When I was standing in the garden, my flip flop literally got stuck in the mud when I was trying to get out. It was like if you ever went swimming in a river and ended up in a mud spot. You just hated to put your down, but you had no choice. Gross! And as you can just about imagine when I got out of the garden my foot was covered in mud. I tried to wipe my foot off on the grass with what I thought was good luck. But once I got into the house I realized that I kind of just ground the mud into my heel and now what was I supposed to do? So I grabbed one of those Mr. Clean white eraser pads and used it on my feet. And guess what – it worked! Now it didn’t work as good as a pedicure at the Spa, but I also didn’t have one of those Spa girls looking at my foot and then giving me the stink eye either. And it did work better than when I was trying to scrub it off with a cloth so I’m calling it a success. I saw an article once for this product and it said that there was a million uses for it.  I’m kind of thinking that there is a million and one!

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Sunday, more rain and storms!

I knew that we probably got a lot of rain last night because when we met Daryl’s brother and sister in law for breakfast, they said that when they left Saturday night they could see quite a few flashers on the roads by our farm already! And it turned out this morning that the County had put up 3 road cautions by us last night after the storm and honestly they should have put up one more going west because that road was also flooded. I think maybe they just ran out or something. Who knows – but what I do know is that we really need some nice warm weather.. oh yea.. and also it needs to be dry! What crops are not flooded or washed out, is now turning yellow because it’s  been quite awhile since they saw the sun. We’re all hoping for better weather. Rain amount this morning was around 3 inches.

We didn’t know if we were going to get a bicycle ride in yet today and after dinner the decision was made for us. It started to rain again. OK, time to just relax and get some things done around the house. There wasn’t any good movies around the area to go to, so we just hung out watching TV.  And it’s a good thing that William was live streaming the local news station upstairs because it said if you were living around the area where we live, put your cars in a safe place – because there was hail heading your way! So off we all head outside for what is becoming a ‘normal’ routine for us. Daryl puts the tractor in the shed, I put the cars in the car shed, William puts his car and the truck in the Roadhouse. Next we flip the trampoline so it doesn’t blow around and stack all the lawn chairs. Yup, we have this activity down which in itself is pretty sad don’t you think? But then it started to blow and lightening. And I mean it was getting worse as the storm was passing by. It started to hail and at first it wasn’t so bad, but then the hail got bigger and bigger and the wind was also getting stronger. This is how the North sky looked -IMG_1772 and this is how the South sky looked -20140629_205118_resized_1IMG_1766 IMG_1765I was in the house and I thought for sure that the windows were going to break from the hail and also our siding was going to be wrecked. But good thing – neither of these two things happened. I snapped this quick picture of the guys outside watching the storm. IMG_1762Then just as fast as it came, it seemed to be over. But then another storm was brewing in the south and we were just hoping that it would keep going East! We never did get that storm, but we ended up loosing our electricity for about an hour and a half. I took another picture of Daryl sitting outside watching the rain and storms. I’m sure he’s mostly just worrying about our crops and hoping that they didn’t get too much damage.20140629_213945_resized_2

Before the electricity came back on, William went and got the handy dandy inverter that I bought for one of the local parade floats. We had a light and a phone charging. I mean what else do you need? IMG_1781The electricity finally came back on just in time to change all the clocks and head to bed. I think we got around 2 more inches of rain tonight. Man, we need some sunshine! I’m sure we’ll be wishing for rain in about a month – but for now it’s enough!

The photo of the day is some flowers outside our front door. The sky was kind of an orange after the storm and the color of these flowers were just beautiful!DSC_0074


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Fun Day at the Farm 2014

I got up early to do a couple of things that still needed to be done and plug in the roaster and crock pots that needed to be heated up. We weren’t sure on how the weather was going to hold out, so not only did we have some outside games ready, but we also put together some last minute inside games in case we got in a jam. The weather started out not too bad and then all of a sudden the sun came out. SCORE! Daryl kept looking and looking at the lawn and finally he made the decision to hurry up and cut some of the grass. He just couldn’t stand it being so long and then if we were going to have company. With all the rain that we’ve been having, we were only able to mow the lawn once this week and that was early in the week, so he hopped on the lawn mower …and I couldn’t believe it. He got everything mowed that wasn’t under water before anyone came. He was right that it did look much better.

So around 10:30 people started to show up. It was a noon pot luck and it didn’t take long until the two long tables and a card table just wasn’t enough space for the food. Since we were in the Roadhouse it makes it pretty easy to just grab another table. Yup, real easy. We had around 40 people for dinner and like every other potluck, you filled your plate first with the dinner food and then you went back for desserts. Man my belly was full!DSCN8554 copy

As the day went on, the baby chicks were a hit with the little kids. I moved them from the house to the tent because people were coming and going into the house and so was the cat. I think it might be devastating for one of the kids if Little Kitty came out of the house with a baby chicken’s leg sticking out of his mouth! And even though they got handled A LOT, I couldn’t believe that all of them were still living at the end of the day. With 10 little kids taking turns feeding and holding them.. I think that everyone really did a good job.DSCN8564DSCN8585

The day was spent with bean bags, frozen T-shirt contests, egg toss, farm Bingo, and other games and we even had a couple more just in case the weather got bad. But luck was on our side and the weather and the day went really good.

Oreo races

Oreo face races


DSCN8595DSCN8574 crop Some of Daryl’s family made some nice comments on the day and I think everyone had a good time. And it does take a little work to get everything ready, but that’s a good thing for us. It makes us look at the farm and put the mulch down, plant the flowers, and get things organized. Like I said – it’s a good thing for us.

Kyle wanted to be home for the day, but that just wasn’t going to happen so we picked a time to Skype with him. I laughed when I just started up the computer because there were a couple of the little girls in the kitchen and they were really excited to talk to Kyle in South Korea. They said that I could go and get the other kids and they would talk to Kyle by themselves.DSCN8610 I went out and got the first round of family and then the second round came in to say Hi! It was really nice that they all came to talk and see him.DSCN8612

Then it started to rain. And I mean RAIN! I threw in some pizzas into the oven and as it was raining, the pizzas were being carried from the house to the Roadhouse. It’s kind of funny because even though we’ve been literally eating all day, the pizzas tasted pretty good.

Because it was raining the hay ride, bonfire, fireworks, and outdoor movie was cancelled. I guess we’ll just have to plan them for next year!

The wagon was ready for the hay ride

The wagon was ready for the hay ride

And at the end of the day the Home Farm was the perfect spot for the family get together. The day was spent with kids on the trampoline, family catching up on with each other, playing games, and a lot .. and I mean a lot of laughing. I keep thinking of what Daryl’s one sister said. She said that she knows that their parents would be proud of what we’ve done with the farm. But you know what? Even thought that’s a really nice thing to say,  I think Daryl’s parents would be very proud of their family and the good times that they have when they get together.

Daryl's brother's and sister's

Daryl’s brother’s and sister’s

The photo of the day is  Daryl teaching one of the kids to drink out of a hydrant. I guess I never thought of it before, but kids just don’t do that anymore.  It didn’t take long and she got the hang of it.DSCN8588


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Waiting for paint to dry

I’m literally waiting for paint to dry tonight.I’m working on a project that I needed to do some painting, so I jumped on the internet and Kyle was on Facebook. I know that I’ve said this before, but it’s so nice to be able to talk to him when he literally is 14 hours a head of us for time. So after catching up with what’s going on there – I’m about ready to finish the projects that I started. I wanted to redo some photo’s of Williams that I matted that didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted them to. My goal is to get to bed before 12:30 so I can get up early and get a couple of things ready before anyone comes. I just checked the forecast and there’s a 60% chance of rain for tomorrow. Yuck! But then there’s also a 40% chance that it doesn’t rain. I sure hope luck is on our side and it doesn’t rain. We’ve not only got enough for awhile and  the fields are starting to flood, but we also are having a lot of people over tomorrow and it would be so nice if the weather could cooperate. I guess time will tell right? I better hurry up with my project  - it’s 11:53 already!

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I went to work and came home with this

I went to work this morning and it was definitely a good day! Our company owns property by the walking trail and some of the guys were clearing the path where literally trees had fallen with the last storm we had. Some of them knew that I was looking for fire wood for our campfires, and they said to bring the pickup to work today and they’d hook me up. Score right?! So after work I headed down to the trail and there were some guys down there cutting up some of the trees. I thought to myself, I sure hope I can load the truck up with the firewood and not look too clumsy. Not that I care that much how I look, but I just didn’t want to get teased for weeks and weeks. But everyone pitched in and it took maybe 10 minutes and the back of the truck was full. IMG_1756Like I said – Score for us! It’s wet wood so it’ll have to dry out for next year. Anyway, it poured on the way home tonight so it’s pretty wet anyway. We’ve got some dry stuff in the calf shed for this weekend.

And I also picked up something else tonight. I got 5 new baby chickens. I was trying to take a picture of them and either they were pretty shy or they were pretty mad – I’m not sure. When they would see the camera, they would run to the one side of the box. Then when I moved the camera they would run to the other side. IMG_1752So this is the best picture I could take of the group. It’s just a picture of their backside. Well everyone but the yellow one. But I did snap a couple of pictures of two of them on our piano that turned out OK.DSCN8546 DSCN8548 But honestly they’ll have to get used to having their picture taken if they live on our farm right?  I’m thinking they’ll be held a lot these next few days. We’ve got the family fun day tomorrow with Daryl’s side and with all the little kids coming these chicks will get handled a lot. The only trouble that I’ve got so far with the chickens is that when the front door of our house opens, in comes Little Kitty. And guess where the baby chickens are? They’re in our laundry room for now in an open box. And the laundry room doesn’t have a door –  so it would be easy picking for the cat. I did have them at first in the bathroom, but I thought it was a little bit too cold. After this weekend I’ll see about putting them in the chicken coop. But for now? As long as they don’t smell, they’re kind of fun in the house.

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New posts are in

I mentioned earlier that the county was putting in new telephone posts in our area,  and they had the ones by us doing a leaning thing for about a week now. But this week they started to work on getting them replaced. So I could see that they were working their way down the road so I grabbed my camera and tried to get a good picture of them. But I couldn’t really get a good picture of them and I didn’t really want to walk on the road and snap a picture of them. I didn’t want to creep them out or anything. So when they got close to our farm, I was in the Roadhouse with William and I snapped a couple of pictures looking out the window. It was really kind of interesting how fast they could get those poles replaced. Everyone had a job and knew what their job was. Now they also looked like they were having a good time, which I’m sure makes the days go faster. Because when I took this picture it was around 7:00 pm. I don’t know the last time that these poles were ever replaced, and if they were since we’ve been living on the farm, I sure don’t remember it. Below are my paparazzi pictures of the county workers.

Getting the area ready for the pole

Getting the area ready for the pole

Moving the pole into place

Moving the pole into place

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