Bath Bombs

I tried my luck on making bath bombs and honestly I was feeling pretty sassy about the whole thing. And the reason why was because it was my first batch that I made and I was mostly worried about getting them out of the molds.

So I ordered all my ‘ingredients’ and had them set out and pulled up my recipe that I wanted to use. OK, I’m ready.

After I made the first one – SHAZAM! It worked!! Hey this isn’t so hard after all. I even posted a picture to say that I was pretty good at this. Only to find out that this theory was very premature in the whole process. IMG_20160702_081128

Then the unthinkable happened. They literally fell apart as they were drying. I was hoping to keep at least one in tact but I wasn’t so lucky. 20160702_135428_resizedThe only good thing about the whole experiment is that our kitchen smelled pretty good, it smelled like Lavender.

I guess it’s back to the drawing board. But until then? Well I’ve got a mason jar full of bath salt to use up and now our bath room smells like lavender. 

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Happy 4th of July !

First of all – you can’t have the 4th of July go by without taking a picture of someone standing in your corn field. So here is Daryl in ours :) The old saying of knee high by the 4th of July was blown out of the waters again this year! Daryl in corn field

And what did we do with the rest of this long weekend? Well you remember that we were in Des Moines and this wasn’t just some coincidence. No sir! We went there specifically to head to the Adventureland Amusement Park. See they opened up a new roller coaster called ‘The Monster’ and it was on our list to do this summer.IMG_3719

So we met up with the kids at our hotel and we were off to meet up with the Monster! 

Let me tell you a little bit about it first . Well for starters it goes literally straight up 133 feet in the air IMG_3713and then you reach a speed of 65 mph once you hit the bottom! Yea.. can you say FUN!!

It also was voted by CNN as one of the “Best New Roller coasters of 2016″  

Well we had our tickets in advance so once we were through the gates the only thing to do was to head over to the ride and get in line. And guess what? The line wasn’t even too bad! Well I just could hardly wait to go on it and soon it was our turn. There are only 4 people on the ride at once and with us four in the front it was going to be great! But I have to admit when you are literally going straight up in the air it makes you think how this whole thing was going to go. But soon you were looking straight down and then BAM! There you go. After that it was just one blur after the other. You would go so fast and then flip up side down and then take a turn and flip again. And man oh man it was fun!! So after the ride they always want to sell you some over priced photo and we always so no. But this time? Well I think it’s so funny – check it out! Can you spot me in the front?? Adventureland

After that ride we went on a bunch of other roller coasters and also the ride called the Storm Chaser. If you look in the first photo above the tall yellow ride with swings on it is the Storm Chaser ride. We’ve never been on this ride before and once you are 260 feet up in the air and going 35 mph it seems kind of like a breeze compared to the Monster. So I decided to try to take a picture of the park while spinning around and hopefully not dropping my camera. I really didn’t do too good with the photos, but this one wasn’t too bad. I shows you how many twists and turns the Monster ride actually took you on. IMG_3718

We had a quick dinner and then we headed over to the rides at the Waterpark and just had the best time. I’ve never been in a water tube that most of it was pitch dark and you have no idea where you’re actually going. And NO I didn’t have my eyes closed … 

Finally at the end of the day and before we said our goodbyes to the kids, it was funnel cake time. funnel cakeNow you absolutely know that these things are not good for you, but boy they sure taste good don’t they? velley fair

After a long day at the park, we found our car and headed back to the farm to get ready for the work week ahead of us. Hopefully next time we go to this park all the kids can go with us. It was such great time!! IMG_3709


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Sunday is Fun Day! 4th of July weekend continues

Today is Sunday and we’ve got a few things that we have planned. Keeping with the theme that this weekend we’re going to have fun! 

But before we can do some of them, there are some things that I’d like to do. So first things first – laundry. OK, not a fun thing to do but with the weather perfect outside I wanted to hang a couple of loads on the line. 

Next? I want to get the dishes done because we’re debating on heading out later tonight for the night in a hotel and I for sure don’t want to come home with dishes in the sink. Yuck! So I quickly do the dishes and let them air dry while Daryl and I get dressed for a bike ride.

But one more thing before we left for the bike ride is that I wanted to put in a double batch of beef jerky into the dehydrator to bake while we were off on the ride. And I know I’ve said this before, but man I sure wish I would have kept track of how many lbs. I’ve made over the years. Well I don’t have a count but I for sure know it’s been a lot! beef jerky

Now it’s time for a bike ride and I’m really glad that we’re going because the annual bike ride that is coming up in a few weeks will be here before you know it and I need to get ready. Now you would think the ‘getting ready’ part is getting my legs in shape or something like that. Well when I say I need to get ready I need to get  my bottom ready. And NOT really the bottom you’re thinking of. I need to get the bottoms of my feet ready. Weird I know – but I must ride and push off with the bottoms of my feet or something. And OK, I also need to get my ‘bottom’ ready too :)

But I had a chance to wear my new gloves that I got for Christmas. Having new bike gloves is like being able to put on new socks for the first time. You put them on and just kind of stand for a little bit enjoying the feeling. If you know what I’m talking about then you know what it feels to wear new bicycle gloves. It feels awesome! new gloves

We didn’t go too far, maybe 20 miles and then came home quick to get chores done and get packed. We were off to Des Moines to a hotel with a swimming pool and hot tub for the night. 

Yup, July is turning out to be a great month so far!


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4th of July weekend

Yea! Finally the long weekend is here!! I was so happy to have a long weekend without much planned – it’s just going to be awesome! 

So first things first. Even though we had a wedding later this afternoon we decided that it would be a good time to get some of the rock picked up off the bean field. OK, this isn’t looking like the funnest thing to don in this weekend now is it? But it is something that we’ve been trying to get done for a couple of weeks. The reason that we didn’t get it done is before is because we’d end up getting some rain (which is a GOOD thing!) and the fields would be too wet to pull a wagon through. 

My original plans for this morning was to go for a run, but seriously I think walking around in the bean field and stepping over the plants kinda qualifies as much exercise as running now don’t you? Anyway I’m counting it. 

Well Daryl got out the tractor and said he’d meet me in the field when I was ready. The only thing that I had to do was to try to find some farm gloves. Now I seriously thought I saw about 4 good pairs in the beginning of Spring, but today? Heck no! I ended up using two right handed ones. Yup, so not cool. But I didn’t want my hands to look so grubby and dirty for the wedding later 0n this afternoon. 

So we were off. This was my first time picking rock with the hog farrowing crate, but with the crops getting taller Daryl didn’t want to damage the field by pulling a wagon through it.

Now seriously I really thought this crate thing was a great idea! Because most of the rocks were on the smaller side you could just toss them in the crate and they would stay in. Not like a hay wagon. If you threw rocks on the wagons, you were risking it flying off the other side and then you’d have to pick up that rock for the second time. Just not a good game plan is it? 

Well things were going well for our quick rock picking adventure. And there was not a lack of rocks by any means where we were picking. At first I always start out pretty ambitious. I mean I am picking up the rocks that should be picked up and then pick up some of the other ones that you think ‘I’ll just grab these guys too’ 

Then as the time goes into the second hour that you are picking rocks, my attitude changes. I look at the smaller ones and ask myself if they are rock picking worthy… and if not? Well I might just accidentally step on them and push them back into the dirt. From the looks of our rocks on the farm, they’ll probably grow up to be bigger ones next year! :)

Now remember how I thought the farrowing crate was a good idea? It really was until we had to unload it. 20160702_113253_resizedIt was so heavy from literally one round in the field,  that when we went out of the field and up a hill the front of the tractor lifted off the ground. Scared me to death!! I just held on and then we finally got into the yard and because the load was so heavy we had to unload it by hand on a rock wagon in the yard. 20160702_115820_resized

We still have some more to pick and time is running out before the crops are way too tall. But I’m guessing that we’ll have maybe a chance later this upcoming week to pick after work. 

And how did my two right handed gloves work to keep my hands and nails clean for the wedding? Not worth a darn. 



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Nashville here we come!

We had a chance to go to Nashville earlier last month with my brother and sister in law and we had a blast! 

Now our first instinct is to say that we had too much going on for June. But that’s taking the boring way through life right?  So we said we were in and packed our bags! Let the good times begin!! 

Well I should also say that I hate using vacation days. I mean I have some to use, but jeepers you just never know when you’ll absolutely need them. So we left after work on a Thursday and headed south. Literally.

My brother drove and we ended up the night within a few hours of Nashville, or just on the other side of St. Louis. The hotel that we picked was one of the first ones on the side of the road and it turned out just fine. When we got up in the morning we knew that we’d be in Nashville after noon sometime. Check out the fun car that we saw when heading out for something to eat. We scoped out the restaurant to see if we could find the guy – or girl, who was driving it. Never did find the right person, but there sure some characters that could have fit the bill. bug car nashville 

And guess what? Well we did make it to our next hotel in no time and with luck on our side we ended up in the newly remodeled part of it. I mean I swear no one had even been in there before. It was like when you got a new car and the smell of it being new is something that is very noticeable. The cords were all still hooked together. Yea, pretty cool!

Now to scope out the town. We had a shuttle bus for the weekend from our hotel so no driving for us for the weekend :)

Well a trip downtown to see the sights and boy we tried to fit it all in. From visiting the new Grand Ole Opry posing big guitar nashvilleto stopping in at the Ryman Auditoriumoutside ryman theater nashville20160611_171545_resizedfor a matinee. We saw the following performers: Riders In The Sky, Margo Price, Exile, Mo Pitney Jamie Lynn Spears, The Whites, Kristian Bush, And Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin Brothers.20160611_152441_resized4 guys in nashville What a line up right? When when we wanted a tour they said that there wasn’t any tours with the matinee going on and I’m sure glad that we chose the matinee. 

20160611_175105_resizedNow you can’t be in Nashville without checking out the Honky Tonks. And there are sure a lot of those type of bars here. Just one of the things that I learned this weekend is that there are so many levels in each bar and each level had a band. What fun! I also learned to never go out of the bar without your phone or your ID. You will not get back in so easy! bar in nashville

20160611_222418_resizedThen the weekend was over way too soon and back home we went.20160611_175713_resized

Now honestly we really need to do this type of weekend more often!  

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Fun Day 2016!

I’m so far behind on my postings I decided to start at the present and work my way backwards. 

Because this posting is titled Fun Day 2016, it’s what was going on this weekend at our farm. 

See every year for the past few years we’ve hosted a ‘Fun Day’ for Daryl’s side of the family. After his Mom passed away, they’ve decided not to get together at Christmas and get together in the summer when everyone has a little bit more time just to hang out and to not have to worry about getting to the next Christmas party or a snow storm that’s brewing. Great idea! 

And with us having the Roadhouse available, well it just makes sense that we host it. 

So after saying all of that, I seriously watch the weather for at least 10 days out to see if it’s going to rain or not. Now not that rain would make that much of a difference in the party, but it does make a difference on what games we would be playing. I knew that the weather could be kinda crappy (60% chance of rain in the morning and 100% chance by 8:00) I decided to have both inside and outside games ready. Little did I know that it wasn’t really going to rain until around midnight. Oh well, better to be prepared right? 

Well I worked late the last couple of nights before Saturday to make sure that I was prepared, and after quickly scrubbing the cellar steps and kitchen floor, I literally jumped into some clean clothes and beat it to a local town to run in a 5k. Now was this the smartest move that I could make? Hum.. not sure. I mean I was going to have around 40+ people at our farm for dinner in less than 2 hours after I got home from running. But was I up for the challenge? Heck yes! I seriously thought if I kept the idea that I had to get home to wash the windows in the house and Roadhouse I would run faster. Guess what? It didn’t work :) But it still felt good to go for a run even if I seriously think the whole 3 miles was uphill! 

Then after the run, I got caught up in a tractor parade on the highway that I was going to take home. Thank GOODNESS it wasn’t all 70 some tractors in front of me and I was able to get around them and do some gravel travel to make up for some time lost while I was in the parade. Yea literally driving in the parade.  I mean what are the odds of that? 20160625_090522_resized

Well I made it home and after some quick window washing and a good shower – the party began. And what a great party it was!

Starting out the party with a potluck dinner

Starting out the party with a potluck dinner

I was hoping that it would turn out well, and it was just perfect! The weather was warm and thank goodness for the breeze (yup you heard me right – I was grateful for the wind today!) everyone seemed to have a good time. 

Below are some of the games we played

Bags, Ladder golf, Bocce Ball, Kubb, football, catch, and water ballon fights were just some of the games for the day

Bags, Ladder golf, Bocce Ball, Kubb, football, baseball catch, and water ballon fights were just some of the games for the day

The egg toss is always a favorite

The egg toss is always a favorite

Water volley ball

Water volley ball

DSCN8923After an afternoon of visiting and playing games, the annual hay ride gave me some time to get supper on the table before everyone headed back home. DSCN8949

Like I said – it was a PERFECT DAY!! 

So here is one of my favorite photo’s of the day. Some of the gang just hanging out on our front porch enjoying the afternoon on the farm. DSCN8921

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Where do I begin?

Whew what a whirlwind we’ve been on. I know that I haven’t shared the pictures from our trip to Nashville yet or you haven’t seen any pictures from our towns celebration, but I think I’m going to share tonight my 5k pictures.

See every year we have a 5k in our town and I so want to run it under 30 minutes, and this year’s goal was the same. Before the race started I was doing some volunteer work for the celebration and then soon we found ourselves having to make our way down to the starting point. I noticed that everyone had sunglasses on and thought that I really should have some too! But as I looked around to see if I could find someone’s glasses to borrow, I came to realize that asking someone for their glasses is well… kinda creepy. So I beat it back to where my purse was stashed and grabbed my sunglasses. OK, now I’m good. 

Well as we were waiting I had my little iPod with Johny Cash all ready to go. Yup, I’m ready. Then all of a sudden I lost my music and when I looked down I could hardly see the screen. (remember sunglasses :) ) So finally I got the music back on and was just waiting for the National Anthem. I kept one of the ear buds in my ear to make sure that I was going to mess it up again. Then as I looked who was going to sing the National Anthem, I saw it was Daryl and our two sons. OK, pretty cool right? 

Now I had to find someone who would take a picture of them. I tried to scope out someone who I wasn’t checking out earlier who had sunglasses on and finally found one our friends kids who had her phone close by. Yup, that’ll work. She was able to get a good picture of them and now it was show time. 13445644_10157029864335357_4333018726511781138_n

I had my iPod, my sunglasses, and I was working on a sassy attitude. I was ready. I was going to beat this 30 minute goal once and for all! I was even going to sacrifice if I had to throw up after it, I was going to do this.  And just to let you know – I DO NOT like to throw up! Now we were off and within the first 50 feet after I put my iPod in my pocket my music stopped. WHAT? Here with all my bouncing around (aka running) I tripped the music and it thought I wanted it to shut off. Sooooo, I slowed down, made an educated guess where ole Johnny was on the screen and hit start again. 

OK, now I’m off. But to be honest the run wasn’t so good and when I couldn’t even see the end in sight, my little iPod said “congratulations you’ve reached the 30 minute mark’. I wasn’t too fond of that device at that point and  I never did get to my goal of under 30 minutes for the 5k. But I know they’ll have another one next year so I guess it’ll stay my goal until I can beat it. 

And you know what?  I’m thinking that this running for fun stuff is kinda stressful! 

Here’s a fun picture of our family.Resized_20160617_200447

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From Nashville, to deer AND skunks, to Irish Fest, to rain and more rain, some mulching, and finally rainbows!

I know that I haven’t been keeping up with this blog  .. again, but I promise that I’ll try to catch you up as the rest of the week goes on with all the happenings from a long fun weekend in Nashville to trying to outsmart a skunk!  

But for now Daryl and I are working on getting the Roadhouse ready because it’s got a pretty full venue these next two weeks. 

Tomorrow (Wednesday) the music group that Daryl sings with will be using it for practice, then Friday William and his friends will be using it for the weekend for a main hangout for the Irish Fest, after that on the following week it’ll be used for the Kuehner Fun Day! 

Whew! Right? What a great place to be able to use for our family. 

Well it’s not so bad and I just want to get the floor scrubbed yet tonight and then after a good shower, and then head to bed. I’ve got an early morning tomorrow because Kyle is all packed and heading home for about a week. So everyone will be home both this weekend and next. Life is good! 

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Making hay

You know isn’t that kind of a weird saying? Making hay? I mean you really aren’t making any hay now are you – but that’s what you say when you’re really baling hay. 

So now with saying that, Daryl had a chance to make some hay these past few days and even though it did get some rain on it, he was really happy with how it turned out. Because of all the rain and heat that we’ve been getting, the hay (and our grass!) has been growing like crazy. He said that he thinks that this is the most amount of hay that we’ve gotten off of this one field for as long as he can remember. 

Score right? So if he’s making hay or baling hay, who cares. The cows are really going to be excited! 

Below is one of the many trips Daryl made with the round bales to store in our farm sheds. DSC_0522DSC_0521

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Spring is here

Spring is here and Summer is coming up fast and I’m finally getting around to getting the flowers planted that are needed for the flower pots and planters on our farm.

Because of life commitments these past few months, I haven’t had much time to worry about the flowers. BUT on my handy dandy monthly calendar, today is the day scheduled to not only buy the flowers, but also to get them planted. I guess I’ll have to see just how well I am able to pull this off. 

You know what? I’ve just come to realize almost everything that I do lately I say to myself ‘if I can just pull this off’ Huh… This isn’t necessarily a good thing I think. 

So after work I put gas in the truck, turned the tunes on, watched for cops (I was in a hurry) and headed to a greenhouse that is owned by a a local family. 

And did I have luck? You bet! I wasn’t sure just how many that I would need, but I knew that I needed a bunch so I just grabbed whatever looked good. Now is this the right way to do this? Probably not. But is this the way that I do it? Absolutely. And guess what –  It works just perfect for me! 

With the truck loaded down and a 50 lb. bag of mulch in the back, I headed home to get them planted. 

When I got home and the flowers unpacked I thought to myself that I just might have bought too many. Oh well, too late now right? DSC_0524

But as I was working on the planter boxes on the barn and milk house, the two water tanks that get flowers, the new flower stand I got from Mom this ChristmasDSC_0526and with a couple of plants leftover I went down to my ‘junk’ stash and found an old mop bucket to fill up and put on the outside of our front door. DSC_0525

And I had only a couple left over that I’ll bring to work with me to fill in our flower platers outside our facility. 

OK, I’m done for now planting any flowers. The only thing is to keep them all watered. It’s supposed to be really hot this weekend and I sure don’t want them to die now. I mean with it being late in the season, I took all the good ones that were left.

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