Saturday work

It was a beautiful day today and it was even a Saturday! How awesome is that? 

So what did we do? Well Daryl worked on farming stuff and I made soap:)

Daryl needed to transfer the corn from the drying bin to a storage bin and what that means is that you have to move the auger and shoveling out the bin. This has to be done so he can fill up the drying bin with the corn that still needs to be shelled. dsc_0790

So I was in charge of watching the auger and bin when Daryl went to do some errands quick. Now I’m sure that this job isn’t a bad job, but it is sure a boring job! I mean you just sit there and watch the corn going into the bin and then you watch the auger to make sure that it’s still running. Now I wasn’t sure what I was going do if it didn’t work, but with luck on my side everything kept working until Daryl came back home. Thank goodness because I had the shed all scoped out and all the animals got their afternoon treats. 

With my long to do list waiting for me at the kitchen table, I was able to get a bunch of stuff done along with making 3 bars of soap that needed to get made.

Barefoot In The Grass soap

Barefoot In The Grass soap

April Showers soap

April Showers soap

I also spent some time in the scrap book room also which is always a great time and made a birthday card that was way over due!  20161016_115747_resized

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Dehydrating Pineapple

Do you ever stand in front of the fruit department at your local grocery store and think ‘I should eat this’ and ‘that looks good’ only to find out that those things are still in your refrigerator days later and have been kind of pushed back behind the frosted cupcakes? 

Well that’s usually what happens to me. 

So the challenge is to figure out what to do with those kind of food and in this case it’s a bunch of pineapple that’s hanging out in our fridge. 

And since I’ve never dehydrated pineapple before? Well it’s a good thing to try don’t you think? 

I was kinda busy tonight and I didn’t want to just Google how to do it, so I cut up the pineapple into smaller chunks and put them on the dehydrator screen. Seriously this can’t be rocket science and besides that – they even looked kinda right.dsc_0784 

I put the dehydrator upstairs in the kitchen so I wouldn’t forget about it and instead of my kitchen smelling like lavender or pumpkin spice from all my soap making  – it smelled this time like the pineapple. 

After taste testing about maybe more than a couple handfuls of the pineapple chunks, you know .. just to make sure that it could be done or something,  I finally decided to take them out. Now I realized after the fact that maybe I should have Googled how to do this because they were a little thin.20161016_145451_resized

But the real test is how do they taste? Well they taste Great! I definitely will be doing this again. Well maybe the next time I’ll cut them just a little thicker.   


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Painting update

So my first painting project this fall is completed. I so wanted to get at least the garage painted this Fall and it was on my ‘to do’ list for September so I’m behind on my schedule! 

But with all the wet weather in September, October was hopefully going to give me a chance to get it done and catch up. 

And so the painting begins again.

Only this time I need to make it happen after work or on the weekends. No more time off for me like the last time I painted. 

But I had the garage all scraped last weekend and with about 3 gallons of paint and 5 wasp nests that I had to remove – it was done. Check it out. 





Hopefully there will be more white painting to be done yet this Fall!

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Our little peacocks

When I was in the chicken coop tonight I just was so confused.

I saw the little peacocks sitting on top of the chicken cubicles and for the life of me I can’t figure out how they got there! 20161013_180935_resized

I mean they are little guys and that’s a really high spot to fly to.

So while I stood there just looking at them and wondering how in the world they got up there – they were also staring back and me wondering what I was doing. I confess, I must have looked kinda dumb. I just stood there.


Now our peahen is the best peahen Mom in the world! She covers up the babies at night by kind of sitting on them  so no one can get them. Smart girl. We don’t normally have too many wild animals with the dogs around, but we’ve had some mink and possums sneak in at night before – so it’s better to be safe than sorry! 

Back to the question – how do they get up there? I think it’s a mystery for now but I’m glad that they are still safe and doing well.  

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Our new yard decor

Remember when I said earlier that it’s supposed to get much colder this week? Well tonight is the night that it’s supposed to get down to the 30’s. 

Yea, I’m not excited about that at all! 

So out comes all the extra sheets, blankets, and pillow cases. At first I thought that I should just let them go. I mean – they are all on their last leg anyway right? Well all the kids are coming home at the end of the month so I guess if I can keep them for a couple more weeks. They do make the farm yard look so much better. 

Well covering up the flowers is almost an art work in itself. I mean I’ve got Teenage Ninja Turtles on the porch covering up the petunias and the lamb pillow cases protecting the roses by the Roadhouse. And all the other flowers are a colorful array of multicolored sheets and blankets that will protect them from the cold weather tonight. 20161013_161505_resized

And when I get home from work the next morning for some reason that the sheets that protected the flowers at night are no longer on the flowers. Now this isn’t so bad, but they are scattered throughout the yard. I’m not saying how they got there – but I’ve got a pretty good guess :)20161009_135918_resized


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Sleeping well tonight

It’s Fall.  

And when you are on the farm in the Fall that means that you’ve been spending many hours both in the daylight and night time in the corn and bean fields bringing in the crops and have them stored safe in the grain bins. Now once they are in the bins you will have to turn on the fan and dry down the corn moisture to keep it from spoiling during the winter.  

I normally am a summer person and like the weather to be in the 90’s – but when Daryl turns on the fan for the bin in October – well I have to say that I Love it! It makes just the best noise for when you’re sleeping. It isn’t loud at all and it’s a noise that you can just barely hear when you’re laying in bed,  but it really let’s you have a good deep sleep when your head hits the pillow at night. Maybe a little part of why you fall asleep so well is because you’re so exhausted .. but I still like to hear the fan going. And what happens sometime is that the fan will shut off (it’s never supposed to just shut off) during the night and that’s never good. Trust me. 

So when the wind turns chilly and the leaves have fallen off the trees and are rustling on the ground – it’s the most perfect time to put the extra blanket on the bed and listen to the hum of the fan drying the corn in the bins during the night. 



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Soybeans are done!

The weekend was perfect to be in the field and Daryl took full advantage of it. He started out working on taking out the corn, but then he needed to switch the combine heads and do beans because they were dry. 

And when he changes combine heads  – well that’s where I come in. I NEVER volunteer for the job because these last couple of times that I’ve helped I’ve been in the cab pressing levers and stuff. So when Daryl asked if I’d help, I said sure (but secretly was hoping that I didn’t have to go in the combine cab)

Guess what? I had to go in the combine cab.

But it wasn’t too bad this time and what he has to do is to line up the head (in this case the bean head) and then make sure all the gears will match up. He’s pretty good at it and it really didn’t take too long and soon I was back home again working on my weekend to do list. 

First things first – laundry. 

My Mom always says that she thinks that we do a lot of laundry – and I guess she’s right. But with the sun shining and it’s the weekend, I really wanted to get the clothes line full. It’s such a great feeling when there is actually nothing in the house that needed to be washed at the end of the weekend, but now I wish it was all stored away in the right spots. I even took everything out of the drawers where we store our chore clothes and washed all of that. Now I don’t know why I washed it to possibly throw it away, but it’s all clean and ready to be sorted. The key word here is ‘ready’ to be sorted :)

So getting back to the soybeans, when I took dinner out to Daryl I was going to ride around for a couple of rounds until I almost got half way up the combine ladder when Daryl said that it’s pretty dusty and I’ll need to take a shower when I get home. OK, change of plans. I snapped a couple of pictures and was on my way. 

At the end of the weekend Daryl was happy to say that all our beans are done.


Well for me, other than doing a lot of laundry this weekend, I also was able to get the garage painted. I haven’t had a chance to take an ‘after’ picture yet, so I’ll see if I can get that done to show you how good it looks now. And I also mowed all our lawn for hopefully the last time this year. They are talking about a hard frost in a couple of days, so I sure hope that it will stop the mowing season once and for all! 


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Combining at night

The field work continues and we are very happy that the weather is also cooperating. With the good weather, I had a chance to hang out with Daryl this week and ride around with him in the combine. And guess what? I can see why he likes it. I mean there is no one to bug you and the phone isn’t ringing with surveys on who you would like to have for the next president or anything. It’s just hanging out in the field with the bright moon overhead and life if pretty peaceful. 

Well that is until your wife wants to ride around with you for awhile. 

It’s seriously the best opportunity to bring him up to speed on what’s going on and what we should be doing for the next couple of weeks or months. You know – really important stuff. 

So I try not to ride too long with Daryl in the combine, only once in awhile. We don’t have one of the newer fancy combines that literally has a ‘buddy seat’. Our combine you have to squeeze behind the seat and kind of jimmy your butt so you can fit. And when you have to turn on the auger to unload the corn? Yea, that can be a challenge. You are literally sitting on top of that lever. Oh well, it’s not that bad and really kind of fun hanging out with Daryl even if it’s only for a couple of rounds. And then I’m off heading back home to get some stuff done around the farm and house. 

Here’s a couple of pictures that I snapped the last time that I was Daryl in the field. 

Making the rounds

Making the rounds – looking down the corn rows from the combine cab

Unloading corn from the combine to the wagons in the fields

Unloading corn from the combine to the wagons in the fields


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My Cold

I came down with a cold last Saturday and I’m really tired of blowing my nose.  

Now normally I don’t get sick, but getting a bad cold this second year in a row is more than enough that I want to deal with. I have no idea is if it’s an allergy thing catching up with me or maybe I’m just getting old or something. Whatever the case is, I don’t like it! 

And honestly how much snot can one person produce in a day? I literally haven’t stopped blowing my nose now for almost a week! 

So I turned to the experts -the internet,  to find out just how much snot a person makes in a day. 

And you would never guess how much!  According to WebMd, it’s up to 1 & 1/2 liters can be produced on an average day! GROSS!!!! So 6 cups of snot an average person makes in a day. Yea I seriously could not look anymore to see how much a person with a cold could make. 

Well there is one thing for sure, I bet you definitely have learned something that you never knew before reading this post!

And the next time you’re thinking that someone is full of snot – guess what? They really are :) 


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Supper in the field

I have a question. 

How come when you eat either dinner or supper in the field it tastes so much better? I mean it’s really the same food now isn’t it that you would eat at your kitchen table? 

Well I was thinking about this tonight when I was making Daryl some supper while he was out combining corn.

So to get to the point of actually bringing the food to the field usually starts the same way every time. The first thing that I do is open the refrigerator and stare in and hope by some magic that there will be the perfect answer to what I should make or warm up. Now 9 times out of 10 that is never the case! 

OK, what should I make? So what I do (and I bet a lot of others also do this!) is to just start grabbing things out of the refrigerator and hope that as you are bringing them out that something will work. 

I always think when I’m making supper for the guys in the field about that one show when they give you like 20 minutes to make a meal.  I seriously think a farm wife created that show if you ask me! And it was in the fall when they were in the fields too! 

Like I said, you just start seeing what you have in the refrigerator and what you can warm up for the night. But guess what? When you have everything warmed up and maybe some potatoes fried, and then everything is packed in some kind of pan, it doesn’t look too bad! With my pans out to the field I always try to have a candy bar or two doesn’t hurt either. 

So with your cake pan covered and the sandwiches under the towels wrapped in tin foil, off you go to the field. And it’s like this anticipation when you pull the kitchen towel back to see just what’s on the menu for the night. And as your’e sitting in the truck cab or standing out in the field, you know that for some reason the exact same thing could be served while sitting in your kitchen and it just doesn’t taste the same. 

I’m not sure why it tastes so much better out in the field – but it just does. 20161005_194626_resized

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