Yoga classes continue

Tonight was once again my Yoga class and I have to admit that I was a little hesitant when I walked into the room. After I gave the instructor a little smile and a nod, do you know what she asked me? 

Well she asked me if I practiced this last week. 


See she didn’t ask anyone else so it only confirms my thoughts that I am the least experienced in the class. But guess what? Like I said earlier, someone has to be that person and how can I get better if I don’t go? 

But secretly I do wish I was a little better. We did this one pose tonight where you sit on a chair and you have to have your one knee straight over the side of the chair and coming straight from your hip and above your ankle,  you then take the back of the chair and pull your torso so that’s it’s even with the back of the chair, and finally your back leg is coming straight from your hip with your toes flat on the ground. 

Just thinking in my head how I probably looked during this pose, I’m guessing she’s going to ask again on this coming Thursday if I practiced :)

And the photo of the day is when I came home from work this afternoon. The weather is changing and we’re expecting snow late this weekend. fullsizeoutput_a0a

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Not the best idea

I was soooo hungry at work and it was only 7:15 am! So when girl scout cookies showed up on my dest at 7:30  can you say SCORE!

Now I never really crave cookies, but for some reason when I’ve got them in a bag behind my chair at work – well you can just about imagine the outcome. 

So I opened up the bag thinking – that I’ll just have one. OK, maybe I’ll have two. 

And by the time 8:30 rolled around, I almost had the whole dang box gone! 20170301_131528_resized

Finally I found some willpower and put them away only to hear that the guys were cooking today in the lunch room and I was supposed to stop down. 

So guess what I had for dinner? 

Well if you guessed deep fried Frog Legs you are the winner! 20170301_115009_resized

So with peanut butter and chocolate with a couple of frog legs downed for the day, you would think that I shouldn’t have to eat for quite some time right? Well, I figured what good is a couple of cookies in a big box anyway and polished the rest of the girl scout cookies off. 

I so have to go to the store tomorrow and get groceries. 

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I decided that I would like to paint our kitchen. Which sounds like a good idea right? 

It hasn’t been painted now for quite some time and a fresh coat of paint always looks good. 

Well, what a challenge today was just trying to figure out the ‘best’ color of paint. I mean does this world really need a gazillion grey colors? My vote is that it doesn’t. 

Now you can just about imagine the first samples that I brought home and painted on the wall looked very bad. So after about 3 or 4 trips to town today, I finally almost literally closed my eyes and picked one. OK, maybe not the most scientific method, but it was what I was going to go with today! I mean we are looking at wasting a lot of time doing this and I’ve got a lot to paint. 

And how come when you paint inside it’s always exciting at first and then about 30 minutes of painting it is a very yucky job? Maybe this doesn’t happen to you – but it always happens to me! I secretly wish that I could be I Dream of Jeanie and just blink my eyes and nod my head and be done with it. 

But with some perseverance and honestly no other choices because I had already started, I got two coats on the walls and everything done in the kitchen. It took about 1 1/2 gallons of paint. 

And then I thought let’s just keep going. I mean our living room hasn’t been painted for a long time and it could be freshened up. So off into the living room we go and start painting that. So I started out trimming around the woodwork and I’m thinking that we have a lot of woodwork in here! 20170307_201936_resized

Now when we get the living room done – I’m taking a good look at our kitchen cupboards thinking that they might look a lot better if they were also painted. But I think we’ll have to wait and see if those cupboards get done or not :)

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High School Basketball

Even though the season is over for the State Championship for girls state basketball, this year will be remembered for a very long time in our community. 

See our high school girls basketball team once again went to the state finals and once again was paired up with the same team that they literally lost to in the last seconds last year. Last year we were playing them for the top spot and it was the same thing this year. 

And to be honest, I didn’t think some of the fans (including me!) could take another year of these games – but I was wrong. As you can see almost our whole side was full and each one was wearing with pride our red school colors. 16992143_1832481773675634_8941537603660627494_o

When the National Anthem was being sung, we all knew it was close to once again time to get our girls out on the court and see how the game was going to be played.20170303_174758_resized

Now our girls played an awesome game and even though they haven’t lost a home game in over three years, we just couldn’t get in front of the opponents lead scorer and had to take a loss. But there was no reason for anyone to hang their heads down because we really never did loose. I mean how can you say that when these girls have been playing together for over 9 years and have not only grown their friendships with each other, but has brought our community school together to stand by this team – win or loose! You have to admit that this is pretty cool! 

So congratulations to our girls basketball team for a great ride these past years and thank’s for the great memories that you’ve given our community school! 

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Yoga Classes

If you remember I started to take Yoga classes this past month and have been loving it! It’s really pretty hard and even though I’m not the best at it, I still always looked forward to going. 

Now the class that I was taking was the ‘Introduction’ class. This class is to just to introduce you to Yoga and to get you to know the moves. This is a good class before you move on to the next classes.  


Well after the Introduction class was done on this past Tuesday, I wasn’t sure if I was ready to advance to the Beginners class. I mean I still can’t do the headstand correctly. I can’t get my shoulders rotated and lifted correctly. Seriously I don’t even know how to lift my shoulders when I’m upside down and my head is cupped in my hands while my legs are lifting and my hips are pushing towards the back of the room with my ribs pushing forward and my back straight. But guess what? The instructor said that our whole class was ready to advance. And without trying to be too corny, I think we all felt pretty proud. I never thought that I’d enjoy opening up my sternum and letting my hip sockets stretch just to name a few of the moves,  but so far I’m really digging it. 

And now that it’s Thursday, it’s my first ‘Beginner’s’ class. I wanted to get there early so I could get a good spot way in the back of the room. And even though I’m not the best at all the moves, and it seems like the instructor spends just a little bit more time in my section of the room giving me advice on how I can do the moves better, I’m excited to see what I’m going to learn in this next class. I won’t learn how to do it if I don’t go to class, so I hope that I can stick to it. 

But for now? Well a hot bath and a cold beverage while I’m soaking is on my schedule tonight. I think I must have pushed or moved something that might not have been moved for a very long time. 

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More pictures from St. Lucia

Isn’t it such a shame that you wait all year to possibly take some time off and then it just flies by if you actually went somewhere? Well that’s how I feel about our vacation to St. Lucia this past month. 

With the weather a little gloomy these past few days around the farm,  I decided to check out my pictures again to remind me of the warm weather and great time that we had. If you’re not too sick of my vacation pictures yet, here’s a few more.

First of all, check out this good looking guy! 


Next they caught a picture of me jumping off the pirate ship into the Caribbean Sea. I have to admit it was a little intimidating at first, but a whole lot of fun1 


One of the days we decided to figure out the bus system and headed downtown to do some shopping. It happened to be the fresh market day so it was cool to see what the local produce was.



And what a cool thing! I seriously got to steer the pirate ship out in the sea for awhile


The Piton Mountains are below. We took a speedboat out on the sea with one of the local guides  and ended up by the mountains to check out a couple of waterfalls.


We also spent some time in the volcano mud baths. Our guide said it’s supposed to make you look at least 10 years younger.Later he said that you might have to do it a couple of times :)  Not sure if he was checking on my results? 


And below I also wasn’t sure why the pirate kept saying that I looked like a bunny? I said what? He said .. bunny!   I still didn’t understand why he was saying that – well that was until we were looking at the pictures on the plane on the way home and then we laughed and laughed! Yup, probably not the coolest picture of me. 

Just too funny!

Just too funny!

And finally this caught my eye. While we were packing to come home, I noticed a difference in our bags. Now neither one is right or wrong – they are just different. IMG_4062IMG_4061


So with a lot of laughing and good times once again on our vacation , I guess we have to say that it is now over and is one for the books. Hopefully we’re going to have an early Spring, but just to be safe I think I’ll keep these pictures below some place close. IMG_3898 copyIMG_4081 copyIMG_4112

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We had a chance these past few weeks to help out with a Medical Benefit for one of our friends. 

When we had gotten asked it didn’t take long for us to say yes even though we really didn’t know what this would all involve. And now that the benefit is over I’m so glad that we had this opportunity. 

The morning of the benefit was spent getting ready and finishing up all the last minute items. We had such an outpouring from the community for gifts and items, we needed to make sure that we were organized on the silent auction baskets along with the live auction items and the cookie pails. The cookie pails was something that I haven’t seen before. These cookie pails were are ice cream pails filled with a variety of all different types of cookies and were being sold for $10. I bought one the night before and it’s like a little Christmas package in our refrigerator :)  

So this afternoon we were all just a little nervous because you just never know how this was all going to turn out. I mean will people come and then also bid on things? I said to myself early this morning that we should just go and have fun and we’ll just have to wait and see what all happens. 

And guess what happened? We had a Fantastic turnout! We live in a small community and there is something to be said about your community watching out for each other. I think almost all of our town was here along with tons of people from the neighboring towns. It was really very cool! At one time we even had all the tables full. Awesome! 

And when all the raffle items were handed out and the live auction items were bought, we cleaned up the hall and shut the doors and headed downtown. 

When I thought about how the night went, I was so grateful that I was able to help and the only words that I can think of is just how humble it makes you feel. It was a lot of work, but it’s one of those times when you know that the work was so worth it!

I sure hope that there won’t be another reason for a benefit in our community for quite some time. But if there is someone that needs help, I know that our community will pull together once again because that’s just what you do.  




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St. Lucia 2017

Well another winter vacation has come and gone and once again it was unbelievable! We were lucky to have a chance to travel with my brother and sister in law and we always seem to have a great time! 

The weather was between 85 to 90 degrees each day and our hotel was literally on the beach. But now it’s back to reality and trying to get into the responsible groove again.

I was hoping to get our trip posted on the blog by now, but for some reason laundry and soap making has been about the only thing on my agenda this weekend. So just an overview for tonight will have to do.

But I’ll try to get our vacation posted with the details soon and until then here is just a few of things that we did on our trip …

We took a speedboat with a small group of people out on t0 sea and visited a couple of villages to snorkel, check out some waterfalls, watch cliff divers,  and then ended up going to the owners house in the village for dinner. IMG_3856

We also went to a Cathedral and took the bus to do some shopping in a local villagefullsizeoutput_9ae

We ate… we ate A LOT

In the evenings we spent some time on our balcony or the infinity pool/bar by our rooms to just enjoy the beautiful viewIMG_3896

And how can you go out on the Caribbean Sea and not go on a Pirate Ship? fullsizeoutput_9a9And then swing off it? Now this might not look like it’s that high from the water but trust me, it was! IMG_3993

And finally we spent some time looking like this :) Any guesses ? Version 2

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My Yoga adventure continues

I am so grateful that I’m in the Introductory class for my Yoga classes because holy smokes it’s not easy. Well maybe I should clarify this and say that it’s not easy for me. But for some crazy reason I sure like going to them. I mean it’s supposed to open up your back and hips while letting you breath in good oxygen. So far, I’ve been opening up a bottle of Advil more than I think I’m opening up any hip sockets. But I have faith that it will get easier and I’m planning on sticking to it! 

I had to laugh tonight when the instructor was telling us one of the next poses that we had to do. She demonstrated it to us and the instructions were something like this: fold your mat in half with the folded edge towards the wall, fold two blankets in half and then half again and put the folded edge of the blankets on the outside edge of the folded mat, put a bolster on the bottom part of your mat and then fold over the one section of your mat so it meets up to your blanket. OK, seriously I felt that I should bring maybe a paper and pen to the class. I was trying to concentrate on what I was supposed to do and this was even before we did the pose. 

OK, so after you had your space set up, put your butt just so you’re sitting on the bolster and your feet parallel to the mat but keep your bottom shins pushing together so your toes and ankles are touching. Now lean back to have your head over the blankets and 2 inches away from the edge of the mat. 

Now hook a strap over your right hand and make a v shape with both hands just right under your pelvic bone. 

So up to this point you were just getting ready. Now the work comes. 

Kick your feet up over your head with keeping your back straight and your shoulders in, your hips pushing towards the mat, your knees pulling up, and then walk your shoulders down and in. With your legs over your head, you now take the strap and put it up on your arm and hook your other arm to it. You take your hands and with them shoulder width apart you clasp your hands. and reach back.  

At this point  you take one of your legs off the wall and it goes straight up (don’t bend any legs at this point) move your hands to your bank to make sure that it is also nice and straight. 

Now you switch legs and then you pull both legs away from the wall with them straight up in the air while you are working on stretching your back backwards as far as you can. You know, opening up your back so it gets strong. 


That’s what we were supposed to do. 

And  had to laugh to myself because I felt like I was the only one that was pretty much freaking out when the pose was being explained to us. I mean everyone was nodding their head like .. oh yeah no problem….  but I found out later that some of the girls in the class said that they weren’t just too sure how that whole thing was going to go down and I think secretly they were kind of freaking out too. 

So when we finally all tried it guess what the instructor told us? She said that this is a pose that we all probably should be practicing at home before the next class :) 

I think that’s kind of funny. 

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Catching up

I’ve had a great Christmas in sales for my soap and bath bombs and now I’ve been working on catching up with my inventory.

So I’ve gotten to know the UPS delivery guy pretty good and I’m really trying hard not to take over the whole downstairs with this crazy hobby of mine. For some reason it might be getting a little bit out of control. 

But with that said, I’ve got a bunch of my soap almost ready for the stores, and I’ve been working on making some bath bombs and bath fizzys for the stores. I figured that I’ve made over 100 this week and have them all packaged and ready to go.

I’ve delivered some of my soap already to the stores and have more to deliver this week to them. But with wrapping the soap still on my to do list, there’s still some work to do before I can deliver them. 

I’ve added a couple of pictures from this week of what I use our kitchen table for now..

Getting everything ready to start

Getting everything ready to start

Working on some new scents for Spring

Working on some new scents for Spring

Making Valentines Bath Bombs

Making Valentines Bath Bombs

I snuck in a couple of batches of soap also during the week

I snuck in a couple of batches of soap also during the week

And after taking a night off early this week and going out for supper, I ordered a half of a taco salad. Check it out! Good thing it was my birthday and I can have whatever I wanted :-)  20170201_183919_resized_1

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