A Bridal Shower at the farm

What a great weekend we had!

We’ve used the Roadhouse on the farm for a lot of different things in the past few years and when the kids asked if we could use it for the bridal shower – well seriously how fun would that be?

So as you can guess we spent some time getting it cleaned up from Christmas and now that we had the trees down – it was time to see how many tables and chairs that we had and how we can make them all fit. 

When we were setting up the tables and getting all the food lined up I think the hardest part of the whole day was to try to guess how many guests will be able to make it. Would there be 10 or 100?

And while I was waiting for the others came to help decorate,  I was sure hoping that they had some good ideas on how to dress up this farm building. Yea, I for sure didn’t need to worry – with them all carrying totes filled with table cloths and sparkly things, they had it all under control. 

With the Roadhouse decorated by the Maid of Honor and some of the mom’s it looked fantastic! Who would have ever guessed the Roadhouse could look this good?

Fast forward to Saturday and it was time for our Bride to Be to arrive before the other guests came. See she hadn’t seen the Roadhouse after it was decorated and when she walked in I knew that she was as excited as the rest of us for the day to begin.fullsizeoutput_a63


Then it happened. The guests started to show up. Thank goodness. Deep down you know that someone would come but when they actually do you feel like you can actually breath. Well what a lot of fun the day was!



We had enough food and places to sit SCORE! There was a lot of the guests spending the time just hanging out and visiting



And with my family helping to make sure that the guests had everything they needed, I really appreciated the extra help



Here is another picture from the day – the Grandparents, Parents, and Bride to Be



After the gifts were opened and the shower was over – it was a quick dash to get my bag packed because we were now off to have the Bachelorette Party. And just check out how we rolled through the towns and finally arriving at our hotel for the night. Now I’ve never rode in a limo before and I’m thinking that I really kind of like it :) 


The day and night was just as I had hoped and I’m so glad that I think everyone had such a good time. 

Now it’s time to get everything ready for the wedding! Can’t wait!   


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Meet our new baby – Robin

We knew that Sassy was getting close and any day now she was going to have a baby. And today was the day! 

She literally just had it after I got home tonight from work and it’s a little girl! 

Sassy is pretty protective of her and it was hard to get a good photo right away, so I’ve attached a couple of pictures of the new calf – Robin, that I took a couple of days later. fullsizeoutput_a67

Robin seems to be jumping around a lot and enjoying just being out in the cow yard – it’s so fun to see her and Bandit just having a great time and why they like to climb the manure pile is news to me. But both of the Mom’s aren’t letting them out of their sight and are keeping a good watch on them all the time. 

And for some reason I’m thinking that Robin is going to be a big Mama’s baby! fullsizeoutput_a69

So just in case you’re wondering who’s all hanging out in the cow yard these days with the two little calves: we’ve got No Ears (the Queen of the Cow Yard) Scarlet (who is just the BEST cow ever and Bandit’s Mom) Sassy ( new mom to Robin) & Lucy (one of the shyest cows around) & Audrey :)

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Tonights exercise

The weather today was really nice and I thought that I just might go for a run. 

But being on the farm, your thoughts of what you think you might do and what you actually might do isn’t always the same thing. 

So what did I do instead? Well Daryl was going to work on clearing out the steel bin that had soybeans in it, and I thought what better exercise is there? 

Well, I jumped in the farm truck and off I went to help. 

It really wasn’t too bad and with a couple of scoop shovels in hand, and we ended up getting the last 2 loads shoveled in no time. 20170328_180921_resized

It’s funny  – from this past weekend at the wedding17522631_1437024089670598_4241302937673967927_n

to tonight in the steel bin 20170328_184123_resized

You just never know what the day will bring. 

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Checkers – no shame

Checkers is pregnant again and I think she is loving it. If you remember Checkers from the Fearless 5 from a couple of years ago, since then she’s had her share of her babies. 

Well I can’t believe that she hasn’t had her babies yet this year because she’s very much pregnant. 20170327_173858_resized

And when you get even close to Checkers she kind of flops on the ground and rolls on her back. 

Now it’s one thing to be excited about being pregnant, but Checker’s is really owning the moment. But I’m guessing she’ll be having a new family to call her own in just a few days. I wonder if she’ll bring them to the house  in the morning before I go to work for bacon too? 20170327_173805_resized

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Another fun weekend in the books

How come the weekends go so fast? I mean it’s 5:00 Friday night and before you know it – BAM! it’s Monday morning! 

But I’m thinking that maybe it goes so fast because we always try to have fun on the weekend, and this weekend wasn’t any exception. 

Of course we went to a fish fry on Friday night.  I mean how can you have a Friday in Lent without fish right? Well we had talked about a couple of options and went to Waukon to a church fish fry and it was great! This was the first year that they had a fish fry and when we got to the church, the Catholic School putting on the meal had over 500 people already served before we got there. For being a small town Catholic school, they were very excited on the turn out. 

Then on Saturday we were off to Des Moines for a wedding of one of our nephews. It was fun to spend some time with Daryl’s family along with William and Jude. Everything about the night was fun and I was so glad that we were able to make it. We spent the night and had good plans to meet William and Jude for breakfast the next morning – but everyone decided that staying in bed was a much better idea than going out to breakfast. Too funny they felt the same way! 

Then after Daryl and I took a quick stop in a local restaurant for breakfast on the way home, it was time to get home to start decorating the Roadhouse with others for next weeks Bridal shower.  Our friends had the great ideas and some pretty good stuff to decorate with. I’m really excited for Jude to see it next week. Whew! Thank goodness I got the Christmas tree out of there just in time. 

And how did we end up the weekend? Well skyping with the kids in New York! 

Yup, another great weekend in the books :)

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I have been practicing with the contacts that I’ve gotten a few weeks ago and I’m just saying that I am not good at all at putting them in. 

So I do exactly what the Optometrist told me to do. I wash my hands, I put down a towel in the sink and then pry my eyes open so far that I can see the blood vessels that I swear are on the back of my eye balls. But can I get the contact in?  No. 

They end up on the towel in the sink. Well at least that is working for me to keep track of the contacts.  

I mean there are grade school kids that wear contacts and can do this – so why do I have such trouble? Who knows – but I’m sure hoping that this gets much easier before bike riding season starts. Otherwise – eye glasses here we come! 


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Cleaning up the Roadhouse

We are getting ready for a Bridal Shower at our farm and we’re planning on having it in the Roadhouse. 

But before can go any further, we’ll need to clean it up from the winter. And when I mean cleaning it up, there is still a couple of decorated Christmas trees in there! 20170319_151418_resized

So with totes and boxes all lined up to take down the tall Christmas tree and my Mom’s Christmas tree, it didn’t take too long  to have them all boxed up and stored away for another summer. 

Now how to organize the space for the shower? We ended up moving the sitting area in the back and then the front will be the food and tables for the shower. I’m hoping that it’ll work. 

The pool table with the ping pong cover will be covered with some linen and eventually food for the shower will be on the top, and even the church pew that we bought from the benefit about a month ago will be put to good use for an additional seating area. 20170319_144723_resized

I’m sure that I’ll be working in the Roadhouse for the next week or so and I’m excited to have the chance to have the shower at our house. It’s going to be a Blast! 

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Good Bye to Ed, Suny, and Charles

It’s that time of the year again when we take a look at our cattle and see who we can keep for the summer and who will have to leave. 

Well we’ve been talking about getting rid of Ed for sometime and I guess that time has come. I don’t know if it’s fate or what, but now that I have the big picture of Ed in our kitchen, he will be off to the sale barn this weekend. Note to self: don’t make any more pictures of our cows :)

With Daryl and I in the cow yard, the cows knew that something was up. And finally we got everyone separated but Ed, Suny, and Charles and  it was time to bring in the cattle trailer and get them loaded up. fullsizeoutput_a12

Let me just say that No Ears was not happy! We had the worst time with her standing by the trailer and just making the worst noise and very obviously upset. Well this wasn’t helping anything because we needed to get the cows loaded and brought to the sale barn yet tonight. 

Finally we had gotten them loaded and now to get out of the yard without No Ears freaking out. She literally followed the trailer just bawling and following us through the yard until Daryl got out of the gate. I couldn’t even leave the cow yard to shut the gate because she was trying her best to keep following the trailer in our farm yard. fullsizeoutput_a11She was so upset. Even if you don’t like cows as much as I do, I’m thinking that you would still think it was sad. She ended up bawling late into the night. 

So we got to the sales barn and when the worker there saw Ed, Daryl said that he was kind of scared. Well Daryl told him not to worry because he’s not a mean bull at all and that I feed him apples by hand. fullsizeoutput_a10

Ed ended up weighing 2,320 lbs.  

Good Bye Ed, Charles, and Suny.

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Feeling a little nostaligic

Tonight we went to our High School musical and it brought back so many memories. For some reason we’ve been to the musicals and plays since the kids have been out of school – but tonight, well tonight I felt just a little nostalgic and honestly just a little sad.  

To start with, Daryl and I came in about 25 minutes before it started. Yea, only 25 minutes. See when you are the parents of someone in the performance, you practically live there for a month and are always bringing food and drinks for the kids because they have very long hours during practice. And you would FOR SURE be there at least an hour or an hour and a half before the performance. So this was the first thing that was kinda weird tonight for me. 

Then we sat in the back corner of the auditorium. AND I didn’t have a camera. In the past we’d strategically position ourselves in the middle aisle area and I’d have my Nikon camera with the large extended lens just waiting anxiously for the performance to start. 

And we didn’t have any flowers to give anyone. See where I’m going with this? 

I was feeling just a little sad that we didn’t have any involvement in the performance and we were just the ‘old’ people in the back of the room.

So I decided to check out some of the pictures later tonight that make me smile. And even though I didn’t have to bring any bars for the intermission, I still remember the 12 years in a row that we were the parents with the kids in the play and what a great memory and fun time that was! So below are a quick couple of pictures of our family during only a few of the performances. 

Kyle as The King and William

Kyle as ‘The King’ and William

William during the musical

William during the musical ‘Music Man’

Daryl and the guys

Daryl and the guys singing during the Music Man

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Friday is Fish Day!

I’m not sure if you are a Catholic if you are supposed to ‘like’ Lent, but in my book, it’s kind of a good gig. I mean how can you not like something that encourages you to go out every Friday for a fish fry? SCORE! 

So this week we traveled to Elkader to the supper club called Johnson’s Restaurant and it was awesome! 

They have a Seafood Buffet,  and after we went through the salad bar and then the seafood buffet – well my belly was full and the food was great! 

Now I wonder where we’ll end up next week? 

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