Great Weekend

Memorial Day in Lawler

What a great weekend! Every year we have a Memorial Day celebration where the Veterans Memorial statues are in Lawler and just about everyone from town and the country comes in to help celebrate. When the band comes marching from the side street I always wonder what the cars on highway 24 are thinking. Here in a town of around 400 people there are about 300 of them standing beside the road. It’s pretty cool really. We all go in for about a 40 minute presentation. The local legionnaires carry the flags and that starts out the parade and behind them the band is marching. We have a couple of  Junior kids that have had relatives in the service read military poems and then there is a guest speaker. The band will play a couple of more songs and then they all march down to ‘Chips’ for coffee and bars. Pretty low key and very small town but isn’t that what really makes it great?

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