Testosterone Definition

I looked up Webster on the web to see what they thought the definition of testosterone was and to see if it matched mine. Even though theirs was ‘OK’ I would like to share with you my definition.
In order to do this – I’ll have to paint a picture of what the surroundings were. Daryl and William are in the car in front of me and I’m in the Pacifica behind them. We’re driving down the highway heading home. I have the sun roof open, drinking a diet coke and rockin to some ACDC on the radio. Then I hear this weird noise. First I think it’s Janice calling again because I have the most stupidest ring tone now and the other day when she called I didn’t think I had a call but I thought I was dragging something on the highway from the car. OK – it wasn’t the phone or the car so I shut off the radio and listen again. Then I saw Daryl and William in front of me waving to the train. What happened is that the train conductor blew his horn at them in Daryl’s new car and then the conductor was waving. Then my phone rings and it’s William. He said if I heard the whistles and saw the guy waving at them. I said that’s kind of a rush huh? He said – Well Ya!
So my definition of testosterone is having two guys in a muscle car driving down the highway and trains blowing their whistles at them! I think mine is a more accurate definition then the Webster version!

Daryl's new car

William's idea of Daryl's new car


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