Project #1 Complete!

Yea!! Finished the garage yesterday and it was able to dry before we got rain. It’s a good project to start with and I didn’t have too much trouble. I was a little worried about the wasps (or hornets) not sure which one they were. I took down 5 hives and I found out that they sure don’t like to relocate. But I didn’t get stung so that’s a plus.
I dug up some grass beside the steps going in because NO ONE would take the extra zinnias that we had. For some reason all the plants grew that we planted this spring. I’m not sure how many time people plant stuff that everything grows but for us that would be us this year! Oh well – flowers by the garage will look good. I’m a little worried about the dogs laying on them this summer. They have a history of doing this. They still haven’t grown out of their ‘puppy’ stage yet because when I was working on the flowers I kept hearing this weird noise and when I went to look, it was Reno chewing off the end of the rocker. Not cool.

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2 Responses to Project #1 Complete!

  1. Julie Franzen says:

    Bonnie, it looks great!

  2. farm2011 says:

    Thanks! I think I have a lot of work to do this summer. I find myself with some problems keeping focused, so we’ll see what’s going to REALLY get done by the end of the summer 🙂

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