Check it off the ‘To do list’

Boy did we have a successful day yesterday and got a lot of things on our to do list checked off. First, hair cut done for the bike ride coming up. Then both William and I had a chiropractor appointments and William had a school physical. For my chiropractor appointment I found out that my shoulder was hurting because it was out of place and not for any other crazy reasons. I guess I should have had it looked at awhile ago because it’s been hurting for about a year now.  It felt really bad on the way home after it was adjusted but after a couple of aspirin, it kind of dulled the pain. That was good because we had a full day planned and none of it included sitting around feeling sorry for my shoulder! So when I fed the animals, William finished his wagon. Yea! It looks really nice and I’m glad that he was able to get it done. We were going to use it today for junk, but I think we’ll plan on doing something different with hauling the smaller pieces. When doing chores we saw that we lost another chicken. It is the chicken that is the one on top of this web page. William took the picture quite awhile ago and we even had a large picture of this chicken made for our kitchen.  It seems even with the fans running, they are too stressed out and die. I sure hope that we’re at the end of this heat wave. I was talking to my sister and she said that she gives her dogs hair cuts, so I thought that this is something with all the heat that our dogs could use to try to keep them cool. I started with combing the dogs and boy did I have a mess. I took a picture of them but for some reason it didn’t turn out. Weird, I don’t know why it didn’t turn out other than the batteries were going dead in the camera. I hope that’s all that was wrong with it. So you’ll have to visualize the amount of hair that two collies can shed with really hot weather. I picked up two large armfuls and threw it in the dumpster. When Daryl saw the little leftover stuff still on the ground, he said that it sure looks like they lost some hair. He would have just died if he saw the whole thing!

Yesterday we picked our first tomato. I think there is such a difference in your own tomatoes or ones that you get from the grocery store. I’ve attached a picture of the tomatoes that I had extra and leftover from the greenhouse and planted under the windmill. They have a million small tomatoes on them and I think we’re in trouble when they all start to ripen!
OK, so now that we’re on a roll, we decided to tackle the rest of the farrowing crates. They needed to be broken down and then put on the junk wagon. Even though it was brutally hot doing this, task completed. We couldn’t get all of them on the wagon so we’ll have to make two trips to the junk dealer today. When Daryl came home from work he headed to the fence that he’s been working on and was able to get the wires up. So check that off the list. We had a meeting in Decorah to about our bike ride at 7 pm, so we ended up eating supper there. I wanted to make a cheesecake last night but just couldn’t find the ambition when we got home. By the time I had it made and baked it would be way past midnight – so I decided that I would do it this morning. So now this morning I look and only have 4 boxes of cream cheese and not 5! AAAHHH ! I sent Daryl quick to the gas station to see if they had just one more box – NONE there. I guess I’ll have to go to New Hampton to pick one up. The cheesecake is a gift otherwise I wouldn’t bother with making one.

William's wagon complete

Finishing the fence

Windmill tomatoes

William working on the hog crates

Now today – yikes! I have another busy day. My friends make a lot of fun out of me when I have busy days because I put together a list of what I need to get done, then divide the day into 15 minute sections. Once that’s done, then I plug in when I’m going to each task. Even though it is a little ‘out there’ it sure works for me. So after I get my list done, off to New Hampton I go for some groceries and cream cheese!

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