Another hot day

You would think that we’re getting used to this weather wouldn’t you? It’s been going on for sometime now, and it is hot!  I knew that I had some projects that needed to get done today and my hair was driving me CRAZY so I grabbed the hair scarf that I’ve been wearing ………and holy smokes! I have been wearing if for a couple of days now and I think that today was one day too many! I was standing in the bathroom getting ready and  thinking – what is that smell? It smelled really bad and then I realized it was ME! It was the scarf that I had worn only for a couple of  days. OK now really, two days shouldn’t put it over the edge – but guess what? With the hot weather, it really does! So I threw that one in the wash and put my hair up in a pony tail and then headed out for chores. Looks like I better do laundry tomorrow. Early this morning it was already in the 80’s and hot. The first stop was the chickens and there was a rooster that was dying. I’m sure he was too hot and he is also pretty old, but I still felt really bad for him. I took him outside and put him under a tarp so he could get outside before he died. No idea why I thought this was something that he wanted to do because it was hotter outside than in the coop,  but it made me feel better. We now have fans on the dogs and on the chickens to try to keep them somewhat cool. While I was hanging out with the chickens, William went into town to get some lumber for the wagon that he’s been working on. When he came home, I ended up painting the two pieces of lumber so he could finish the wagon tonight. The boards will be used for what used to be called the ‘bang boards’. The reason why they called these boards the bang boards was because in the old days the person walked down each corn row, picking corn from stalks on the right and left, twisting each ear from the stalk and tossing it into a wagon pulled by horses. Stalk after stalk, row after row. The picker threw the corn against a board — called a “bang board” — you would “bang” the ears into the board and they would fall into the wagon. Now there is absolutely no way we’re going to use this wagon to pick corn, but as long was William was fixing up the wagon, he might as well go the whole distance and put the boards on. This wagon is costing us more than we expected, but I guess that is how is usually goes. Daryl asked me what I’m planning on doing with it now that it’s fixed, and I didn’t really have an answer for him. But when we do need it – it will be ready.

Because it was so hot, William and I decided to go to town to do some school shopping instead of hanging out on the farm. Daryl took the car to work this morning that I usually drive, so we went to Daryl’s work to switch vehicles. I called him before we got there and surprised him with a bunch of ice cream malts for both him and his coworkers. It’s been so hot at his work, so the ice cream treat was a good idea. William and I spent the afternoon in town getting things for his senior year at school and when we got home he was going to finish the wagon. But he decided that he was going to hang out with his girlfriend tonight instead, so I guess we’ll finish it tomorrow.

The last part of the wagon that needs to be added

Then off to the country club I went to meet up with some of my friends for supper. You can grill steaks for supper and even though it was still hot, the steaks were great and the beer was cold. What a great way to end the day!

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