Trying to get some ambition today

Have you ever faced a situation that you knew you had to do something, but everything in your body says ‘Don’t do it’. Well that was me today. I took my bike to Decorah to a bike shop to get looked at this morning because I was worried about the brakes. They have been screaming lately when we’ve ridden, and with the bike ride that Daryl and I are planning on going on next week, I didn’t want any issues coming up. So that took all of my morning. I had promised my friend that we’d go for a bike ride, but after I decided to get my bike serviced instead there wasn’t any time for it. Bummer! So after I got home and William and I ate dinner, I decided to get some paperwork done before heading outside. At this time of the day it was 96 degrees with the heat index at 114 to 120 degrees! What??!! OK, so this is the ambition part – or lack of it. I knew what I needed to get done this week and today’s task was to get the west side of the barn painted. But I had to do everything in my power to change clothes and actually start painting. Holy cow was it hot! I made up some rules when I was out there. I could only come to the house for a glass of water after I moved the ladder two times. When I sat on the porch with the water I could feel the sweat dripping on the cement off my back. Totally gross! But that could explain why I kept feeling that thought that I had bugs crawling on my back. Anyway, after 3 gallons of paint I did get everything painted this afternoon but had to keep convincing myself to stay at it and get it done. I will paint the windows tomorrow and when Daryl gets the new door built, I’ll take a picture.

After work, Daryl came home and both him and William went out to the field to finish up baling the hay that they started yesterday. It has cooled off the last couple of hours so I hope they are not getting too hot out there! When they came home I took a quick picture, but you’ll see that it looks a little foggy. That’s because it was so humid outside that I couldn’t get the camera not to fog over. But I still like the picture so I’ve added it to this post.

Done for the day

I was worried about our dogs today. They are collies and get really hot when the weather gets warm. So I put a fan in the barn to see if they would use it to try to stay cool. I think Apollo has the hang of it!

Apollo trying to stay cool today

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