Hot day today

We went to a family reunion today and good thing it was air conditioned! The temperature was in the 90’s and it was hot. We had got some rain the other night and with the heat that we’re supposed to get these next couple of days, it will sure save the crops. The reunion was a Croatt reunion and if you left the day hungry – it was definitely your fault. The Croatts really know how to cook and I did my share to try a little bit of everything.
We left early so Daryl could rake hay that he cut yesterday. With the heat and a little bit of wind, the hay dried fast. So later this afternoon,  Daryl and William went out to bale it. But they ran out of baler twine before they got done, so Daryl will have to go to the farm store tomorrow and pick up some more. I sure hope that I won’t have to go, I think they are keeping track on how many times we’re in there.

Heading out to the field with the baler

When Daryl went out to rake the hay, I felt guilty for not working,  so I went out and painted. It was so hot that the paint in the pail was starting to dry in the pail. It was getting some top film on the paint and then it would lump up on the barn. So when Daryl came home after raking I thought – Thank goodness, I can stop and we can both go into the air conditioning in the house. But in about an hour, the hay was dry so back out into the field they went. So of course it wouldn’t be nice if I sat in the house, so I opened another pail of paint and continued to paint. I should be able to get everything painted as far as I can tomorrow on the west side. Daryl has to build a new door for this side and we’ll also have to figure out how to get the high part painted. I think it’s going to involve something rented. Yea, pretty sure.

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