Back to the farm store … again and again!

I needed some groceries today and wasn’t sure where I was going to get them. I also realized that I needed chicken feed so I thought the best place to go was to go to New Hampton. New Hampton is only about 8 miles from our place, but if you are on the farm you have to get cleaned up, wash your hair, and put on ‘town clothes’. Sometimes it’s tons easier not to go. But today I knew that I needed to pick up some things, so after I got ready – off to New Hampton I went. I decided that I should get the feed first because it was hot today and I didn’t want the groceries in the car any longer than it needed to be. When I went in to pay for the feed at the farm store – the cashier said “You know your husband was in here earlier”. When you live in a rural area, everyone knows everything about everyone. So I just smiled (I think it was a smile?) and said, “Oh?”. I got my two bags of feed and left. I knew that Daryl needed to get more lumber for the next door for the barn and he stopped at the farm store for cement for the fence that he’s putting up. But as the day goes on, William needed some more bolts for the wagon that he’s fixing. He said he was going to the farm store to pick some up. There was no way I was going with him. I was in there once today, Daryl was in there once, and now it was William’s turn.

Daryl had a chance today to dig and set the poles for the new fence. He mixed the cement in the bucket of the tractor and then he filled the holes with it. He’s hoping that it’ll be ready by tomorrow so he can put the barbed wires on it.

Daryl putting the cement down for the new fence

The cows also should be happy today. Daryl ground corn for them, so they’ll be set for a couple of months. With only a couple of cows, the batch lasts us a long time. He mixed in oats from the granary and I was thinking, good thing that we have that granary and didn’t get rid of it!

Grinding feed for the cows with the mill

We also wanted to go on a bike ride today, but the day got away from us. With the heat index over 100 degrees, maybe that was a good thing we didn’t go!

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