Gopher trouble

We have a gopher that is causing all kinds of trouble. I tried to see if I can get rid of him by taking away all his dirt and pounding on the ground for the last couple of weeks but I guess gophers don’t care if you do that. Go figure.  So after 17 gopher mounds I decided to take action. On the 18th hole that showed up on Saturday I decided to get a gopher trap and set it this week. It’s been along time since I set a trap and to be honest I don’t know if I ever really set one by myself. I always went along with everyone in the morning when we were kids in a pickup truck to check the gopher traps but I’m thinking that I didn’t do much of the work. So today I Googled “How to set a trap and catch a gopher” I watched a You Tube video and read an article on how to do this. I wasn’t sure at all if I was up to this. When I was watching the video my heart was pounding and I thought I was going to puke. But I couldn’t have this gopher keep digging up the lawn. So I went to town and bought my first gopher trap. I put on gloves (suggestion from the internet – I think a Good One!) and found his tunnel right away. When I was setting the trap with sandals on,  I decided that if I had to do this again I better wear shoes.  But I got it set and in the hole. Oh ya! Now who is the boss.   But after I covered the hole I am hoping that I don’t catch him until after 4:00 during the week so William can help me with him. I know that I will freak out if I uncover the hole and there is a gopher sitting there looking at me!  When I told Daryl and William at supper that I set a gopher trap they both stopped eating.  Daryl asked how I knew how to set a trap and I told him that I watched a video on the internet. I saw the side glance that he gave William but I ignored it.

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