The gopher lives!

The gopher gets another chance to be free. Nothing in my trap yesterday and since I was mowing the lawn I pulled it up. Of course I took the dirt away and pounded the ground to let him know who was the boss and to see if he’ll just go away quietly. Today it’s raining so I’m off to town to get somethings that I need to for our church kitchen. I was able to get the garage the first coat of paint all around and one side I started the second coat. I hope that tomorrow it’s better weather so I can finish it up. I have already the next building picked out to paint (chicken coop) so I guess I can start prepping that.

The baby chickens are still in their own pen. I was watching the ones that were out yesterday (yes they are still getting out and then I put them in!) and the roosters chase them and are really mean to them. So for now I guess I’ll just have to keep putting them back. You would think that they know how to fly out that they could just fly back in. They haven’t mastered that yet.

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