Cushions for our patio set

With the weather still not sure what it wants to do, I spent most of my day working on getting new cushions for our patio furniture. I was first going to just make new cushions but then I realized that I might not get them done. I am pretty sure that I wouldn’t get them done. Anyway how hard could it be to find some on sale? Well it’s not hard to find them on sale – but it is hard to find the right size. I’m not sure how old the furniture really is, but I’m guessing at least 50 years old. Daryl’s folks bought them from the couple who sold them their house in town. They were in their porch and looked really good. So now we have them  on our porch and what I found out today is that they had different sizes for cushions 50 years ago. After spending hours looking on the web, I decided to go to Decorah and see if I can find something (anything) close. I came home with 14 cushions. Each section needed 2, one for the seat and one for the back.  I was hoping that they would kind of work, but they didn’t. It’s too bad because the color and style was really nice. Below is the picture of how the dogs ate our last cushions. To give them some slack, the material was so thin that if you picked it up, it would tear. The only thing that they had against them is when they would run through the yard with them in their mouth they ripped!

Patio cushions that the dogs took apart

So then after the cushion fiasco, William and I spent the afternoon in the farrowing house working on getting out the old crates. We’re trying to get it fixed up so Daryl can put his Chevelle in it. We didn’t think fixing it up was going to be that much work, but we’re finding out that this wasn’t the exact truth. But it will be really cool when it’s done and we weren’t using it for the past 15 to 20 years so we might as well fix it up.It’s a good rainy day project.

The moon tonight was unbelievable. Daryl said it was a ‘strawberry moon’. I’m not sure,  but that really sounds like someone made it up! But it was a shade of pink so maybe he was telling the truth.

Strawberry Moon

I’m hoping the weather tomorrow will be better. I am behind schedule and need to pick up the pace if I’m going to get this painting done this summer!I don’t think 70 gallons will be enough paint but I’ll never know if I don’t start using it.

Below are pictures of how our dogs lay in our yard. I would think that they should be sooooo embarrassed but they do it all the time. When you drive by, both of them are laying in the yard with their legs up in the air.  When Reno saw me with the camera tonight, she quick jumped up. Maybe they are a little embarrassed?

A little modesty doesn't hurt

Recipe for tonight – Baked salmon with lemon and garlic

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  1. Sherry says:

    Bonnie your guys’ farm is really looking Fabulous!!!

    • farm2011 says:

      Thanks! There is a lot to do yet, but I’m hoping for a good long summer to get it done. You’ll have to road trip it out here this fall to check it out.

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