Fixing stuff

William took my car to school so he could bring back the ladder,  so I spent the day fixing stuff and mowing. I was pretty proud of some of the things that I was able to fix but the best one of the day involved a vise grip, wagon pin, and Crisco buttered flavored spray oil. Since I have been working on painting the garage and spent a good part of a day cleaning up the garage doors, I like to have them closed so I can check out how good they look. Well William hates his side closed because the door always get stuck. So after looking at it I figured out that this one pin was out of it’s holder. Using the vise grip I bent the part over and was able to pound the pin in using the wagon pin and then sprayed all the rollers with the Crisco oil to give it some movement. I couldn’t figure out what the dogs were doing beside me but then I saw as I was spraying the buttered flavored oil the dogs were licking it off as soon as it went on! William asked why I just didn’t use WD40 – I guess that would probably have been better. BUT it worked and now the door moves like butter!! Literally.

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