This morning when I did chores, I was wearing only a sweatshirt and sweatpants and didn’t have any need for gloves. I thought to myself that it sure felt like spring this morning. Sometimes when it gets closer to spring you can start to smell the dirt and I could smell it when I was walking outside. Even the peacocks have their full tails which they shouldn’t have yet for another month. The winter has been so mild and hardly any snow and today the temperature was in the mid 40’s . Wow, that’s warm for February. It’s a bad time to look good if you are a collie though. I saw the dogs laying on the front porch in the sunshine and when I bent down to pet them, Reno rolled over and wanted me to pet her stomach. No way! It wasn’t only really wet, but also really really dirty! She looked pretty disappointed that I didn’t pet her, so I went inside and came back with a hot dog and some cheese. She got over the petting thing pretty fast.

Too wet and dirty for me!

So now I’m in the spring mood with the sunshine and warm weather, and I’m starting to look at seeds to start in the greenhouse. I’ve never ordered them on line before and I thought that I could just as easy get them from some store. I’ve got in mind some certain ones that I want – but haven’t found them yet. I needed to go to the Auto Body shop and also the Farm Store (lately I think I’m living in these two stores!) so off to New Hampton I went. When I was driving to the Farm Store I saw something that definitely did not say Spring. It was a giant snowman in someone’s front yard. It looks like they built a ramp on the side to get the snow up to the top of it. I have no idea where they found that much snow, my only guess is that it was a neighborhood project.

This is one BIG Snowman!

So after checking out the snowman, I tried a couple of different places to see what type of seeds they had. I didn’t have any luck in any of the stores in town,  so now I think I’ll just try looking on line again.

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