Happy Birthday William!

Today is William’s 18th Birthday, can you believe it? It seems like just yesterday that we brought him home from the hospital. But I guess everything keeps going and one of those things are your kids getting older. It’s weird because since he’s 18, he’ll have to register for the draft this month. His life continues to stay busy with not only school stuff, but also things for college. On Thursday he has to get some ‘college’ shots. This is a new thing for us and I’m not a big fan of any shots since both boys have had allergic reactions to them when they were little. But it is one of the requirements and I’m sure that it’ll be fine.

Check out William’s cake below. We plan on asking this one business to do his graduation cake and we wanted to try out one of her cakes before hand. And it seemed like his birthday was the perfect time to do this. She did an amazing job with the cake and now we just have to figure out what we’ll want for his graduation. We’re thinking of making maybe two smaller ones – one to represent his high school years and then one to show his future at college. Sounds pretty deep huh? Well… maybe we’ll just get a sheet cake and some ice cream and call it good. No.. I can’t see that happening can you?

Happy 18th Birthday William!

Birthday Cake

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