Happy Valentines Day!

I had what seemed to be a million things to do today and I think I got most of them done! I needed a couple of Thank You notes, so I was able to get them made, wrote out and sent. But have you ever had that feeling when you think you might have forgot someone? Well after I had them mailed I thought to myself, I needed one more yet. I probably wouldn’t have to send this person one, but it would be a nice thing to do. Man, isn’t that how it always goes? Maybe I’ve got one in the cupboard that I can send that last person. It’s kinda cheating for me – but sometimes you just have to go that route.

The insurance guy came over this morning and he took one look at the car and said – ‘Yea, it’s probably going to be totaled’ He has to turn in his claim to our insurance company and then we see what happens. It’s hard to believe that the deer could do over $6000 of damage and then just walk away.

Other things that I did was to rearrange the living room. We have this huge area rug and by the time I got that thing up, and the wood polished underneath it, I just about had it. I was sweating and swearing all at the same time. Daryl said to just leave it where it was – but he’s got company coming over tomorrow night to practice singing and it would look really dumb the way it was. I know usually guys can’t tell the difference, but believe me that it looks much better this way if they are going to put about 12 (or more?) additional chairs in there.

And for our Valentine evening we….. had our taxes done. We were concerned about how they were going to turn out with my severance pay for a couple of the months in the beginning of the year, but we did OK. After taxes, I was off to pick up William’s Birthday cake for tomorrow. I needed to drive on the same road that he went on ┬áthe other day that he got his car smashed in, and when I was driving home I saw something in one of the fields. I slowed down and looked and then looked again. After I figured out that it was deer, I counted 16 of them by the road just hanging out. Well I guess it could have been worse. If they would have ran across the road, they would have ran into the ‘good’ side of William’s car. So I was hoping that they stayed in the field and didn’t want to go for a run.

And now I’m just making a pan of bars and a batch of cookies for William. It’s not that uncommon that he takes food to school, but tomorrow is his birthday and he said he needed something to share. The house is smelling pretty good right now.

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