Cars and Farming

I spent the morning at the auto body shop and the news wasn’t good on William’s car. The estimate is over $6000. See, I told you it wasn’t good. Since the estimate is so high, we have an adjuster coming over to our house tomorrow morning to check out the car to see how bad it really looks. The auto body shop put a front light on the car so we can drive it until we have everything figured out.

Daryl and I was watching this one show on the TV tonight about farmers and I coudn’t believe what I saw. It was a food show and the farmer and the food network guy was standing in the field watching a calf being born and then they went and grabbed the afterbirth and using what looked like his pocket knife… cut off a hunk and ate it. Really? Now I know that this can be thought of as a delicacy, but I’ve known quite a few farmers in my life and the Iowa farmers in our neighborhood just usually grill up some steak with baked potatoes.. but NEVER a cows placenta in the cow yard. Then they went to the chicken coop and drained some blood from a chicken to drink along with cutting up a chicken to eat the liver. All I can say is that this guy better not ever come to our farm and start bleeding out our chickens. We had some trouble with the area minks doing that to our chickens and THAT didn’t go over well. Let’s just say that those mink no longer are roaming the countryside.

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  1. isn’t it funny the way the media can really twist up the truth about things? i’ll admit, growing up in a rural area we did some things differently from the city people, but they weren’t that different. i think the people that do the most outrageous things, unbelievably not the norm, are the ones who always seem to end up on television. it seems that when the big city newscrew has come to our small town for something, sometimes the oddest people would show up to be interviewed!

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