William’s Poor Car

Daryl and I were still up when William came home last night. We had card club at a friends house, so we had the TV on in the living room and was just laying around half asleep when he walked into the room. The first thing that came out of his mouth is that a deer ran into the car when he was coming home and it really did damage to his car. Boy talk about waking up fast! I was worried that he got hurt and he said he didn’t, but we should go look at the car. You can see just where the deer hit the car on the front panel and then it must have turned the deer around and it then decided to hit the front door, and the back door. The front bumper is broke along with the front hood is banged in and the light is broke out. William said that it came running out of the ditch and ran straight into his car. When he stopped to see if the deer was on the road – he saw it run away. Needless to say, he wasn’t happy that his car was damaged or that the deer wasn’t dead! So after calling it into our insurance today to get a claim number, tomorrow I’ll start with the adjuster and auto body shop. We’re worried just what we’ll find out when we start this process and if they’ll total the car. Not good. But in the whole scheme of things, you can replace a car and I was glad that William didn’t get hurt.

Bumps and more bumps

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  1. tammy k. says:

    stuff can be replaced. you have the right attitude. he’s okay and that’s all that counts. it’s just a car, and just an aggravation now. guess i better start watching for the deer more closely around here too. hope everything works out okay.

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