Day 2 – The training continues

I sure wasn’t in the mood to work on my 5K training today, but I did end up going on the treadmill after all. It was only the second day of this training and I thought it would be really bad if I stopped this soon. So when I was on the treadmill, I was sweating like a dog (OK, do dogs really sweat?). When I finally got the miles done, I looked at my time and it was 36:21. It was better than yesterday’s time and hopefully tomorrow will be even better. I did find out though that I need to stretch more before I start because I was sure feeling it today. I felt like I was walking around like I needed a hip replacement after I got done and it wasn’t a pretty sight.

I went to a girlfriends house last night for some good food and drinks. A bunch of my friends were there and we had a really good time laughing and just catching up with each others lives. ¬†I ended up staying the night because it was a long drive home. When I was driving home, I saw the sign for the Trout Hatchery and I haven’t been there forever. So I turned of the highway and headed for the hatchery. It was really cold there and I bought some food to throw in to the fish. But when you walked up to the fish, they all started to jump in the water and I thought that I really didn’t need to buy any more food for them. I tried to take a picture of the fish jumping, but I think it just doesn’t do it justice. The hatchery grows 150,000 trout a year, and then they stock local streams around the area with those trout. The last time I was at the hatchery is when William and I bought some trout fishing¬†licenses a couple of years ago. I had one of my dad’s fancy fishing poles and off to the trout stream we went. We looked at where they were going to release the fish and we knew that this is where we would try to go fishing. Well I never used this type of a fishing pole before and I sure never went trout fishing either. So after a couple of tries.. we gave up and went to Walmart instead. I don’t think I will ever make it as a trout fisherman.

Fish jumping as you walk by

Containers for the fish



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