DVD Project – DONE!

Whoo Hoo!!  I was able to get the last of the tapes converted over to DVD’s early this morning and what a good feeling that is.  I ended up making 23 DVD’s, and I can officially check this off the project list. I am still waiting for the ones that I couldn’t do myself and had to send them out,  but hope to have them within the next week or so.

So, what’s next? Since I got to check this project off my list, that means that I am able to add another project and I knew just what that would be. The project is that I want to run in the 5K in Lawler in July. So after talking with William about it, he said that I had plenty of time to get ready. (He obviously never seen me run before!) So the first thing was to see if I can even run 3 miles.(I forgot that the 5K is really a little over 3 miles… next time) I got out my IPod and cranked up the music. It wasn’t even too bad to do the three miles and I got my official time, it was 40:11. I know that this isn’t outstanding and I’m OK with that. I just don’t want to come in from the run in July when everyone went home already, so I guess I’ll have to keep working on it.  William and Kyle have both run this 5K before and Daryl even ran it, so now I want to give it a try. Kyle and William said they would run it with me if they are around that day, but Daryl said he ran it once and that was enough for him.  Now I’ve never been a real runner before, but I can officially put Jr High track on my list. My friends and I had different reasons for being on the team back in school though. We were on the team because the high school guys were practicing baseball right by the track that we practiced on, and they looked good! One of those guys was Daryl. And since he was a sports jock and the lead in the Musicals, he was definitely someone we watched.  So needless to say we didn’t practice running too hard and just enjoyed watching the boys. When Daryl and I got married one of my friends reminded me of our Jr High running days. What she reminded me was that when we were in track, some of the girls would say that you were supposed to run as if Daryl Kuehner was at the end of the track. So now that we’ve been married for almost 28 years, I guess it’s safe to say that I did end up catching him after all.

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