Ambitious Goals

I set goals for this week and I don’t think I started out so good with them. I have 13 tapes to transfer to DVD’s and what I found out today is that it takes forever! But if the tapes are 2 hours long, then add the transfer time and then you have to burn them on the DVD – I only got two done. Not so good. I plan on starting earlier tomorrow and hopefully I can get them done. I have to admit, they are really cool. It’s amazing how much things have changed in the last 20 years and they’ll be fun for some of the nephews and nieces to watch of themselves as little kids. I hope to eventually put together one for the Kuehner Party in June, and then if anyone wants to watch it – we’ll have movie night in the Roadhouse.

My next project...

But even though I was disappointed in how I was doing with the tapes, I was able to check off quite of bit of other things on my list. And if I have only have this one thing left that I’ll transfer to tomorrows list  – that’s not so bad.
Below is the picture of a birthday card that I made for my nephew. His birthday is today and he’s 26 years old. That is so hard to believe, but then I think that our son William will be 18 next week and that’s even more hard to imagine.
PS: I found out that I do have a working fan on our laptop so with the suggestion of a reader – I made another adjustment to the laptop carrier today. I really didn’t think a fire would be so good!

Birthday Card

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