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I’m close to starting William’s school scrapbooks and what I’ve been checking out is how I can get the photos scanned. The reason that I want the photos scanned is because when I put them in the book, they will probably be cut and glued in. I’m not sure if he would want them in the future, but I didn’t want to take the chance by doing this. So after checking out a couple of photo stores, I decided to see how big of a deal it would be if I would do it myself. I have an all-in-one scanner, but it is really slow and only scans one at a time. It would take my forever to get even half of them done and to be honest, I don’t think that anyone could be that patient! So back to the internet I went to see how much scanners are and their reviews. I think I found one that will work well for me, and it looks kinda cool. Other than the normal stuff, you can scan negatives, 4 photos at a time, and you can also restore color on old photos. OK, you have to admit that would be fun. The reviews for this scanner are really good. I had a couple of gift cards, so the scanner that originally was $140, then on a huge sale, and with gift cards, my total cost was less than $8. You can’t beat that!
I’ve feeling that I’m getting too many projects on my ‘to do list’ and I think I better start checking some of them off. But for now, I’m feeling pretty comfortable just sitting on the couch with my Diet Coke and watching a scarey movie.

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  1. tammy k. says:

    i bought a new scanner/printer a few months ago and really like it. seems like you can get the machine pretty cheap but then they kill you on the ink! what i want to do with mine is scan photos onto treated material and then make them into a quilt. i’ve done this before with other printers and liked the results. right now, the most use it gets is when my son uses it for college. and that’s okay, it’s what it’s there for.

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