I knew things were faiding fast these past years as I’ve gotten older but never imagined that meant my rhythm. You might know what I’m talking about. First you’re knees hurt, then your back is stiff in the morning, and then this past week I found out that you also have really bad dance rhythm. There was a commercial that has been on that involved a video for a game center and Daryl and I have been making fun of it. So for Christmas, William gave the game to Daryl. And to be honest, really how hard could this be? OK so it is Micheal Jackson but they have different levels in the game. Well let me tell you, it is Hard! Especially if you think you still have it, and found out this might not be so true. Way not cool. So I did a little practicing before I showed Daryl how to play this game and we still tied. The only thing is that I wish William was around to watch us play. I think he would need some alone time after that.

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  1. tammy k. says:

    hahaha. I laughed at you saying William might need some alone time… I’m always looking for new things to do so my kids have something to tell their therapist in later years… hahahaha. Seriously, I can relate to not being able to do what we used to. This getting old sux, but better than the alternative!

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